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Necromunda – The Iron Jaw Brawlers

With the release of GW’s new Bloodreaver kit, I felt they’d make an epic Goliath gang for Necromunda

I picked up a box, some cool shotguns and rifles from Anvil Industry and raided my spare parts

For painting, I experimented with a super-cheaty method using just washes and drybrushing over a bone-coloured undercoat

We’ve started a new campaign and my gang, known as the ‘Iron Jaw Brawlers’ have already got themselves a reputation for recklessness.

Highlights of the campaign for the Brawlers so far include:

  • A friendly fire incident from my heavy that resulted in the death of a ganger (internal grudges it seems!)
  • My leader shooting a rival gang leader in the hand with his bolt pistol during a shootout (causing -1WS)
  • My leader earning the ‘fear’ skill after killing an enemy ganger
  • The first shot of my grenade launcher (which I was so excited about) exploding in the breach taking him out of action

IMG_20150826_191853 IMG_20150826_192105 IMG_20150829_105933 IMG_20150829_105941 IMG_20150829_105946 IMG_20150829_112331 IMG_20150830_164228 IMG_20150830_165240 IMG_20150830_180352 IMG_20150830_180357 IMG_20150830_190403 IMG_20150830_191905 IMG_20150831_124249 IMG_20150831_124253 IMG_20150902_201747 IMG_20150902_201805 IMG_20150902_201812 IMG_20150913_163716 IMG_20150913_163742 IMG_20150913_174719 IMG_20150913_183356 IMG_20150913_184812 IMG_20150913_184817 IMG_20150913_195126 IMG_20151004_160517 IMG_20151004_160522 IMG_20151004_160528 IMG_20151004_161152

Sprucing the Necromunda scenery

Gaming with fully painted models is great, but gaming with fully painted models AND a fully painted scenery set is even better, taking the experience up to 11


I raided my bits box for the scatter scenery, making good use of the battlefield accessory sprue. The orange gas canisters are from Zinge Industries. A quick coat of Typhus Corrosion, and a drybrush of orange and silver took care of the metal work, while brown washes over block base colours sorted the rest. Being a hopeless nostalgic, I’m still a big fan of the classic cardboard Necromunda scenery. It’s especially handy as it can be easily transported and stored too. But eventually I’ll upgrade it to some of the more modern kits around. Until then…. game on

IMG_20150105_151148 IMG_20150105_151153 IMG_20150105_151352~2 IMG_20150105_151400~2 IMG_20150105_152813 IMG_20150105_152902 IMG_20150105_152914 IMG_20150105_153234 IMG_20150105_153249 IMG_20150105_153300 IMG_20150105_153309 IMG_20150105_153314 IMG_20150105_153325 IMG_20150105_153500 IMG_20150105_153510 IMG_20150105_153627 IMG_20150105_153632

I’ve just added the finishing touches to the Adeptus Arbites models I painted while on holiday.

In my plog on Warseer, “Collecting an Adeptus Arbites army – Space Police Enforcers” I show how I converted these models from Space Marine Scouts using Maxmini Space Police helmets and a cast of the Ultramarine’s Chapter Master, Marneus Calgar’s shoulder pad made using Instant Mold.

I wanted a force inspired my Judge Dredd; a flash of red on the visor, big gold shoulder pads, ‘Lawmaster’ style bikes etc, but also clearly ‘Imperial’ with echos of the classic Adeptus Arbites models such as the Aquila on the shotguns, heavy carapace armour and the dark colour scheme.

I’ve based them in the same way as my Dark Angels so they won’t look out of place within the same army. Perhaps I’ll use them as ‘counts as’ Scouts or Tactical Marines, or use them as allied Imperial Guard veterans… we’ll see

adeptus arbites IMG_20140526_100728 IMG_20140526_100800 IMG_20140526_100913 IMG_20140526_100920 IMG_20140526_100929 IMG_20140526_100942 IMG_20140526_101007 IMG_20140526_101024 IMG_20140526_101047 IMG_20140526_101100


I thought I’d throw out an update with some pics taken over the weekend (don’t forget to follow me on Twitter)

A few of us in the group have kicked-off a Necromunda campaign which happened last Wednesday (9th April) and since then I’ve got three games in with my Orlock gang.

This is how my gang currently stands:


I’ve really enjoyed each game and would thoroughly recommend it if you haven’t tried it before.










In addition I also sorted out ‘the Warhammer room’ yesterday as you could barely walk into the room. I’ve also taken a few pics of some of the rare things I own.







Also taken a shot of my entire High Elf collection