A storm is coming. Ready your forces, pledge your allegiances and pray to the Gods.

Victory will not come easy. Dire portents tell of a great magical flux, a flare in the Winds of Magic. With it, you’d be able to power the most terrible of magic, able to level entire cities

with but a single word.


Your seers tell of a powerful magical artefact, the Windcatcher Prism, which is inexplicably linked to the power generated by rare magical storms such as these. This power should be yours to command!


Go now, claim Windcatcher Prism for yourself, and make all cower before your might!




The campaign is focussed around one big, allied game of Storm of Magic. The overall team objective is to capture the Windcatch Prism, in addition to securing Arcane Fulcrums as per the rulebook. Each player will also be given their own individual secret objective (picked at random from an envelope).


For this game, each player will also be given a bonus to aid their team in battle, such as placing a piece of scenery, deciding who goes first, or having units deploy in ambush! These bonuses will be decided by winning one of a series of smaller games, known as skirmishes, fought before the main battle.



  • Six confirmed
    • Uros – Tomb Kings
    • Simon – High Elves
    • James – Beastmen
    • Ed – Chaos
    • Rich – Skaven
    • Dan – Dark Elves
    • Possible
      • Steve – Lizardmen (good chance of coming)
      • Bob – undisclosed (slight chance of coming, possibly out of the country)
      • No answer
        • Stu – undisclosed



  • Players will be arranged into two teams, decided randomly on the day or in a mutually agreeable manner
  • If there is an odd number of players, the smaller team will be allowed an additional 1500pts to match the larger team, divided amongst themselves as they see fit, to be used in the final game only



  • Two tables will be available; 6×4 and 4×4
  • Skirmish battles will be fought simultaneously
  • The final battle will be fought on the 6×4





  • Players will need two open lists, submitted in advance to the whole group;
  • One 1500pts for their skirmish scenario. Normal restrictions, no comp. This list should be designed to tackle any one of the skirmish scenarios, including; Watchtower, Blood & Glory, Dawn Attack and Meeting Engagement (full details below). You decide as a team which skirmish scenario your force will tackle. Note; consider including units to occupy a Watchtower and multiple units with standards for fortitude scores
  • One Storm of Magic list. This will be your same 1500pt skirmish list, plus 500pts of ‘Monsters and Magic’ allowance, so a total of 2000pts. Normal restrictions, no comp, with one exception – you may not take the Mythic Artefact “Windcatcher Prism.” Your 500pts ‘Monsters and Magic’ allowance is designed individually, so you may end-up duplicating magic items within your team which is absolutely fine. You may also include Forgeworld Monstrous Arcana units if you like
  • Alliance rules – For this game, all allied units count as friendly; you can share ‘Hold your ground’ and ‘Inspiring presence’ rules, join each other’s units, cause panic in each other’s units, treat as friendly for spells etc.
  • It’s recommended you bring around 500pts extra models just in case; these may be needed if we have an odd number of players, or for summoning spells during Storm of Magic


Skirmish scenarios

  • There are three skirmish scenarios, with a bonus fourth and fifth scenario available for additional players or if there is an empty table and time to complete it (very possible if game one and two are finished, and game three has just started)
  • The winner of each scenario will be given a bonus to use in the final Storm of Magic game
  • Once the teams have been decided, the team can choose which force to send to tackle each skirmish scenario. As a team, write down your choices and reveal to the other team at the same time
  • If played, the bonus fourth scenario can be tackled by any available player on the team. Again, as a team, write down your choice and reveal to the other team at the same time
  • Skirmish scenarios detailed later


Storm of Magic – the main event

  • The overall team’s objective is to capture the Windcatcher Prism and Arcane Fulcrums, as per the rulebook. Additionally, players will be given secret individual objectives to complete
  • The individual player’s objective will be selected at random and in secret, from envelopes, before deployment. These should be kept secret (even from allies) and revealed at the end of the battle or when complete/activated… unless you feel it benefits you to reveal it!
  • The Windcatcher Prism is placed in the centre of the board. It can be captured by moving onto it in any way (charging over it, fleeing over it, moving onto it etc.). Once captured, it activates and affects the owning unit from that moment, but it can change hands over the course of the battle. Should the unit lose a combat (not necessarily break, just lose), the victor gains the Windcatcher Prism. Should the unit be destroyed, the Windcatcher Prism is dropped where the unit died and can be claimed in the usual way
  • One point will be awarded to each team for each Arcane Fulcrum secured, and each individual objective achieved. Two points will be awarded to the team with the Windcatcher Prism. The team with the most points wins. Also, the individual player with the most points will be declared best player
  • A warning – the secret objectives will encourage sneaky collaboration and mind-fucking. For example, one individual objective might read: “There can be only one! You will not share power. Your allied general must die. Write down in secret, which allied general you have marked for death. If this model is removed as a casualty (by any means) you have achieved your individual objective. If, at the start of turn five the model is still alive, you may treat him (and any unit he is with) as an enemy (you can charge, cast spells, shoot at them etc.). There can be only one!”
  • Ten secret objectives have been written so the author will not know the combination of secret objectives in play
  • In addition to four Arcane Fulcrums, the battlefield will contain three hills (one in the centre where the Windcatcher Prism rests, and one on each side), plus three woods. This is in addition to the bonus scenery players gain from winning the skirmish scenarios


Scenario one; Watchtower

  • As per rulebook
  • Scenery must include a Watchtower (!)
  • Winner bonus for the Storm of Magic Game – The winner has captured the tower and is in a strategic location to launch their attack! After the Storm of Magic battle scenery has been set-up, and teams have rolled for table edges, but before any units are deployed, the winner must place a Watchtower in his deployment zone, and up to two mystic woods anywhere on the battlefield (keep these items back when setting-up the Storm of Magic battle scenery).
  • Additionally, he may also set-up one unit (any) as Scouts, which may be accompanied by up to one character if permitted by the rules


Scenario two; Blood and Glory

  • As per rulebook
  • Scenery must include a Village (Chapel, Outhouse, Fence) roughly in the centre
  • Winner bonus for the Storm of Magic Game – The winner has secured a vital village and is using it as a staging post to engage the enemy! After the Storm of Magic battle scenery has been set-up, and teams have rolled for table edges, but before any units are deployed, the winner must place a Chapel, Outhouse and all Fence sections, defined as the Village in his deployment zone, (keep these items back when setting-up the Storm of Magic battle scenery). These pieces must be no more than 6 inches from each other (so should form a rough square or rectangle).
  • Additionally, any friendly unit within 6 inches of any piece of Village gains +1 Leadership


Scenario three; Dawn Attack

  • As per rulebook
  • Scenery should include hills
  • Winner bonus for the Storm of Magic Game – The winner has broken through the enemy lines and catching them off-guard, launches their assault! The enemy team must deploy their entire army first
  • Additionally, the winner can decide if their team goes first or second in the Storm of Magic battle


Scenario four; Meeting Engagement

  • As per rulebook
  • Scenery should include a mystic river
  • Winner bonus for the Storm of Magic Game – Through a series of guerrilla strikes, the winner has disrupted the enemy’s supply line, seriously crippling their defence! After the enemy team has deployed their combined army, you may remove D3 enemy units. You may only remove up to one unit from each enemy player. The enemy unit will now instead arrive from reserves as per the normal rules. An enemy unit deployed containing characters counts as one unit for the purpose of this rule


Scenario five; Battle for the Pass

  • As per rulebook
  • Winner bonus for the Storm of Magic Game – Securing the pass has allowed you to move units unseen towards to battlefield and you plan to send your shock-troops in! Any number of your teams’ units chosen from their Monsters and Magic allowance are allowed to deploy as a special force of ambushers. At the start of each turn from turn 1, roll a dice. On a 3+ the entire ambusher force arrives in the remaining moves phase as per reinforcements.