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Tetto’ekko – Character Model

This is a personal kitbash which I did before the latest release by Games Workshop. Tetto’ekko will be taking part in the big game along side many other characters from all the armies.
specThis mockup was used as a twitter tease for a tournament I was taking the model to…

Simple table setup. I have some early terrain pieces that never got 100% finished, so these will be updated to match the newer work.

Epic fight between the saurus block and a Old Blood tooled up with the kit to real with the Doombull and friends.

big clash

Coatl (kit bash)

This is a simple kit bash of snake body and plastic wings, plus smaller symbols to add lizardmen flavour.spec2

This is an amazing kit from Forgeworld, with some really fun rules.


Here’s a selection of photos for the core of my lizardmen army.

army1 army2 army4 army5 army6 army7 army8 army9