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Big Phil

Named after the tallest gamer who ever lived, Big Phil joins Captain Gorehook and his Axewound Pirates in the Battle For Sophia

Curs’d Ettin


Another monster for the upcoming Battle for Sophia ready to rock!


See video below – audio a bit dodgy where I’ve handled the tablet!

A test game for the lizardmen

Tried a double saurus block supported with 2, lvl2 skinks on beasts with 2 bastiladons and a trog. Never got the perfect combo off, Leo was smart enough to block and pick off stuff. Think it can still work, just need more chaff and maybe the one block of saurus. Steg did go though.

testgame2c testgame2b

With the coastal edge of our gaming table coming on so well, I thought we should have something to crawl from the depths and join in the big game…

This is the Merwyrn model from Forgeworld. The body is pretty close to being done, next up is the base.

merwyrm1 merwyrm2


Exciting about using this proxy for the Forgeworld monster – Dread Saurian. This is a toy lizard man from the toy company Papo. The little guy next to it is a regular 28mm lizardmen sauran…
dread1 dread2 dread3 dread4

Another cool kit from Forge World, the Mourngul will be attached to the carnage of this epic clash of armies. Special Rule – each monster will have a unique entry point on the table…


Coatl (kit bash)

This is a simple kit bash of snake body and plastic wings, plus smaller symbols to add lizardmen flavour.spec2

This is an amazing kit from Forgeworld, with some really fun rules.