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The Asur are on the move towards NCGT

The cold steel lance slid up the neck of the Skaven rat. Squirming and slowly dropping to its knees it hissed “I can offer valuable information in return for my freedom”

A second knight appeared “So you found diseased rat!” Lord Caradryan spotted the whelp many leagues back. Gut it now and let us ride on with haste”.

“The Skaven has offered us information” replied Allunanur “speak vermin or I will cut your life short”.

“Yes yes sire, much information I have…. valuable information I have. My master Lord Skitterclaw is nearby, a powerful seer he has become. Let me show you his lair and may you take his power and in return spare my life you will”.

“You untrustworthy slave, I will not follow your orders however you shall follow mine. We are heading north towards the great desert. A darkness is growing with rumours of an ancient foe returning to plague the Old World once more.

This Skitterclaw you speak of, if he truly is a seer of great power then he may serve as a distraction.
Tell your master to head to the desert, tell him what you will that will interest him enough to make the journey”.

“Allunanur we must ride”.

“Yes Finulier”.

“Whelp, I will be sending a scout to watch you, one wrong turn and he will gut you slowly. Run now and don’t look back”.

“Finulier let us ride if the rumours are true and Nagash has returned then Lord Caradryan needs us by his side.

He is currently seeking out another of the silent order. The winds are strong, stronger then I have seen in an age. Many of the ranks have spoken of seeing shadows in the skies with some saying they have felt incredible changes in temperature.

I get the feeling that many of our questions will be answered in the desert”.


Month 3 from the Asur (Big update!)

I come with good news; month three for the Asur was a good month with some much needed reinforcements and numbers!

First up are five Shadow Warriors. They’re lovely models but rubbish rules. That said they will make a good support choice for Alith Anar I hope.





Next up is a lovely model from The Russian Alternative





I also managed to paint two bolt throwers but not the crew. For these I used the airbrush for the brown which worked pretty well.





And lastly I bought the The LOTR Eagle Plastic Kit which are beautiful models and much better than the metal ones (and cheaper!).








Unfortunately month four wasn’t a good month; I gave into temptation and bought an Imperial Knight and wanted to spend some time on it so I passed on doing any fantasy this month unless I got time right at the end.

Month 2 for the Asur – @Simonroberts87

Welcome to 2014 and more importantly Month 2 of #ATO9G.

With Month 1 complete for the Asur, I have been thinking about what I can paint for month 2.

In short, I am going to double…. yes double the amount of models I need to paint – last month it was 1 😉

I’m going for some characters this month as I have them sat on my painting table and I really like both miniatures (and the rules they come with).

I have also included an ‘optional’ unit which comes down to whether or not I have time to paint them, if not I will at least start the unit off and then set them as a month 3 project to complete.

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 photo HE_zpsc312876e.jpg

Welcome to the Asur

For this blog my focus is going to be on my High Elves.

I own 5 fantasy armies all of which aren’t painted but following a recent tournament and the force to paint 1200 points which was undertaken by myself and good friend Dan aka Brawlerguts I’ve decided that this is the kick up the backside I need to start putting a sizeable force together.

Pics of my force so far:

 photo P1070672_zps9088e4f0.jpg

 photo P1070681_zps4a6999d8.jpg

 photo P1070676_zps1b41a51c.jpg

For month 1 my focus is going to be on a Dragon… this easily hits the 250 points and also means I don’t have to paint 20+ guys straight off.

Let me introduce Talinda Fire Heart, Mistress of the skies of Caledor.

She has a fiery temper, especially as she’s just given birth to some baby Dragon’s and wants to protect them at all costs!

The project is partly complete (armour done) but everything else needs doing…. I best get my arse in gear!

 photo 20131201_102059_zpsodouxcmx.jpg

Future idea: so if this is the mum, who’s the father!