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Painting in 2019

What a year!

This is the first time I’ve ever tracked and logged my painting. I knew I painted a lot but even I am surprised at the final tally of 276 models in one year! I’m typically more of an ‘army painter’ and I especially like to find quick, easy, ‘cheaty’ methods to get them finished to a wargaming standard. I make good use of washes and drybrushing, and have just started experimenting with the new Contrast Paints, which essentially do the shade and highlight in one coat (I’m a big fan!).

I paint to relax, and find it very therapeutic. Sitting down and painting for an hour, with a cup of tea and some music, really helps me unwind. I don’t play (or own) any computer games – I work in an office so spending my spare time on a computer isn’t going to be good for me.

In addition to finding a quick method, and using most of my spare time, another factor I can attribute to getting so many models painted is having such variety.l to work on. My group has (relatively) recently discovered Warhammer Quest so I’ve been able to keep the models I paint varied and fresh, instead of hundreds of the same miniature (and technique) for a full army.




Here’s everything I’ve painted in 2019.

276 models:

  • 18 Black Orcs
  • 2 Orcs
  • 2 Snotlings
  • 4 Night Goblins
  • 4 Forest Goblins
  • 4 piles of treasure
  • 3 trolls
  • 2 Orc Warlords
  • 2 Ghosts
  • 1 Tentacle
  • 10 glow-in-the-dark Necron ‘Phased Ones’ (counts-as Flayed Ones)
  • 5 classic Necron Warriors
  • 1 roleplay character; Ulfur Gardner’s Son, lumberjack of Timber Cross
  • 1 roleplay axe (!)
  • 10 Alien Infants
  • 5 Alien Stalkers
  • 5 Alien Spitters
  • 5 Facehuggers
  • 1 Alien Queen
  • 3 Predators
  • 3 cloaked Predators (I painted their bases so it counts!)
  • 10 USCM marines
  • 5 colonial prisoners
  • 76 wedding ‘table Knights’
  • 17 Spartan Stormcast Eternals
  • 12 Hobgoblins
  • 8 Goblin ‘Pyro’ kitchen staff
  • 1 Gnoblar
  • 1 Naga Queen
  • 1 Tomb King
  • 5 Skeleton Warriors
  • 2 Wolves (mummy and cub)
  • 7 ruined buildings
  • 7 Thorns of the Briar Queen for Underworlds
  • 4 Chaos Dwarfs
  • 2 Dark Elf crossbowmen
  • 5 ‘Revenant’ Deathwatch marines
  • 12 Chaos Warriors
  • 1 Necron ‘melted Zoanthrope head’ objective marker
  • 1 Chaos Lord
  • 1 Mad scientist
  • 4 Wood elves
  • 1 Skink
  • 1 Troll King



























Kill Team uses the standard 40k rules but with some variations and restrictions on what you can take

Teams are just 200 points, with limited units that can be taken, but the rules allow for personalisation with skills – the idea being you create an elite special forces team to complete a series of fluffy missions

We used these rules for our trial run – Kill_Team (1)

Our biggest learning point; don’t booze BEFORE a gaming day (during is fine… encouraged even… but never before)

We played a series of games all of which were great fun! There were some surprises at how effective/ineffective some units were in this environment – the Taurox for example was phenomenal (a bit too overpowered, almost guaranteeing on killing whatever it targets), yet combat troops (including Genestealers!) all seemed to struggle in hand to hand

The lads are hooked and we’ll be playing this again – in fact, it’s got us all looking at starting new 200 points collections of different armies… which I’m sure can only end well, right??


team 2



IMG_20151021_122009 IMG_20151021_122028 IMG_20151021_122039 IMG_20151021_122049 IMG_20151021_122055 IMG_20151021_122102 IMG_20151024_142314 IMG_20151024_142324 IMG_20151024_142328IMG_20151023_222526


The Kill Team


Space Hulk Deathwing – the painting

With a deep breath and clenched cheeks, I began converting the beautiful Blood Angel Terminators from the new Space Hulk boxed set into Dark Angel Deathwing and posted progress pics on this very blog 

Thankfully, I’m pretty pleased with the results – a testament to the quality of GW’s kits that they can so easily and seamlessly be converted

After a lick of paint, they join the Deathwing

IMG_20141223_214521 IMG_20141223_214528 IMG_20141223_214534 IMG_20141223_214737 IMG_20141223_214752 IMG_20141223_214802 IMG_20141223_214811 IMG_20141223_214820 IMG_20141223_214844

The Deathwing weigh in

Ever wonder what 1.2kg of Deathwing looks like?

IMG_20141223_222505 IMG_20141223_222510 IMG_20141223_222515 IMG_20141223_222520 IMG_20141223_222536 IMG_20141223_222539 IMG_20141223_222704 IMG_20141223_222708 IMG_20141223_222714

IMG_20141005_114825 IMG_20141005_114829 IMG_20141005_114833 IMG_20141005_114845 IMG_20141005_114953 IMG_20141005_115106 IMG_20141005_115252 IMG_20141116_200931 IMG_20141116_200937 IMG_20141116_200945 IMG_20141116_200949 IMG_20141116_200956

Your army is fully painted

It’s beautifully honed and the roster adds up perfectly to 1000 points

Your scenery is fully painted and you’ve got a matching battle mat

You’ve even gone so far as to develop a cool scenario and your opponent is on board

It’s the stuff dreams are made of

So when you get an absolute drubbing, thankfully, it doesn’t sting as much!

In this battle, 1000 points of Storm Troopers took on 1000 points of Raven Guard…and were taken apart

Still a fantastic battle that looked great. My favourite moment was when a Raven Guard Assault Squad charged a Taurox and blew it up with their Hammer of Wrath attacks! And we had to laugh when I immobilized (and destroyed) another Taurox trying to turbo boost towards an objective right at the end (and that’s after its re-roll!)

IMG_20150829_161058 IMG_20150829_161102 IMG_20150829_161105 IMG_20150829_161109 IMG_20150829_163323 IMG_20150829_163327 IMG_20150829_171513 IMG_20150829_171516 IMG_20150829_172806 IMG_20150829_172820 IMG_20150829_174825 IMG_20150829_174829

Three men walk into a bar

Three men walk into a bar; a Englishman, a Serbian and an idiot

They’re 40k players; Black Templars, Tyranids and Deathwing, respectively

After several beers, the conversation naturally drifts towards hobby. Spurring each other on, their plans become increasingly grandiose

“Oh man, wouldn’t it be cool to recreate a battle like the Tyranid invasion of Macgragge? ‘Nids vs Terminators. Back-to-back fighting until they die to a man!”

“Well… I have a LOT of Tyranids. Somewhere between ‘bucket loads’ and ‘zounds’. How many Terminators do you two actually have between you?”

*both Imperial players mentally tot up their collections*


And with that, the battle was set

100 Terminators. An entire First Company. An alliance of Deathwing and Black Templars. Deployed in the centre of the field against an endless Tyranid horde until all the Terminators are dead. We kept a tally of Kill Points (whole squads) to determine the ‘winner’

IMG_20141025_184105 IMG_20141025_191700 IMG_20141025_191707 IMG_20141025_191713 IMG_20141025_191724 IMG_20141025_191730 IMG_20141025_200509 IMG_20141025_205325 IMG_20141025_205334 IMG_20141025_205340 IMG_20141025_224937 IMG_20141026_010408

Painting update

So, I’ve not posted anything on the blog since I put up my test colour scheme for my Vampire Counts Ghouls. It’s safe to say that there’s been a lot more activity since then, especially with my new 40K Iron Warriors project!

The look and feel that I’ve been aiming for with these guys is very grimy, battered, and old. It all started off with this Imperial Knight.

Things quickly moved on from there, with a Rhino and my first Marine getting paintjobs.

Terminators weren’t far behind…

…and this past week has been a busy one as well, with a Hellbrute, Maulerfiend, and Decimator all getting worked on!

Next up I’ll be working on some characters, and then moving onto some Raptors!