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Team kit preview


The team kit is here, blue for the good guys and red for the evil ones…

A horde is on the move…

Grey Seer Skitterclaw was anxious. Anxious yet excited. With his limitless talent he had been able to feel the winds of magic growing in the area for the past few months. Warpstone fueled visions had filled his mind with promised riches that would be his if he were to investigate.

Yet a nagging doubt clawed at him, a fear. No, he wasn’t afraid, of course a Grey Seer such as he had nothing to fear from the other, lesser, species of the Olde World. But yet it was there. He tuttered and put it down to the rival clans wanting to take this power for themselves. No other could have it, it was his alone.

Soon the world would see, they would see the power of the Great Horned Rat…



We’ve been given a new fundraising target as; Sophia’s Stepping Stones announce they’ve met their goal of raising £65,000!

We will now focus their efforts on raising £1100 to buy a TomCat Trike – an award-winning, custom-built mobility tricycle designed to suit the needs of children and adults with mild to severe disabilities, whether learning, visual or physical.

Club Chairman and organiser of the event, Steve Foote said: “We’re thrilled Sophia’s Stepping Stones have met their target. We’ll support them further by raising enough money for Sophia to ride to battle in her very own chariot – a TomCat Trike. This will not only give Sophia some real independence and confidence, but also allow her to get stronger, faster, all whilst having fun.”

“We’ve secured prizes for our raffle worth over £730. Each pound donated to the JustGiving page marked ‘Battle For Sophia’ buys one ticket for the raffle as well as influencing the gameplay by changing the balance of power and triggering special in-game events.”tomcattrike_B4S

The Daemons muster…

1x Exhalted Bloodthirster (Equimanthorn):  Axe of Khorne, Souleater
1x Bloodthirster (Sammael The Desecrator):  Unbreakable skin, Unholy fury
1x Daemon Prince (Aguilar The Desolate):  Daemon of Khorne, Incorporeal Strike, Cleaving Blow
1x Daemon Prince (Agrajak The Annihilator): Daemon of Khorne, Blade of Blood, Unbreakable skin
1x Skulltaker :
1x Karanak:
1x Herald of Khorne:  Battle Standard Bearer, Wailing Banner, Exhalted Locus of Wrath
1x Herald of Khorne:  Greater Locus of Fury, Unbreakable Skin
20x Bloodletters:  Standard, Musician, Champion
20x Bloodletters : Champion
12x Bloodletters:  Champion
6x Bloodcrushers : Standard, Musician, Champion
9x Flesh Hounds of Khorne:  Ambushers
5x Chaos Furies:  Daemon of Khorne
1x Skull Cannon of Khorne:
1x Soul Grinder:  Daemon of Khorne, Daemonbone Claw, Baleful Torrent
1x Great Unclean One (Malebolgia The Ulcerated): Level 3, Plague Flail, Corpulence, Crushing Mass
1x Epidemius :
1x Herald of Nurgle:  Level 1, Greater Locus of Fecundity, Crushing Mass, Noxious Breath
24x Plague Bearers:  Standard, Musician, Champion
12 Plague Bearers:
6x Nurglings:
1x Beast of Nurgle :
1x Beast of Nurgle:
6x Plague Drones:  Standard, Musician, Champion, Deaths Heads, Venom Sting
1x Lord of Change (Moloch The Keymaster):  Level 4, Portaglyph, Wand of Whimsy
1x Changeling:
1x Herald of Tzeench:  Level 2, Greater Locus of Consuration, Cleaving Blow, Un-natural Swiftness
20X Pink Horrors:  Standard, Musician, Champion
12x Pink Horrors:
5x Flamers of Tzeench:
5x Flamers of Tzeench:
9x Screamers of Tzeench:
1x Keeper of Secrets (Qweffor the Depraved): Level 3, Lash of Despair, Incorporeal Strike
1x Masque of Slaanesh:
1x Herald of Slaanesh:  Level 1, Greater Locus of Swiftness, Unholy Flurry
16x Daemonettes:  Standard, Musician, Champion
5x Seekers of Slaanesh: Standard, Musician, Champion
4x Fiends of Slaanesh:
1x Exhalted Seeker Chariot:  Alluress
1x Cockatrice:  Poison Claws, Acid Vomit
1x Chimera:  Flaming Breath, Fiend Tail, Rending Fangs
1x Chaos Dragon:
Or could make it Exhalted

I think the grand total comes out somewhere around 11898 points (or 12278 with the exhalted  dragon)
Should last 48 hours, possibly without using anything twice….!

The leader of the Lizardmen will be the epic Mazdamundi! This a kit/toy bash with a dodgy photoshop banner in place, looks rough at the moment, but should be a good centre piece for my army.


The Demon Prince General takes shape

DSC_0029 DSC_0030 DSC_0049 DSC_0050

Some great work in progress from Warriors player Ed.


Skaven secret deployment piece





Big Phil

Named after the tallest gamer who ever lived, Big Phil joins Captain Gorehook and his Axewound Pirates in the Battle For Sophia