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We will ride into battle! – The new Taurox

Painting my four Humvee-inspired Taurox transports (converted using Zinge Industries’ military wheels)

I really like the size of these (Land Raider shown for scale) and I think they fit perfectly with the classic Kasrkin models

Now to charge headlong into the enemies of the Emperor and deliver swift retribution!









IMG_20150711_180717 IMG_20150711_180721 IMG_20150711_180730 IMG_20150820_164119 IMG_20150820_164326 IMG_20150820_164329 IMG_20150820_165555 IMG_20150820_172121 IMG_20150822_142757 IMG_20150822_142801 IMG_20150822_142805 IMG_20150822_142820 IMG_20150822_142827 IMG_20150824_202037  IMG_20150824_202106 IMG_20150824_202128IMG_20150824_202049

Bit of an impulse purchase

I was lucky enough to pick up 35 classic Imperial Guard Karskin models at a recent toy fair in Milton Keynes for a bargain price

Ever since the Taurox was released, and inspired by the TV series Generation Kill, I wanted to convert one into a Humvee-looking transport using Zinge Industries’ military wheels 


35 Kasrkin with special weapons, mounted in four Taurox and led by a Commissar comes in at exactly 1000 points – and is also a pretty neat formation (ok, in game they suck, but they look great!)

After painting a test model, I took the troopers on holiday with me. I was especially pleased with converted sergeant

“What’s the matter, the CIA got you pushing too many pencils?!”

IMG_20150509_200745 IMG_20150515_125351 IMG_20150515_125428 IMG_20150602_204831 IMG_20150608_130232 IMG_20150615_083630 IMG_20150617_134032 IMG_20150617_162540 IMG_20150628_191233

IMG_20150628_191936 IMG_20150628_191957 IMG_20150628_192004 IMG_20150628_192010 IMG_20150628_192025 IMG_20150628_192142 IMG_20150628_192208 IMG_20150826_221151

Kill Team uses the standard 40k rules but with some variations and restrictions on what you can take

Teams are just 200 points, with limited units that can be taken, but the rules allow for personalisation with skills – the idea being you create an elite special forces team to complete a series of fluffy missions

We used these rules for our trial run – Kill_Team (1)

Our biggest learning point; don’t booze BEFORE a gaming day (during is fine… encouraged even… but never before)

We played a series of games all of which were great fun! There were some surprises at how effective/ineffective some units were in this environment – the Taurox for example was phenomenal (a bit too overpowered, almost guaranteeing on killing whatever it targets), yet combat troops (including Genestealers!) all seemed to struggle in hand to hand

The lads are hooked and we’ll be playing this again – in fact, it’s got us all looking at starting new 200 points collections of different armies… which I’m sure can only end well, right??


team 2



IMG_20151021_122009 IMG_20151021_122028 IMG_20151021_122039 IMG_20151021_122049 IMG_20151021_122055 IMG_20151021_122102 IMG_20151024_142314 IMG_20151024_142324 IMG_20151024_142328IMG_20151023_222526


The Kill Team