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I thought I’d throw out an update with some pics taken over the weekend (don’t forget to follow me on Twitter)

A few of us in the group have kicked-off a Necromunda campaign which happened last Wednesday (9th April) and since then I’ve got three games in with my Orlock gang.

This is how my gang currently stands:


I’ve really enjoyed each game and would thoroughly recommend it if you haven’t tried it before.










In addition I also sorted out ‘the Warhammer room’ yesterday as you could barely walk into the room. I’ve also taken a few pics of some of the rare things I own.







Also taken a shot of my entire High Elf collection


The Spirits of the Forest

To take part in #RumHammer, our campaign weekend allowing “800 points of anything”,  I decided to change month four’s target to include a pair of Treeman. Using one as a Lord with the Annoyance of Netlings, and the other as a rare choice provided a pair of hard-hitting models with a raft of cool special rules. 12 Dryads with a unit champion brought the list to 800 points and had a neat theme as all the models were Forest Spirits.

IMG_20140322_134907BiHs_rAIMAAg7O6  IMG_20140322_134919 IMG_20140322_134914  IMG_20140322_134931 IMG_20140322_134941 BjPhozXIcAAG0C9IMG_20140322_134950

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4





Here’s the game pack by James for the coming weekender #rumhammer.

We’ve kept the points down to increase the number of games and fit in with the ‘A tale of 9 gamers’ paint blog.

Download link here.

28th March 2014 Warhammer rule pack-v2

As mentioned in my last post, month 4 was sacrificed to paint up my Imperial Knight.

The kit took me a weekend to build and fully magnetise the weapons, masks and icons.

Next up was painting, I wanted to use this project to try my airbrush out again and to also use some airbrush stencils from Anarchy Models.

It took me 3 weeks to paint but I actually only really spent the weekends doing it.

The stencils worked really nicely and I’ve been overwhelmed with the response I’ve been getting on Facebook and Twitter.

So without further ado here is Grimlock ‘Hell Raiser’ Dragonhide










I come with good news; month three for the Asur was a good month with some much needed reinforcements and numbers!

First up are five Shadow Warriors. They’re lovely models but rubbish rules. That said they will make a good support choice for Alith Anar I hope.





Next up is a lovely model from The Russian Alternative





I also managed to paint two bolt throwers but not the crew. For these I used the airbrush for the brown which worked pretty well.





And lastly I bought the The LOTR Eagle Plastic Kit which are beautiful models and much better than the metal ones (and cheaper!).








Unfortunately month four wasn’t a good month; I gave into temptation and bought an Imperial Knight and wanted to spend some time on it so I passed on doing any fantasy this month unless I got time right at the end.

The Army of Sotek crawl from the sands…

Have always loved the ushabti models, so a unit of seven had to be on the cards. Have ordered a box of finecast to convert to command unit, so looking forward to that.
The basing is working out, with a mix of cracked earth and dead tuft. Not sure if these look a little bare, but will get the whole army done first, before coming back to these.
photo 12

Although I have some fluffer units in the army, still wanted to roll out some filth when needed, so Queen Khalida is a great choice. Looking forward to 30 shotting (or even 60 with magic) a minotaur bus with poison shots…
photo 5
photo 4

Not really sure why these are here, mainly as they came in the eBay bundle, thinking that maybe the horsemen archers are better, have 10 of other in the production line, ready for paint.
photo 3

Again another signature model for this army, like the way it plays too.
photo 2

Next up more chariots, horsemen archers then a reward of some big monsters 🙂

Talinda’s revenge!

Our second game for ‘A Tale of 9 Gamers’ was a classic Good Vs Evil match-up, which took place during Morathi’s ritual to taint the Dragon egg she stole during the last battle.

Each player had to decide their allegiance; fight on the Good side and help Talinda the Star Dragon recover her stolen egg, or fight on the side of Evil and help Morathi complete her ritual to corrupt the egg and turn it into an evil Black Dragon. The game was to be a Triumph and Treachery match, but with added victory conditions.

Using an Arcane Fulcrum from Games Workshop, we set-up the ritual in the center of the board and decided that the player with the unit closest to it at the end of turn four would be awarded 300 extra coins personally, and 100 extra coins for each army belonging to the same allegiance. We imagined that a hero/champion/brave trooper would know just what to do to disrupt/conclude the ritual just in the nick of time! It was enough of a bonus to persuade players to work together, but also just enough of a temptation to see a bit of in-fighting right at the last moment.

With a bit of (healthy) grub in their bellies, the players did battle…

IMG_20140224_165511 IMG_20140224_210910 IMG_20140225_210325 IMG_20140225_210331 IMG_20140225_210338 IMG_20140225_210344 IMG_20140225_210705 IMG_20140225_221610 IMG_20140225_222056 IMG_20140225_224232 IMG_20140225_224242 IMG_20140225_232422

In the end, the Good side won the day. The Dragon egg was saved by the men of the Empire, thoroughly trouncing everyone, netting more than double the amount of coins than the second placed player!


  • Wood Elves and Vampire Counts facing off on the left flank. The Wood Elves caused almost zero casualties and were chased off the board.
  • High Elves and Dark Elves faced off on the right flank. Talinda the Star Dragon was felled by a unit of Witch Elves, but not before she brought wrath and ruin to the Dark Elf force.
  • The Lizardmen tussled with the Tomb Kings but neither force made a huge impact, both failing numerous charges.
  • Eyes on the prize, The Empire moved into the center of the board, captured the objective, stopped the ritual and finished off the depleted Dark Elf army, winning the game!


The imbalance in forces is really starting to show now and affects the game-play quite a bit; some players have gone for mainly core troops, others more elite, and some have chosen monsters and special characters. At lower points values, it seems our forces can only compete in one or two phases. For our next battle, we’ll have a bit more structure and use force organisation. Also, seven player Triumph and Treachery games (although fun!) can take a long time, so we’ll look to play a few ‘regular’ allied games soon.

Wardancers done, Dryads next

February’s Wood Elf models were great fun to paint; 10 Wardancers and a Great Eagle from Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings range.

I intended to give the Wardancers red hair so they’d stand out as ‘fierce warriors’ on the battlefield, but their first coat came out pink! (making them look less than aggressive). A few more layers and colour-blending later, and I was happier with the effect; a muted reddy-brown colour, which separates them nicely from the blonde-haired Glade Guard.

 photo IMG_20140213_151135_zps567258d7.jpg

 photo IMG_20140213_151131_zps802f85c5.jpg

The Eagle is a beautiful model with extremely clear and crisp detail which lent itself very well to drybushing and washes. The model was complete in under one hour, start to finish, and I live-tweeted the stages as I went along (@brawlerguts). All credit to Games Workshop’s new range of washes and quality castings; it felt as if the model painted itself!

 photo IMG_20140213_151254_zpsc14ab28c.jpg

 photo IMG_20140213_151245_zps5c124dbc.jpg

 photo Capture_zpsb788460b.jpg

Here’s the army so far (roughly 800 points). Now mounted on Sarissa Precision movement trays (especially useful for skirmishing troops, like Scouts and Wardancers).
 photo IMG_20140213_151222_zps3073584e.jpg

For the next allotment of models, I’ve gone for five Glade Riders and 12 Dryads, coming in at 309 points (we’re tasked with painting a minimum of 250 points per month). Both units are core choices, the amount of which will dictate the size of army I can deploy. Once these are complete, that will give me nearly 800 points of core troops, which will be a nice foundation to add a few expensive characters and rare units to. I like how the Dryads look as a unit – like a moving piece of woodland scenery. I’m expecting the small unit of fast cavalry not only looks cool, but will be very useful in game; redirecting charges, harassing warmachines, running-down fleeing troops, tackling other ‘chaff’ units etc. I’ve also used some of the Spite models and Waystones to build four Wood Elf-themed objective markers.
 photo IMG_20140217_125103_zps59c62f95.jpg


Wood Elves – month two complete

It’s been a genuine pleasure painting these models – Games Workshop’s Wood Elf range contains some of my favourite models ever produced, the Wood Elf Lord with Great Weapon being among them.

 photo IMG_20140117_155251_zps5b4e8bc1.jpg

 photo IMG_20140117_171245_zps143145fc.jpg

 photo IMG_20140117_223945_zpsb925879a.jpg

 photo IMG_20140117_223956_zpsa10c93f5.jpg

 photo IMG_20140128_160420_zps4779f451.jpg

For inspiration, I got a copy of the classic Wood Elves army book. It contains some fantastic stories and background ideas. For instance, I never knew Wood Elves used to be able to field chariots (in squadrons no-less!).

 photo IMG_20140117_174950_zpsc31fdfde.jpg

 photo IMG_20140117_174754_zps25b703b6.jpg

Now coming it at around 600 points, the force is really starting to ‘grow’ (Wood Elf nature-pun unintended). I intend to build on this foundation of core troops next month, perhaps with a few special or rare choices.

 photo IMG_20140128_160757_zpse2b04946.jpg