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Asur Month 1 Finished

Good morning fans,

@Simonroberts87 here

A Merry Christmas to you all.

Things here have been going very well and i’m happy to report that I have now completed month 1!!! YAY!!!

Month 1 was pretty easy for me, it consisted of a Dragon and some baby dragons/ dragon eggs.

Here are some final pics:

 photo P1070763_zps303301dc.jpg

 photo P1070764_zpsfe46b0d4.jpg

 photo P1070765_zps3f15416d.jpg

 photo P1070766_zps2bb59a1a.jpg

 photo P1070767_zpsaf337211.jpg

 photo P1070768_zpsdfd9dbcd.jpg

 photo P1070769_zpsfd2859fb.jpg

Asur Dragon Up-Date

Good morning,

Bit of an up-date from the Asur.

Talinda is definitely coming together.

Will be done before Christmas (I hope).

The thing that is really spurring me on is the responses I’m getting on Twitter. My last pic got 3 retweets and 6 favourites

 photo BbyoevNIQAAVmpa_zps9162434f.jpg

 photo Bby-RwlIYAA7dk6_zps71fc0f82.jpg

Dragon as a whole so far:

 photo 20131219_065407_zpscqxayd0j.jpg

Welcome to the Asur

For this blog my focus is going to be on my High Elves.

I own 5 fantasy armies all of which aren’t painted but following a recent tournament and the force to paint 1200 points which was undertaken by myself and good friend Dan aka Brawlerguts I’ve decided that this is the kick up the backside I need to start putting a sizeable force together.

Pics of my force so far:

 photo P1070672_zps9088e4f0.jpg

 photo P1070681_zps4a6999d8.jpg

 photo P1070676_zps1b41a51c.jpg

For month 1 my focus is going to be on a Dragon… this easily hits the 250 points and also means I don’t have to paint 20+ guys straight off.

Let me introduce Talinda Fire Heart, Mistress of the skies of Caledor.

She has a fiery temper, especially as she’s just given birth to some baby Dragon’s and wants to protect them at all costs!

The project is partly complete (armour done) but everything else needs doing…. I best get my arse in gear!

 photo 20131201_102059_zpsodouxcmx.jpg

Future idea: so if this is the mum, who’s the father!