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A curious tale.

Let me tell you

A curious tale

All, please come sit

Allow me to regale

A story of conquest

To make the strong pale

And take up a pint

Of stout hearted ale.


Curious you ask?

But why is this so?

The tale has not ended

It continues to grow

I bring you first news

Of these things that I know

The horrors I have seen

In the darkness below.


But do not pale face

Do not lose heart,

These warts that I bear

Are mine and wont part

So if you are comfortable

Allow me to start

A tale of three witches

And their sorcerous art.


The mighty Khargath

Powerfully bound

Across the wastes

No match was found

As all his enemies

Lie underground

A new king’s head

He seeks to pound!


Within his search

Betwixt and twain

The parallel worlds

Of power and pain

Discovers he not

A mortal gain

But a quest of slaughter

Of an Elven Thane.


Three witches wise

To hidden treasure

The filth ridden key

To unlock his pleasure

Lies in Ulthuan blood-

-A single measure

Khargath did smile

As for him this is leisure


The goal is now set

With a thirst for gore

To sand and bone

And treasures more!

Khargath rallies

His forces to war

Above the trembling ground

Bellows a mighty roar!


The blood of Asuran

Is Khargaths prey

Death marches to Ulthuan

On this hallowed day

The outcome of which

No one can say

Except only that Chaos

Will have its way.”


The mention of the word

Sets the audience aghast

Chaos they splutter

Retreating to fast

Stumbling in haste

As the panic amassed

And baleful green energy

Spewed forth in a blast


Calmly he stood

For a bard he is not:

A bearer of plague

A disciple of rot

Covered in boils

And dripping black snot

The light of humanity

Seems now but a blot


Nurgle is here!

Spreading far and wide

With Khargath’s might

The world will subside

Nowhere to run

No use for pride

Just rot and fester

As you cower. and hide.


The Plague that came to Nockham

The plague claimed its first victim on a cold winter’s afternoon in December. A light dusting of snow had fallen earlier that afternoon, and most of the villagers of Nockham were at home, huddled around their respective grates and fire-places. The victim, Seth Mosdale, was frail and elderly. His doting wife Miranda had noticed Seth was unwell the moment he had awoken. Within a couple of hours yellowing pustules and boils had appeared on his parchment-thin skin, and by noon he had lapsed into a coma. Fearing the worst, Miranda had summoned the village physician, Dr Ambrose, but despite the good Doctor’s application of ointments and unguents, Seth succumbed late in the afternoon. Shortly thereafter, both the Doctor and Miranda found similar boils had infected them as well, and by nightfall both had joined Seth in eternal sleep.
  The plague spread rapidly, thanks in part to the well intentioned work of the good Dr. Ambrose who had continued dutifully on his rounds after visiting the Mosedale household. By eight that evening, more than twenty villagers were afflicted with obvious symptoms, and many more were complaining of sickness. By morning so many had succumbed that the Church of our Saviour, Sigmar, had to be requisitioned as an impromptu mortuary.
  The parish priest, Mikael the Pious, consulted with the Mayor. Desperately trying to remain calm the venerable pair of village elders were at a loss for a plan. The situation had become severe. It seemed the whole settlement had plague, and not just the people. Even allowing for the snow and the cold, vegetation was wilting and trees rotting. Milk was curdling as the cows were milked and the corn had blackened in the grain-stores. Even furniture within afflicted households seemed to develop worm and rot as fast as the plague was taking lives. Believing the cause might be witchcraft and realising that their hands had been forced, reluctantly the mayor and the elderly clergyman set off to take the short walk out of the village to the necromancer’s tower.
  The tower, shunned for years by the locals, loomed large in the stagnant fog. Steeling himself, the Priest knocked hard on the iron-bound oaken door, inwardly shuddering as his hand touched the cold bronze of the skull-shaped knocker. The sound of a large key turning in a lock was followed by the immensely solid door swinging inwards on squealing hinges, juddering across uneven flag-stones at it went, the whole scenario suggesting it had not been opened in millennia. The Necromancer, dressed in a robe embroidered with stars and strange astrological symbols with a hood that draped down and almost completely hid his face stood before them. Without uttering a word, the mage stood slightly to one side and with a sweep of his arm ushered them in. As the mayor crossed the threshold, his face brushing the gossamer thread of spiders webs that hung in the doorway, he felt a cold wetness run down his side from under his arm. The boil whose presence he had hidden from the priest and then desperately tried to ignore had burst.
  The solemn trio of the two elders and the mage sat facing each other on wood benches. The only light came from an iron candelabra suspended from a ceiling that was all in shadow. The few candles that were lit made everyone’s faces seem gaunt and pale, with the exception of the wizard whose face remained hidden throughout. The Priest thought he could detect a distant hum, possibly from below the ground, but it might just as easily been the blood pumping past his ears with the dread of the moment. The Mayor explained the village’s plight, pleading with the Necromancer to help, but the hooded figure just slowly shook his head. Azule had been a Necromancer for more than three centuries, and had long foreseen this day. Slowly rising to his feet, he briefly stepped out of the candle light into the gloom, returning shortly with a musty tome bound in a curious vellum that appeared to everyone present to have been freshly exhumed from a grave. The Priest had but fleeting seconds to absorb the tarnished letters that formed the title of the book before it fell open on the table before them. The title read Nurgle’s Carnivale. Pointing a bony finger with a long filth-encrusted black nail at the spread pages, the Necromancer traced an imaginary line underneath the words The Tallyman of Pestilence. Not being able to fully comprehend what he was being shown, Mikael leapt to his feet accusing the mage of blasphemy and witchcraft. The Mayor went to stand as well, but keeled over as his bod gave way to the sickness within, his head striking the edge of the table as he fell, upending it and catapulting the book into the darkness. Blood ran freely from the Mayors nose, ear and mouth, puddling on the cold stone floor and seeping down between the cracks between the flags. Almost at once the humming rose to a frightening crescendo along with an earthquake-like vibration. The dust of ages lifted like a cloud of insects from the stone floor, shimmering in the stuttering candle-light. The necromancer threw his hood back and dropped to his knees, thrusting his arms skywards as he did, the dim light on his bald head appearing to make the blasphemous tattoos inked there writhe and shimmer, his sleeves falling back revealing his emaciated arms and grotesque blackened fingers. Suddenly the flagstone floor erupted as a gigantic mechanical monstrosity threw itself up from the tunnels beneath the tower, the Priest’s scream and the candles extinguished together as the Soul Grinder swung its mighty corroded sword…
  From the edge of the newly diseased forest Epidemius scratched another mark on the slate he was carrying. Nurglings scurried around his feet, each hoping for a morsel from a plague victim. The Church doors, now completely rotted through, burst asunder as streams of Plague-Bearers spewed forth, joining those already free from the confines of the village houses. Strange beasts spawned from the festering remains of the milking herd joined with them and together they shambled towards the ruined tower. As the foetid group finally drew close, two Daemon Engines immerged from the rubble, ruined masonry cascading from them like scree tumbling down a craggy rock-face and bracketed between them was the Necromancer, born on black insect wings and revelling in his freshly-hatched guise; A Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

The trophies for NCGT 2014


2nd and 3rd place overall winners


best fluff winner



best general winner


best cocktail winner


best painted winner

Hold the line!

“Hold the line!” roared Gladius, General of the Fifth Legion of the Great Empire. “You are men of the Empire and you will not falter in your duty!” There was a satisfying clash of metal on metal as his staunchly disciplined and well-drilled soldiers locked shields. Professional, grim-faced and determined warriors all, his legion had been sent forth to the desert to claim ancient treasures and powerful artefacts that would bring great power to whomever wielded them. Protected from all sides and from above, the soldiers had formed the legendary testudo formation; an impenetrable walking fortress.

In the distance, Gladius could see a regiment of Undead chariots forming up ahead, a cloud of dust kicking-up on the horizon revealing their position to him. The Undead warriors were unyielding and incredibly aggressive, giving Gladius’ soldiers no respite. Like a swarm of wasps protecting their nest from an intruder, the Undead were incredibly hostile, yet exhibited clear and controlled tactics, persecuting their orders with discipline. But there was something else; something human in their actions. Hatred.

“Draw swords! Prepare to receive charge!” Gladius’ command was swiftly met with the sound of rasping steel as one hundred razor-sharp blades were drawn from their scabbards and held in combat positions. Resolute and steadfast, Gladius knew his soldiers would obey his orders, standing to receive the Skeleton Warrior’s charge. But he also knew the impact of their chariots would take a horrendous toll on his unit. If they could hold out long enough and rob the war machines of their impetus, his legion could then grind them into dust with a hefty counter attack.

The chariots began their charge.

“Hold the line!” repeated Gladius. “You will hold the line!”

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Chaos Warrior fluff – Ben

The High King of the Mountains of The North, Blood Moon Hell Fang The Dragon king, sits on his throne of shattered bone and dry blood with his baby carmine dragon on his lap (the king is bigger than a giant). There was complete silence in the throne room, until one chaos knight came running though the giant bronze doors, he was limping, his horse wasn’t with him. The king was outraged by the condition of the knight’s return, because he has sent 10 of the knights to scout out the old ruins in the desert. The lone knight fell to his knees, and bowed to the king and said “forgive me my lord” in a fearful tone. The king slowly rose to his feet, and said in a soft tone (as soft as an exalted demon prince could be). “I will deal with you later just tell me what happened.” His voice was like thunder, it echoed in the throne room. The knight started to talk, he was still facing the ground. “We headed to the old ruins in the desert as you wanted, all of us sensed a strange aura around the ruin. There seemed to be nothing of interest, then suddenly the whole place started to sink. Only half of us managed to get out alive. Once the ruin sunk an army rose out of the ground, a skeletal army. It was slaughter, me and one other managed to get out alive with our horses, as we were leaving we saw other scouts on the horizon of different army’s. After a while our horses died of thrust, and the other knight died of a leg wound. It was only by the power of Khorne that I survived…” The king interrupted the knight.

“KHORNE? Do not speak to me of the power of Khorne, you are worthless” shouted the king, his word like a thunder storm of shattered bone. The words echoed in the knights chest. The king grabbed the knight with his hand and whispered in the knight’s ear “you should have died in the ruins” the king let the word hang in the air for a few painful seconds. Then Blood Moon Hell Fang The Dragon King crushed the knight in his hand and dropped the lump of flesh, crushed bone and metal to the ground. Turned around sat back down on his throne and said “Ready the army” in an almost joyful voice, then he started to laugh a horrible choking laugh. “We have killing to do…”       

Army Lists for NCGT

High Elves (Simon)

Lords (550pts)

Anointed of Asuryan (550pts)
Magic Items (100pts)
AB – Blade of Leaping Gold (70pts), BRB – Enchanted Shield (5pts), BRB – Luckstone (5pts), BRB – Potion of Strength (20pts)
Heroes (420pts)

Caradryan (420pts)
 Mount: Ashtari (250pts)
Core (730pts)

Silver Helms (365pts)
Champion (10pts), Standard Bearer (10pts)
15x Silver Helm (345pts)
Always Strikes First (FAQ’ed)
15x Shields (30pts)
Silver Helms (365pts)
Champion (10pts), Standard Bearer (10pts)
15x Silver Helm (345pts)
Always Strikes First (FAQ’ed)
15x Shields (30pts)
Special (330pts)

Lion Chariot of Chrace (120pts)

Tiranoc Chariot (70pts)

Tiranoc Chariot (70pts)

Tiranoc Chariot (70pts)

Rare (365pts)

Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower (70pts)

Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower (70pts)

Flamespyre Phoenix (225pts)

Total: 2395pts

Lords – 550/600
Heroes – 420/600
Core – 730/600min
Special – 330/600
Rare – 365/600


Chaos Daemons (Robert)

Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Level 4, Chaos armour:                             455
Epidemius:                        200
50 Plague Bearers  + Full Command (S/B, M, Ch), Lichebone Pennant:                            695
4 Beasts of Nurgle:            240
4 Beasts of Nurgle:            240
1 Soulgrinder, Mark of Nurgle, Warp Gaze:    310
1 Soulgrinder, Mark of Nurgle:                        255
                                                                       2395 total


Warriors of Chaos (Ed)

Demon prince (235)    Mark of Nurgle (10), chaos armour (20), Demonic flight (40), level 4 (140),    
scaled skin (20), soulfeeder(10), flaming breath (30), Dawnstone (25),    
Lore of Death                        530
Chariot (110)    mark of Nurgle (15)                        125
Chariot (110)    mark of Nurgle (15)                        125
Chariot (110)    mark of Nurgle (15)                        125
Chariot (110)    mark of Nurgle (15)                        125
Chariot (110)    mark of Nurgle (15)                        125
Chimera (230)    flaming breath (30), regenerating flesh (15)            275
Chimera (230)    flaming breath (30), regenerating flesh (15)            275
Chimera (230)    flaming breath (30), regenerating flesh (15)            275
Hellcanon (210)                                210
Hellcanon (210)                                210
Total    2400
Lords    530                            
Heros    0                            
Core    625                            
Special    825                            
Rare    420                            
Army Total    2400            


(Roman) Empire (Dan)

Lords (198)
General (95), Talisman of Preservation (45), Sword of Anti-Heroes (30), Glittering Scales (25), Shield (3)
5+ armour, 4+ ward, -1 to hit, +1A and +1S for each character in btb with unit

Heroes (395)
Warrior Priest (65), Additional Hand Weapon (2), Armour of Destiny (50)
5+ armour, 4+ ward

Captain (60), Battle Standard Bearer (25), Full Plate Armour (6), Shield (2), Griffon Banner (60)
4+ armour, 6+ parry, double rank bonus, can’t pursue

Wizard, Lore of Beasts (65), Level Two (35), Dispel Scroll (25)

Core (737)
81 Swordsmen (567), full command (30)

10 Swordsmen (detachment)

10 Swordsmen (detachment)

Special (940)
50 Great Swords (550), Full Command (30)

Great Cannon

Great Cannon

Great Cannon

Rare (130)
Celestial Hurricanum

Total = 2400


Beastmen (James)

Lord – Doombull – General (235)
Heavy Armour (12) Shield (6) Gnarled Hide (15) Ramhorn Helm (15) Talisman of
Preservation (45) Sword of Swift Slaying (25)
total 353

Lord – Great Bray Shaman (200)
Level 4 (35) Dispel Scroll (25) Ruby ring of ruin (25) Iron curse icon (5) Lore of Death
total 290

Hero – Gorebull (160)
BSB (25) Shield (4) Pelt of the Shadow Grave (45) Warrior Bane (5)
total 239

Hero – Bray Shaman (75)
Chalice of dark rain (40) Lore of Beasts
total 115

Hero – Bray Shaman (75)
Channeling staff (15) Lore of Beasts
total 90

Core – 20 x Gor (160)
Full Command (25) Extra Hand Weapon (20)
total 185

Core – 30 x Gor (210)
Full Command (25) Extra Hand Weapon (30)
total 265

Core – 20 x Gor (160)
Full Command (25) Sheild (20)
total 185

Core – Tuskgor Chariot (80)
total 80

Core – 5 x Ungor Raiders(30)
total 30

Core – 5 x Ungor Raiders(30)
total 30

Core – 5 x Ungor Raiders(30)
total 30

Core – 5 x Ungor Raiders(30)
total 30

Special – 7 x Minotaurs (385)
Full Command (50) Extra hand weapon (28) blackened Plate-Bloodkin only (20)
total 463

Special – 1 x Razorgor (55)
total 55

Special – 1 x Razorgor chariot (145)
total 145

Special – 5 x Harpies (55)
total 55

Total Lords – 643
Total Heroes – 444
Total Core – 835
Total Special – 718
Total Rare – 0
Army Total – 2640
Pool total – NA


Tomb Kings (Steve)

Skeleton Archers (51#, 336 pts)
   50 Skeleton Archers, 326 pts = 50 * 6 (base cost 6) + Master of Arrows Sarge 16 + Musician Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
      1 Master of Arrows, 10 pts

Tomb Scorpion (1#, 85 pts)
   1 Tomb Scorpion, 85 pts

Tomb Prince (2#, 170 pts)
   1 Tomb Prince, 100 pts
      1 Chariot, 55 pts
      1 Biting Blade, 10 pts
      1 Enchanted Shield, 5 pts

Skeleton Warriors (10#, 40 pts)
   10 Skeleton Warriors, 40 pts = 10 * 4

Skeleton Chariots (9#, 175 pts)
   3 Skeleton Chariots, 175 pts = 3 * 55 (base cost 55) + Musician Mus 10

Skeleton Chariots (15#, 320 pts)
   5 Skeleton Chariots, 295 pts = 5 * 55 (base cost 55) + Musician Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
      1 Master of Chariots, 10 pts
      1 Banner of Swiftness, 15 pts

High Queen Khalida (1#, 365 pts)
   1 High Queen Khalida, 365 pts

Liche Priest (1#, 95 pts)
   1 Liche Priest, 70 pts
      1 Dispel Scroll, 25 pts

Liche High Priest (1#, 280 pts)
   1 Liche High Priest, 210 pts = (base cost 175 + Level 4 Upgrade 35)
      1 Earthing Rod, 25 pts
      1 Talisman of Preservation, 45 pts

Khemrian Warsphinx (5#, 210 pts)
   1 Khemrian Warsphinx, 210 pts

Casket of Souls (4#, 135 pts)
   1 Casket of Souls, 135 pts

War Engines (4#, 90 pts)
   1 Screaming Skull Catapult, 90 pts

War Engines (4#, 90 pts)
   1 Screaming Skull Catapult, 90 pts

Hierotitan (1#, 175 pts)
   1 Hierotitan, 175 pts

Carrion (3#, 72 pts)
   3 Carrion, 72 pts = 3 * 24

Composition Report:
Points of Lords: 645 (0 – 660)
Points of Heroes: 265 (0 – 660)
Points of Core: 871 (660 – Unlimited)
Points of Special: 367 (0 – 1320)
Points of Rare: 490 (0 – 660)


Warriors of Chaos (Ben)

Chaos Marauders (15#, 180 pts)
   14 Chaos Marauders of Khorne, 160 pts = 14 * 10 (base cost 6 + Mark of Khorne 2 + Light Armour 1 + Shield 1) + Musician Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
      1 Marauder Chieftain of Khorne, 20 pts = (base cost 16 + Mark of Khorne 2 + Light Armour 1 + Shield 1)

Chaos Warriors (14#, 306 pts)
   13 Chaos Warriors of Khorne, 267 pts = 13 * 19 (base cost 14 + Mark of Khorne 2 + Extra Hand Weapon 2 + Shield 1) + Musician Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
      1 Aspiring Champion of Khorne, 29 pts = (base cost 24 + Mark of Khorne 2 + Extra Hand Weapon 2 + Shield 1)
      1 Banner of Eternal Flame, 10 pts

Chaos Warhounds (6#, 48 pts)
   6 Chaos Warhounds, 48 pts = 6 * 8 (base cost 6 + Vanguard 2)

Wulfrik (1#, 180 pts)
   1 Wulfrik the Wanderer, 180 pts

Throgg (1#, 195 pts)
   1 The Troll King Throgg, 195 pts

Daemon Prince (1#, 415 pts)
   1 Daemon Prince of Khorne, 305 pts = (base cost 235 + Mark of Khorne (Daemon) 10 + Chaos Armour 20 + Daemonic Flight 40)
      1 Sword of Swift Slaying, 25 pts
      1 Collar of Khorne, 45 pts
      1 Scaled Skin, 20 pts
      1 Soul Feeder, 10 pts
      1 Acid Ichor, 10 pts

Chaos Trolls (6#, 228 pts)
   6 Chaos Trolls, 228 pts = 6 * 38 (base cost 35 + Extra Hand Weapon 3)

Chaos Knights (5#, 300 pts)
   4 Chaos Knights of Khorne, 200 pts = 4 * 45 (base cost 40 + Mark of Khorne 2 + Ensorcelled Weapons 3) + Musician Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
      1 Doom Knight of Khorne, 55 pts = (base cost 50 + Mark of Khorne 2 + Ensorcelled Weapons 3)
      1 Razor Standard, 45 pts

Gorebeast Chariot (3#, 140 pts)
   1 Gorebeast Chariot of Khorne, 140 pts = (base cost 130 + Mark of Khorne 10)

Sorcerer (2#, 215 pts)
   1 Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch, 160 pts = (base cost 110 + Mark of Tzeentch 15 + Level 2 Upgrade 35)
      1 Disc of Tzeentch, 30 pts
      1 Dispel Scroll, 25 pts

Forsaken (9#, 189 pts)
   9 Forsaken of Khorne, 189 pts = 9 * 21 (base cost 19 + Forsaken of Khorne 2)

Composition Report:
Points of Lords: 415 (0 – 600)
Points of Heroes: 590 (0 – 600)
Points of Core: 951 (600 – Unlimited)
Points of Special: 440 (0 – 1200)
Points of Rare: 0 (0 – 600)


Skaven (Rich)       

Grey Seer    Earthing Rod, Talisman of Endurance, D3 Warp Tokens, Level 4 Wizard, Lores of Plague & Ruin    295
Warlord    War-litter, Shield, Heavy Armour, The Fellblade    228
    LORDS TOTAL    523

Chieftain    BSB, Shield, Heavy Armour, Obsidian Lodestone    117
Warlock Engineer    Doomrocket    45
Warlock Engineer    Dispel Scroll, Level 1 Wizard, Lore of Ruin    90
    HEROES TOTAL    252

30x Clanrats    Shields, Champion    143
40x Skavenslaves    Musician    82
40x Skavenslaves    Musician    82
40x Skavenslaves    Musician    82
40x Stormvermin    Full Command, Razor Standard    350
5x Giant Rats    Packmaster    23
5x Giant Rats    Packmaster    23
5x Giant Rats    Packmaster    23
    CORE TOTAL    808

7x Gutter Runners    Two Hand Weapons, Poisoned Attacks, Slings    126
7x Gutter Runners    Two Hand Weapons, Poisoned Attacks, Slings    126
    SPECIAL TOTAL    252

Doomwheel        150
Hell Pit Abomination        235    
Warp-Lightning Cannon        90    
Warp-Lightning Cannon        90    
    RARE TOTAL    565    

    Total:     2400    

The cold steel lance slid up the neck of the Skaven rat. Squirming and slowly dropping to its knees it hissed “I can offer valuable information in return for my freedom”

A second knight appeared “So you found diseased rat!” Lord Caradryan spotted the whelp many leagues back. Gut it now and let us ride on with haste”.

“The Skaven has offered us information” replied Allunanur “speak vermin or I will cut your life short”.

“Yes yes sire, much information I have…. valuable information I have. My master Lord Skitterclaw is nearby, a powerful seer he has become. Let me show you his lair and may you take his power and in return spare my life you will”.

“You untrustworthy slave, I will not follow your orders however you shall follow mine. We are heading north towards the great desert. A darkness is growing with rumours of an ancient foe returning to plague the Old World once more.

This Skitterclaw you speak of, if he truly is a seer of great power then he may serve as a distraction.
Tell your master to head to the desert, tell him what you will that will interest him enough to make the journey”.

“Allunanur we must ride”.

“Yes Finulier”.

“Whelp, I will be sending a scout to watch you, one wrong turn and he will gut you slowly. Run now and don’t look back”.

“Finulier let us ride if the rumours are true and Nagash has returned then Lord Caradryan needs us by his side.

He is currently seeking out another of the silent order. The winds are strong, stronger then I have seen in an age. Many of the ranks have spoken of seeing shadows in the skies with some saying they have felt incredible changes in temperature.

I get the feeling that many of our questions will be answered in the desert”.


Grey Seer Skitterclaw leapt across the battlements into the heart of the enemy lines, warp lightning crackling around his fingers. He toasted a regiment of the puny man-things with a nonchalant wave of his left hand, whilst delivering a spinning elbow to the neck of the so-called Wizard he had moved in to dispatch. The fool fell to his knees, clutching at his throat, unable to voice any words of power.

Skitterclaw sneered at the weakling, who was clearly trembling in the face of such a supreme being, whilst drawing in another morsel of warp-fueled energy. As the man-things little whelps poured in around the Seer to help the stricken caster, Skitterclaw uttered a few short words of the Clan Pestilens Plague Priests. The resulting pox moved across the battlefield like a wave, leaving bubbling, twitching corpses in it’s dread wake.

The Seer looked about him. The few survivors remaining looked at him in awe, falling to their knees in final submission. He laughed as slavers dragged the pathetic things away, surveying his handywork. More enemies were nearby, clearly afraid by what they had just witnessed. Skitterclaw span on his heel, and ran toward them, squeeking excitedly about the world of pain he was about to bring down on the stupid man-things…

Grey Seer Skitterclaw lay asleep on his bed of straw, squeeking excitedly, legs and arms twitching frantically. A messenger burst into the burrow and fell to his knees.

“My Lord, my Lord! Wake up master!”

Skitterclaw awoke with a start and jumped to his feet.

“Feel my wrath puny man-things!”, he shouted out with his hand outstretched toward the kneeling rat-man.

The Seer’s eyes darted around the burrow and he soon realised where he was. Seeing the messenger before him quaking where he knelt, he could smell that he had squirted the musk of fear. 

Skitterclaw lowered his hand, agitated that he had acted foolishly.

“What is it, can’t you say that I’m busy?! Speak! Quick-quick!”, he blurted out.

“Yes-yes, oh masterful one”, the messenger said, face down to the ground. Skitterclaw could tell that he was grinning by the sound of his voice. “There is word from above ground my most potent of potentates. Armies of the pointy ears and man-things have been seen marching toward the great sand-desert. Scouts say that other forces have been seen coming down from the north as well. What should we do Lord?”

Skitterclaw sneered, there must be something of great value for so many forces to come together, he thought.

“We will show these fools the power of the Horned Rat, of course!”, he exclaimed proudly.

“Yes-yes my Lord”, said the messenger as he got up to leave.

“Where do you think you are going?”, Skitterclaw said in a low voice.

“Why, to take your orders to the commanders of your armies oh powerful one”, the messenger said nervously.

“Then go, fool!”, Skitterclaw commanded.

“Yes my Lord, quickly I go!” 

The messenger spun around and began to scurry out of the burrow. As he did so, Skitterclaw sent a small bolt of warp-lightning into the tail of the poor messenger. The messenger squeek-screamed and leapt into the air as he ran away.

“Smirk at me again, whelp, and you’ll lose that tail!”, Skitterclaw called after the rat-man.

“Yes-yes master, I would never master!”, the messenger called down the tunnel in reply.

Skitterclaw turned back toward his bed thoughtfully, musing on how much warpstone he could get out of this venture.

“i’m going to need slaves this time”, he said quietly. “Lots of them…”

No Coast Tournament Pack

No Coast GT 2014
Location: Nehekhara

Friday 29th August
Arrive from: 15.00 onwards
Big T&T game depending on who arrives when…

Saturday 30th August
Game 1: 09:30 – 12.00
Lunch: 12:00 – 13:00 (Provided)
Game 2: 13:00 – 15:30
Game 3: 15:45 – 18:15
Evening: TBC possibly X-Wing, boards games, card games

Sunday 31th August
Game 4: 9:30 – 12:00
Lunch: 12:00 – 13:00 (Provided)
Game 5: 13:00 – 15:30
Game 6: 15:45 – 18:15
Presentation: 18:45 – 19:00
Evening: Go Home!
General Format
Army Size: 2400pts*
Rounds: 6 (2.5 hours each round)
•    The No Coast GT will be run under the 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy rule set.
•    Open lists: All lists must be shared with the group on Friday 15th August. Allowing time to call shenanigans. There will be no scoring of lists.
•    For clarity purposes “special”/”named” characters are allowed at this event.
•    Official FAQs will be in use, these can be obtained from
•    Model do not have to be painted, proxies are allowed, but please share any ‘out there’ or ‘chancer’ models you’d like to field with the group first.
•    All units where appropriate should be on movement trays. Units of skirmishers which are more than one model must have a movement tray.
•    There will be no varying scenarios for this tournament; all games will be the “Battle Line” scenario.

* except Beastmen and Tomb Kings who get 2640pts.
Tournament Scoring
Each player will accumulate tournament points over the course of the two days comprising of the elements listed below. A final score out of a possible 120 will be calculated, then the No Coast Extras points will be added for the final total and event winner.

Battle Points:
Six games will be played by each player with a maximum of 20 battle points being gained per game (massacre).
The following VP table will be used to determine the points received by each player.

Battle Points Earned
Victory Points    Winner    Loser
0-150    10    10
151 – 300    11    9
301 – 450    12    8
451 – 600    13    7
601 – 750    14    6
751 – 900    15    5
901 – 1050    16    4
1051 – 1200    17    3
1201 – 1350    18    2
1351 – 1500    19    1
1500+    20    0

With 6 games, it is possible to amass 120 battle points which will contribute directly to a player’s tournament score.
No Coast Extras
10 bonus points awarded for EVERY player who has:
•    Fully painted armies
•    Passage of fluff written and promoted on social media/blog/village shop window card/smoke signal etc…
•    List circulated to group by deadline, without errors
Maximum 30 pts

10 bonus points awarded for each of the following (determined by winning most votes* of each category – in case of tie, both players get 10 points):
•    Best painted army
•    Best fluff
•    Best cocktail
•    Best drunk
•    Best sportsman (if Ed wins this, he gets 1000 points)
Max possible here 50pts

* votes are collected from each player, at the following times:
•    Best painted army – start of game 1
•    Best fluff – start of game 1
•    Best cocktail – end of sat night
•    Best drunk – start of game 4
•    Best sportsman – end of game 6

Each player rates the who they think is the top 3 in each category. There will be forms for you to fill in it so will make more sense then…

Prizes/Trophies/Tat up for grabs

•    Best painted army
•    Best fluff
•    Best cocktail
•    Best drunk
•    Best sportsman

•    Best general (most battle points, not including NCGT extras)

•    Tournament Winner (total battle points plus NCGT extras)

Plus some secret special extras…

No Coast GT teaser vid