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Painting in 2019

What a year!

This is the first time I’ve ever tracked and logged my painting. I knew I painted a lot but even I am surprised at the final tally of 276 models in one year! I’m typically more of an ‘army painter’ and I especially like to find quick, easy, ‘cheaty’ methods to get them finished to a wargaming standard. I make good use of washes and drybrushing, and have just started experimenting with the new Contrast Paints, which essentially do the shade and highlight in one coat (I’m a big fan!).

I paint to relax, and find it very therapeutic. Sitting down and painting for an hour, with a cup of tea and some music, really helps me unwind. I don’t play (or own) any computer games – I work in an office so spending my spare time on a computer isn’t going to be good for me.

In addition to finding a quick method, and using most of my spare time, another factor I can attribute to getting so many models painted is having such variety.l to work on. My group has (relatively) recently discovered Warhammer Quest so I’ve been able to keep the models I paint varied and fresh, instead of hundreds of the same miniature (and technique) for a full army.




Here’s everything I’ve painted in 2019.

276 models:

  • 18 Black Orcs
  • 2 Orcs
  • 2 Snotlings
  • 4 Night Goblins
  • 4 Forest Goblins
  • 4 piles of treasure
  • 3 trolls
  • 2 Orc Warlords
  • 2 Ghosts
  • 1 Tentacle
  • 10 glow-in-the-dark Necron ‘Phased Ones’ (counts-as Flayed Ones)
  • 5 classic Necron Warriors
  • 1 roleplay character; Ulfur Gardner’s Son, lumberjack of Timber Cross
  • 1 roleplay axe (!)
  • 10 Alien Infants
  • 5 Alien Stalkers
  • 5 Alien Spitters
  • 5 Facehuggers
  • 1 Alien Queen
  • 3 Predators
  • 3 cloaked Predators (I painted their bases so it counts!)
  • 10 USCM marines
  • 5 colonial prisoners
  • 76 wedding ‘table Knights’
  • 17 Spartan Stormcast Eternals
  • 12 Hobgoblins
  • 8 Goblin ‘Pyro’ kitchen staff
  • 1 Gnoblar
  • 1 Naga Queen
  • 1 Tomb King
  • 5 Skeleton Warriors
  • 2 Wolves (mummy and cub)
  • 7 ruined buildings
  • 7 Thorns of the Briar Queen for Underworlds
  • 4 Chaos Dwarfs
  • 2 Dark Elf crossbowmen
  • 5 ‘Revenant’ Deathwatch marines
  • 12 Chaos Warriors
  • 1 Necron ‘melted Zoanthrope head’ objective marker
  • 1 Chaos Lord
  • 1 Mad scientist
  • 4 Wood elves
  • 1 Skink
  • 1 Troll King



























The Silver Tower

The lads chipped-in to buy the utterly GLORIOUS boxed set that is Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. The models are absolutely beautiful and we spent an evening together feverishly building them all. We were all big fans of the quality of the card tiles and accessories, and after a few practice games, we were hooked. It’s such a great value set. The game play is fast and simple, but with enough depth to keep it varied, fun and interesting, with plenty of tactical decisions to make. An interesting dynamic is the cooperative nature of the game and the interoperability of the characters with one another. A well-formed crew really is an example of “the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.” Victory will only come if they work together.

The duty to paint it all fell to me. Luckily, they were a joy to work on. I painted nearly all the models from a white undercoat and made good use of washes to get the job done fast. The sculpts are super crisp and the usual top-quality we’ve all come to know and love from Games Workshop.

We’re all creating bespoke characters for a big campaign weekend at the end of March. We plan to smash through the entire campaign, beginning to end, developing and advancing our characters, and earning them fame and glory (or bloody death and ruin…). In either case, it promises to be loads of fun! Another attraction of the game is how casual and “beer-proof” it is – no matter how drunk we get, we’ll still be able to play (although some of us will put that to the test!). The gang has already started planning, building and painting their characters, and are now starting to discuss their bespoke rules.

We bought a bespoke foam tray to store and protect the painted models. This tray fits neatly into the existing Silver Tower box with enough room underneath for all the card tiles, markers and rules.

Here are some step-by-step guides showing how I used basic block painting, washes and drybrushing to get most of the work done.




UPDATE: For just a few pounds I got a sheet of fake, soft black leather to act as a sort of table cloth and provide a backdrop. I’ve started to rebase and paint a set of the classic HeroQuest models to use as ‘exotic adversaries,’ and I picked up a set of the new Chaos Adversary cards so I have their rules.


And the players are starting to build and paint their models. So far we have:

  • The Devoted in Death – a Witch Hunter’s essence ressurected into a Stone Gargoyle
  • Badagot – Beastman adventurer and the party’s torch bearer
  • Astro-Nova – the party’s wizard, able to power-up and change forms
  • Purifier of the Lost – a knightly paladin with a fiery sword
  • Cruella Daemonbane – an axe-wielding daemon huntress
  • Brawlerguts – an Ogre Boxer modeled on its Ogre-shaped creator


Not one to do things by half, Steve made an entire warband to accompany his character and use in skirmish games. Steve explains the background of these unusual and zany models in this Games Workshop seminar-style video (to stave off cabin fever, a snowed-in Steve had his own ‘Snowpen day’ as Games Workshop’s actual open day was snowed off).


The rules:

Starting with a blank card, we tinkered with creating our own rules.

Character -blank cardHVNS2284AEVD3827Character - Purifier of the lostCharacter -Brawlerguts the Ogre BoxerQIVO7344

Character - AstroCharacter - Nova


UPDATE: Playing the game

What an epic weekend! We gamed (and drank) for 18 hours straight. From 10am Saturday morning until 4am Sunday morning, our heroes battled through the Silver Tower, completing four successive quests! We had originally aimed to complete all eight but underestimated how long each would take – and how much booze we’d get through! (a very respectable four litres of spirits alone)

Highlights included:

  • Facing off against a variety of exotic adversaries, each guest bringing their own surprise models
  • Astro Nova’s healing potions (shots of Aftershock in glass bottles)
  • A quest ending in a ‘Royal Rumble’ style event where the heroes faced off – The Purifier came out on top
  • Brawlerguts the Ogre boxer beating The Deathrunner’s face in, only to find out it was a shadow (literally, shadow boxing)
  • Badagot the Beastman lassoing a horde of Chaos Warriors, pinning them in place
  • An isolated Cruella using her ‘Sweeping Blow’ to disembowel all the enemies around her, saving her skin
  • The stone Witch Hunter soaking up damage and being our reliable ‘tank,’ especially when buffed by The Purifier
  • Splitting the party – several times – and surviving. “Never split the party” we agreed, right from the start. But after a few drinks, the bravado kicked in and we went our separate ways, eager to earn glory!

Learning for next time:

  • All our bespoke characters were probably a bit over powered. We shared our ideas during design but I don’t think we realised how powerful they’d be when used together. Perhaps we could have limited the multiple damage attacks amongst the group. Or assign ‘character classes’ e.g. “you make a tank, you make a healer, you make a wizard…”
  • It was amazing fun! The rules are simple to pick up and really slick (we had a player who’d never tried it before). The four-dice action mechanic was very popular and helps keep each player turn to a similar length
  • To increase the danger and peril next time, we should probably tone our characters down, or have more/harder exotic adversaries
  • We had six heroes instead of four or five. This also made a big difference to the quest so more bad guys were needed
  • With a lot of bad guys comes a lot of ‘book keeping’ – who is wounded, who is stunned, which adversary group does what action. A slicker way to work out wounded bad guys might speed it up e.g. allocate wounds to a ‘group’ instead of each individual model, but would sacrifice a lot of realism
  • Equally, some characters hit/affected multiple enemies – often an entire tile which slowed the game down. Rolling to affect whole adversary groups together, or avoiding these abilities altogether would speed things up
  • The system to reveal the map using cards is genius, as is the system to reveal the bad guys – we didn’t come across any problems and the ‘artificial intelligence’ of the adversaries never let us down
  • Abilities that granted or generated additional action dice also slowed things down. It’s worth considering limiting these when designing your own characters
  • Booze! Rules that required drinking were really good fun. One character had healing potions (that in reality did the opposite!) and another forced a shot of Fireball when his character set the enemy on fire (by rolling a six… which happened frequently). But why stop there? Bonuses to your character for real-world actions should be a thing. Made a round of drinks? Have a re-roll. Opened a new bag of snacks? Get plus one move.

With four pieces of shard in their chest, the adventurers take rest. For now.


Dwarf Update

Work has started on the Dwarves with a character painted up and the 2 gyrocopters (excluding the rider).

Once the tournament is over I will go back and tidy up a few bits but they are to a standard that will pass for the event.

Dwarf Runepriest




2 Dwarf Gyrocopters using the machine guns from Titan Forge





I’ve also come up with a list for the event

Runesmith (General); x2 Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Stone, Rune of Iron, Shield 133
Runesmith; x2 Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Stone, Shield 113
Thane (Battle Standard Bearer); Master Rune of Grungi, Shield, 153
Master Engineer; 70
Master Engineer; 70
21 Longbeards; Full Command, Great Weapons, Rune of Stoicism, 359
18 Quarrellers; Full Command, Great Weapons, 286
1 Gyrocopter; 80
1 Gyrocopter; 80
Cannon; Rune of Forging, 145
Cannon; Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning, 150
Grudge Thrower; Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning 135
Grudge Thrower; Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Forging, 130
Organ Cannon; Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Burning, 150
Organ Cannon; Rune of Accuracy, 145
Army Total: 2,199

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Dwarves not Dwarfs – 2015

@Simonroberts87 here.

It’s certainly been a while since I last put anything up on the blog but I come bearing good news.

In 2015 I will be rocking a Dwarf army that I will be using at various tournaments – the first being the Firestorm Four

Now being extremely poor at spelling I wanted to find out the difference between Dwarfs and Dwarves…. to all those interested you can find out more

So far I’ve drafted a few army list ideas and made various purchases.

I will have 2 armies.

1. will be fully painted by me and in the end will be my sole tournament army

2. back up army that I’ve purchased from someone that has used it at tournaments in 2014. This means that If I don’t have anything painted in time I have a back up and also means I have some alternative unit choices and means I can get some practice games in ASAP

I’ve mainly gone for Titan Forge and Avatar of War models including







I will keep the blog up to date with developments as they happen and of course will be Tweeting everything.

Chaos Warrior fluff – Ben

The High King of the Mountains of The North, Blood Moon Hell Fang The Dragon king, sits on his throne of shattered bone and dry blood with his baby carmine dragon on his lap (the king is bigger than a giant). There was complete silence in the throne room, until one chaos knight came running though the giant bronze doors, he was limping, his horse wasn’t with him. The king was outraged by the condition of the knight’s return, because he has sent 10 of the knights to scout out the old ruins in the desert. The lone knight fell to his knees, and bowed to the king and said “forgive me my lord” in a fearful tone. The king slowly rose to his feet, and said in a soft tone (as soft as an exalted demon prince could be). “I will deal with you later just tell me what happened.” His voice was like thunder, it echoed in the throne room. The knight started to talk, he was still facing the ground. “We headed to the old ruins in the desert as you wanted, all of us sensed a strange aura around the ruin. There seemed to be nothing of interest, then suddenly the whole place started to sink. Only half of us managed to get out alive. Once the ruin sunk an army rose out of the ground, a skeletal army. It was slaughter, me and one other managed to get out alive with our horses, as we were leaving we saw other scouts on the horizon of different army’s. After a while our horses died of thrust, and the other knight died of a leg wound. It was only by the power of Khorne that I survived…” The king interrupted the knight.

“KHORNE? Do not speak to me of the power of Khorne, you are worthless” shouted the king, his word like a thunder storm of shattered bone. The words echoed in the knights chest. The king grabbed the knight with his hand and whispered in the knight’s ear “you should have died in the ruins” the king let the word hang in the air for a few painful seconds. Then Blood Moon Hell Fang The Dragon King crushed the knight in his hand and dropped the lump of flesh, crushed bone and metal to the ground. Turned around sat back down on his throne and said “Ready the army” in an almost joyful voice, then he started to laugh a horrible choking laugh. “We have killing to do…”       

The cold steel lance slid up the neck of the Skaven rat. Squirming and slowly dropping to its knees it hissed “I can offer valuable information in return for my freedom”

A second knight appeared “So you found diseased rat!” Lord Caradryan spotted the whelp many leagues back. Gut it now and let us ride on with haste”.

“The Skaven has offered us information” replied Allunanur “speak vermin or I will cut your life short”.

“Yes yes sire, much information I have…. valuable information I have. My master Lord Skitterclaw is nearby, a powerful seer he has become. Let me show you his lair and may you take his power and in return spare my life you will”.

“You untrustworthy slave, I will not follow your orders however you shall follow mine. We are heading north towards the great desert. A darkness is growing with rumours of an ancient foe returning to plague the Old World once more.

This Skitterclaw you speak of, if he truly is a seer of great power then he may serve as a distraction.
Tell your master to head to the desert, tell him what you will that will interest him enough to make the journey”.

“Allunanur we must ride”.

“Yes Finulier”.

“Whelp, I will be sending a scout to watch you, one wrong turn and he will gut you slowly. Run now and don’t look back”.

“Finulier let us ride if the rumours are true and Nagash has returned then Lord Caradryan needs us by his side.

He is currently seeking out another of the silent order. The winds are strong, stronger then I have seen in an age. Many of the ranks have spoken of seeing shadows in the skies with some saying they have felt incredible changes in temperature.

I get the feeling that many of our questions will be answered in the desert”.


Grey Seer Skitterclaw leapt across the battlements into the heart of the enemy lines, warp lightning crackling around his fingers. He toasted a regiment of the puny man-things with a nonchalant wave of his left hand, whilst delivering a spinning elbow to the neck of the so-called Wizard he had moved in to dispatch. The fool fell to his knees, clutching at his throat, unable to voice any words of power.

Skitterclaw sneered at the weakling, who was clearly trembling in the face of such a supreme being, whilst drawing in another morsel of warp-fueled energy. As the man-things little whelps poured in around the Seer to help the stricken caster, Skitterclaw uttered a few short words of the Clan Pestilens Plague Priests. The resulting pox moved across the battlefield like a wave, leaving bubbling, twitching corpses in it’s dread wake.

The Seer looked about him. The few survivors remaining looked at him in awe, falling to their knees in final submission. He laughed as slavers dragged the pathetic things away, surveying his handywork. More enemies were nearby, clearly afraid by what they had just witnessed. Skitterclaw span on his heel, and ran toward them, squeeking excitedly about the world of pain he was about to bring down on the stupid man-things…

Grey Seer Skitterclaw lay asleep on his bed of straw, squeeking excitedly, legs and arms twitching frantically. A messenger burst into the burrow and fell to his knees.

“My Lord, my Lord! Wake up master!”

Skitterclaw awoke with a start and jumped to his feet.

“Feel my wrath puny man-things!”, he shouted out with his hand outstretched toward the kneeling rat-man.

The Seer’s eyes darted around the burrow and he soon realised where he was. Seeing the messenger before him quaking where he knelt, he could smell that he had squirted the musk of fear. 

Skitterclaw lowered his hand, agitated that he had acted foolishly.

“What is it, can’t you say that I’m busy?! Speak! Quick-quick!”, he blurted out.

“Yes-yes, oh masterful one”, the messenger said, face down to the ground. Skitterclaw could tell that he was grinning by the sound of his voice. “There is word from above ground my most potent of potentates. Armies of the pointy ears and man-things have been seen marching toward the great sand-desert. Scouts say that other forces have been seen coming down from the north as well. What should we do Lord?”

Skitterclaw sneered, there must be something of great value for so many forces to come together, he thought.

“We will show these fools the power of the Horned Rat, of course!”, he exclaimed proudly.

“Yes-yes my Lord”, said the messenger as he got up to leave.

“Where do you think you are going?”, Skitterclaw said in a low voice.

“Why, to take your orders to the commanders of your armies oh powerful one”, the messenger said nervously.

“Then go, fool!”, Skitterclaw commanded.

“Yes my Lord, quickly I go!” 

The messenger spun around and began to scurry out of the burrow. As he did so, Skitterclaw sent a small bolt of warp-lightning into the tail of the poor messenger. The messenger squeek-screamed and leapt into the air as he ran away.

“Smirk at me again, whelp, and you’ll lose that tail!”, Skitterclaw called after the rat-man.

“Yes-yes master, I would never master!”, the messenger called down the tunnel in reply.

Skitterclaw turned back toward his bed thoughtfully, musing on how much warpstone he could get out of this venture.

“i’m going to need slaves this time”, he said quietly. “Lots of them…”

No Coast Tournament Pack

No Coast GT 2014
Location: Nehekhara

Friday 29th August
Arrive from: 15.00 onwards
Big T&T game depending on who arrives when…

Saturday 30th August
Game 1: 09:30 – 12.00
Lunch: 12:00 – 13:00 (Provided)
Game 2: 13:00 – 15:30
Game 3: 15:45 – 18:15
Evening: TBC possibly X-Wing, boards games, card games

Sunday 31th August
Game 4: 9:30 – 12:00
Lunch: 12:00 – 13:00 (Provided)
Game 5: 13:00 – 15:30
Game 6: 15:45 – 18:15
Presentation: 18:45 – 19:00
Evening: Go Home!
General Format
Army Size: 2400pts*
Rounds: 6 (2.5 hours each round)
•    The No Coast GT will be run under the 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy rule set.
•    Open lists: All lists must be shared with the group on Friday 15th August. Allowing time to call shenanigans. There will be no scoring of lists.
•    For clarity purposes “special”/”named” characters are allowed at this event.
•    Official FAQs will be in use, these can be obtained from
•    Model do not have to be painted, proxies are allowed, but please share any ‘out there’ or ‘chancer’ models you’d like to field with the group first.
•    All units where appropriate should be on movement trays. Units of skirmishers which are more than one model must have a movement tray.
•    There will be no varying scenarios for this tournament; all games will be the “Battle Line” scenario.

* except Beastmen and Tomb Kings who get 2640pts.
Tournament Scoring
Each player will accumulate tournament points over the course of the two days comprising of the elements listed below. A final score out of a possible 120 will be calculated, then the No Coast Extras points will be added for the final total and event winner.

Battle Points:
Six games will be played by each player with a maximum of 20 battle points being gained per game (massacre).
The following VP table will be used to determine the points received by each player.

Battle Points Earned
Victory Points    Winner    Loser
0-150    10    10
151 – 300    11    9
301 – 450    12    8
451 – 600    13    7
601 – 750    14    6
751 – 900    15    5
901 – 1050    16    4
1051 – 1200    17    3
1201 – 1350    18    2
1351 – 1500    19    1
1500+    20    0

With 6 games, it is possible to amass 120 battle points which will contribute directly to a player’s tournament score.
No Coast Extras
10 bonus points awarded for EVERY player who has:
•    Fully painted armies
•    Passage of fluff written and promoted on social media/blog/village shop window card/smoke signal etc…
•    List circulated to group by deadline, without errors
Maximum 30 pts

10 bonus points awarded for each of the following (determined by winning most votes* of each category – in case of tie, both players get 10 points):
•    Best painted army
•    Best fluff
•    Best cocktail
•    Best drunk
•    Best sportsman (if Ed wins this, he gets 1000 points)
Max possible here 50pts

* votes are collected from each player, at the following times:
•    Best painted army – start of game 1
•    Best fluff – start of game 1
•    Best cocktail – end of sat night
•    Best drunk – start of game 4
•    Best sportsman – end of game 6

Each player rates the who they think is the top 3 in each category. There will be forms for you to fill in it so will make more sense then…

Prizes/Trophies/Tat up for grabs

•    Best painted army
•    Best fluff
•    Best cocktail
•    Best drunk
•    Best sportsman

•    Best general (most battle points, not including NCGT extras)

•    Tournament Winner (total battle points plus NCGT extras)

Plus some secret special extras…

No Coast GT teaser vid

No Coast GT 2014