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Space Hulk Olympics

The brief for the gaming weekend was simple

A text message that said: “We’ll play Space Hulk. Bring 10 models and make your own rules. See you there!”

Reading between the (sparse) lines, we all knew to expect lots of rum too

I brought two squads of Deathwing. And just for funsies, made one of them Deathwing Knights. In hindsight, bringing a squad of close combat Terminators aboard a space hulk to tackle a Genestealer infestation was a little ill-advised… cool… but ill-advised

The other squads included; a Tau stealth suit team (with their own neat ‘blip’ markers to represent them being cloaked), a squad of Chaos Iron Warriors and a mob of Beastmarines

We had a series of fun missions to complete and each took it in turns to play the Genestealers. We also added rules for ‘explodable’ scenery – if targeted and a hit is scored on a set of barrels, they explode and kill everything in the same tile on a 2+! (hilariously, this caused the Chaos player to ‘go all bottom-lippy’ when his entire squad was blown up by a suicidal Beastmarine power-fisting a set of barrels in the same room!)

Oh the fun!

IMG_20150922_164607 IMG_20150922_164618 IMG_20150922_164622 IMG_20150922_164627 IMG_20150922_164637 IMG_20150926_120407 IMG_20150926_144311 IMG_20150926_144314 IMG_20150926_145558 IMG_20150926_165420 IMG_20150926_183950 IMG_20150926_183956 IMG_20150926_212148 IMG_20150926_212156 IMG_20150926_212200 IMG_20150926_212205 IMG_20150926_212209

Space Hulk Deathwing – the painting

With a deep breath and clenched cheeks, I began converting the beautiful Blood Angel Terminators from the new Space Hulk boxed set into Dark Angel Deathwing and posted progress pics on this very blog 

Thankfully, I’m pretty pleased with the results – a testament to the quality of GW’s kits that they can so easily and seamlessly be converted

After a lick of paint, they join the Deathwing

IMG_20141223_214521 IMG_20141223_214528 IMG_20141223_214534 IMG_20141223_214737 IMG_20141223_214752 IMG_20141223_214802 IMG_20141223_214811 IMG_20141223_214820 IMG_20141223_214844

The Deathwing weigh in

Ever wonder what 1.2kg of Deathwing looks like?

IMG_20141223_222505 IMG_20141223_222510 IMG_20141223_222515 IMG_20141223_222520 IMG_20141223_222536 IMG_20141223_222539 IMG_20141223_222704 IMG_20141223_222708 IMG_20141223_222714

IMG_20141005_114825 IMG_20141005_114829 IMG_20141005_114833 IMG_20141005_114845 IMG_20141005_114953 IMG_20141005_115106 IMG_20141005_115252 IMG_20141116_200931 IMG_20141116_200937 IMG_20141116_200945 IMG_20141116_200949 IMG_20141116_200956

Three men walk into a bar

Three men walk into a bar; a Englishman, a Serbian and an idiot

They’re 40k players; Black Templars, Tyranids and Deathwing, respectively

After several beers, the conversation naturally drifts towards hobby. Spurring each other on, their plans become increasingly grandiose

“Oh man, wouldn’t it be cool to recreate a battle like the Tyranid invasion of Macgragge? ‘Nids vs Terminators. Back-to-back fighting until they die to a man!”

“Well… I have a LOT of Tyranids. Somewhere between ‘bucket loads’ and ‘zounds’. How many Terminators do you two actually have between you?”

*both Imperial players mentally tot up their collections*


And with that, the battle was set

100 Terminators. An entire First Company. An alliance of Deathwing and Black Templars. Deployed in the centre of the field against an endless Tyranid horde until all the Terminators are dead. We kept a tally of Kill Points (whole squads) to determine the ‘winner’

IMG_20141025_184105 IMG_20141025_191700 IMG_20141025_191707 IMG_20141025_191713 IMG_20141025_191724 IMG_20141025_191730 IMG_20141025_200509 IMG_20141025_205325 IMG_20141025_205334 IMG_20141025_205340 IMG_20141025_224937 IMG_20141026_010408

Custom objectives – Deathwing

Six Deathwing themed objectives for Warhammer 40k

Using a mixture of the objectives from Space Hulk, scenery from Lord of the Rings and spares from the Terminator sprue

All painted to match the colour palette of my Deathwing army 

IMG_20141222_224518 IMG_20141222_224523  IMG_20141222_224544 IMG_20141222_224550

Today, a magical thing happened. Today I was able to combine work and play. Today, I was a winner.

Let me tell you the tale of how Brother Gorkana joined the Deathwing…

This morning I received an email from the lovely people at Gorkana announcing the launch of their new competition; #LoveGorkana. These guys are very well known for their media database, media monitoring/analysis tools, and their PR/press management system – which might sound like techno-mumbo-jumbo to a lot of readers, but they’re business critical tools for any and all PR folk out there, and things I use in my day job all the time.


The rules are pretty broad: “Share your thoughts via social media using images/100 characters (max) and the hashtag #LoveGorkana for your chance to win a luxury night for two in a top UK hotel!”

Not one to back away from a challenge, I took a punt at joining the conversation with a few PR industry related tweets but they didn’t really stand out from the hundreds of other people taking part. So I played the ace up my sleeve… I tweeted a few pictures of my models and drew on the power of HASHTAG WARMONGERS #warmongers (for those not in the know about such geekery, #warmongers is the go-to hashtag used by wargamers who share pictures of their models, games, advice, tips, rules queries etc… there’s a wealth of cool stuff under that hashtag to share). I just wanted to send a quirky tweet that would make people smile, but also help spread #LoveGorkana


Suddenly, things start to pick up as this rather odd post begins to stand out from all the ‘normal tweets’ of memes and text. Even Gorkana themselves chime in, revealing that TWO of their guys are fellow wargamers! What are the odds? It never ceases to amaze me that us gamers are everywhere!


But things really started to heat up when it looked as if someone was cheating and using bots to increase their retweets, gaming the system. Even the Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum PR (a massive and very famous PR agency) and president of the CIPR waded in to show his disapproval (which was all, hilariously, unfolding beneath the pictures of my little Warhammer models!). In the ‘cheaters’ defence, he was only trying to prove a point and it actually provoked an interesting, light-hearted discussion with some nice banter (have a read and share a tweet if you’re interested in such things).


Already on a high, and more than content with this nice bit of engagement, I then couldn’t believe my eyes when this lovely email came in…. Gorkana (the cheeky monkeys) had sent me a Games Workshop gift voucher! It was such a lovely and unexpected gesture (and unnecessary too!)… but I was more than happy to put it to good use!


That very same evening, I visited the Games Workshop website knowing exactly what I was going to get. The one thing my Deathwing force was missing… a Dreadnought! And how do I plan to honour my digital benefactors? By naming it after them of course! Meet ‘Brother Gorkana, Venerable Deathwing Dreadnought of the Dark Angel Chapter.’ (luckily, I feel ‘Gorkana’ doesn’t sound too out of place amongst other Dark Angel names like Belial, Nathaniel, Samael, Claudio, Omino etc…).


But this is merely the beginning of the story… my twitter feed is crammed with work-in-progress pictures of models I’m building and painting. As the #LoveGorkana competition doesn’t close until the end of June, I plan to regularly tweet progress pictures of Brother Gorkana under the hashtag. I can’t wait to share pictures of him in battle – perhaps he’ll be a PR extraordinaire, able to negotiate and diffuse potential conflict by establishing mutual and beneficial goodwill and understanding between the Imperium of Man and her enemies… or perhaps he’ll just smash-face and kick some ass!

Thank you Gorkana!

UPDATE: 5/3/2016

Other projects got in the way (isn’t that always the case?!) but finally Brother Gorkana is built and fully painted! (Including a selection of weaponry)

image image image image image image

I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of the re-released edition of Space Hulk. Though the Blood Angel Terminator models are absolutely beautiful, the temptation to convert them to match my existing Deathwing army was just too strong. Some of the models were trickier to convert than others, requiring the shoulder pads to be dug out or a little remodeling of the chest piece, while others were a simple case of filing off any Blood Angel iconography and swapping an arm/weapon. Where possible, I tried to stay true to the original model, keeping the same silhouette, pose and facing.



IMG_20141108_141728 IMG_20141108_142017

IMG_20141108_141734 IMG_20141108_142057


IMG_20141108_141747 IMG_20141108_142150


IMG_20141108_141753 IMG_20141108_142225



IMG_20141108_141803 IMG_20141108_142200

IMG_20141108_141814 IMG_20141108_142138

IMG_20141108_141817   IMG_20141108_142115


A small drawback is that when mounted on 40mm bases, the Terminators don’t fit on the Space Hulk tiles. It’s most noticeable when they’re side-by-side, but shouldn’t be a massive problem during game play if you’re a little forgiving. When out on their own, it shouldn’t matter.

IMG_20141108_142404 IMG_20141108_142445 IMG_20141108_142503

I also speed-painted a Genestealer, testing a lightning fast method using washes.

IMG_20141109_172147 IMG_20141109_172217

From a base coat of white with a boltgun metal base, I washed the whole model in black. Then I washed the fleshy areas in purple and the carapace in blue. I gave the whole model a light drybrush of bone, and painted the claws and teeth in the same colour, finishing them off with a sepia wash.

IMG_20141109_143742 IMG_20141109_144017 IMG_20141109_145358 IMG_20141109_155727 IMG_20141109_160208  IMG_20141109_170111  IMG_20141109_170645 IMG_20141109_171144IMG_20141109_172332

IMG_20150922_164637 IMG_20150922_164627 IMG_20150922_164622 IMG_20150922_164618 IMG_20150922_164607


UPDATE – based on this method, the wonderful Scott Ferguson has developed the technique a few steps further, and produced some incredible miniatures. To vary the colours and add depth, he used a second coat of both the blue and purple. Another nice variation Scott used was to paint the top of the Genestealer head white again after the black wash – this really helps bring the face to life by adding highlights to the top of the head once the purple wash has been added. He’s also lavished lots of attention on the bases which really makes the models sing. See Scott’s fantastic blog for more details


As a group, we have a good representation in most of Games Workshop’s gaming systems. I’ve personally never really played much Warhammer 40,000 always preferring to invest my gaming and painting time into Warhammer Fantasy. But now I’ve joined the rest of the group with a foray into Warhammer 40k, putting the Fantasy projects and my Wood Elves to one side. Swapping swords, shields, bows and arrows, for guns, lasers, bunkers and battle tanks, I’ve started my collection in earnest, plumping for the stalwart Dark Angels.

Space Marine Tactical squad – The wonderfully hairy @BearMcRowdy kindly donated his Dark Vengeance Space Marine models to the cause. A spray of Caliban green, some green drybrushing, a wash of Nuln Oil, and these guys were practically complete. Some final details (chapter badge, chest eagle, Bolter case) and basing finished them off nicely.

IMG_20140421_131315 IMG_20140421_131337

Deathwing Terminator – two coats of Seraphim Sepia over a white undercoat provided a solid foundation for 90% of this model. Some quick Bleached Bone drybrushing using a large brush finished off the armour. A few details added and the model was complete.

IMG_20140402_205351 IMG_20140402_205402

As I had duplicate models from the Dark Vengeance boxed set, I converted some to have Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, and another to have a Cyclone Missile Launcher.

IMG_20140428_065947 IMG_20140428_070002 IMG_20140428_070018 IMG_20140428_070034

Not enamored with the pose of Games Workshop’s Fine Cast Belial, I decided to convert my own version. I wanted a pose that was less static. I also didn’t want to risk getting Fine Cast ‘droopy sword’ syndrome (oooh matron!) so used this classic metal Terminator Captain as the base of the conversion.


I’m also planning to convert a Librarian in Terminator armour.


After raiding our old gaming haunt from when we were kids (our mate’s mum’s attic!) we rediscovered a whole bunch of cool scenery, including these great objective markers and city fight ruins.

IMG_20140504_164252 IMG_20140504_164305 IMG_20140504_164326 IMG_20140504_164346 IMG_20140504_164401 IMG_20140504_182335