The High King of the Mountains of The North, Blood Moon Hell Fang The Dragon king, sits on his throne of shattered bone and dry blood with his baby carmine dragon on his lap (the king is bigger than a giant). There was complete silence in the throne room, until one chaos knight came running though the giant bronze doors, he was limping, his horse wasn’t with him. The king was outraged by the condition of the knight’s return, because he has sent 10 of the knights to scout out the old ruins in the desert. The lone knight fell to his knees, and bowed to the king and said “forgive me my lord” in a fearful tone. The king slowly rose to his feet, and said in a soft tone (as soft as an exalted demon prince could be). “I will deal with you later just tell me what happened.” His voice was like thunder, it echoed in the throne room. The knight started to talk, he was still facing the ground. “We headed to the old ruins in the desert as you wanted, all of us sensed a strange aura around the ruin. There seemed to be nothing of interest, then suddenly the whole place started to sink. Only half of us managed to get out alive. Once the ruin sunk an army rose out of the ground, a skeletal army. It was slaughter, me and one other managed to get out alive with our horses, as we were leaving we saw other scouts on the horizon of different army’s. After a while our horses died of thrust, and the other knight died of a leg wound. It was only by the power of Khorne that I survived…” The king interrupted the knight.

“KHORNE? Do not speak to me of the power of Khorne, you are worthless” shouted the king, his word like a thunder storm of shattered bone. The words echoed in the knights chest. The king grabbed the knight with his hand and whispered in the knight’s ear “you should have died in the ruins” the king let the word hang in the air for a few painful seconds. Then Blood Moon Hell Fang The Dragon King crushed the knight in his hand and dropped the lump of flesh, crushed bone and metal to the ground. Turned around sat back down on his throne and said “Ready the army” in an almost joyful voice, then he started to laugh a horrible choking laugh. “We have killing to do…”