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The Silver Tower

The lads chipped-in to buy the utterly GLORIOUS boxed set that is Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. The models are absolutely beautiful and we spent an evening together feverishly building them all. We were all big fans of the quality of the card tiles and accessories, and after a few practice games, we were hooked. It’s such a great value set. The game play is fast and simple, but with enough depth to keep it varied, fun and interesting, with plenty of tactical decisions to make. An interesting dynamic is the cooperative nature of the game and the interoperability of the characters with one another. A well-formed crew really is an example of “the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.” Victory will only come if they work together.

The duty to paint it all fell to me. Luckily, they were a joy to work on. I painted nearly all the models from a white undercoat and made good use of washes to get the job done fast. The sculpts are super crisp and the usual top-quality we’ve all come to know and love from Games Workshop.

We’re all creating bespoke characters for a big campaign weekend at the end of March. We plan to smash through the entire campaign, beginning to end, developing and advancing our characters, and earning them fame and glory (or bloody death and ruin…). In either case, it promises to be loads of fun! Another attraction of the game is how casual and “beer-proof” it is – no matter how drunk we get, we’ll still be able to play (although some of us will put that to the test!). The gang has already started planning, building and painting their characters, and are now starting to discuss their bespoke rules.

We bought a bespoke foam tray to store and protect the painted models. This tray fits neatly into the existing Silver Tower box with enough room underneath for all the card tiles, markers and rules.

Here are some step-by-step guides showing how I used basic block painting, washes and drybrushing to get most of the work done.




UPDATE: For just a few pounds I got a sheet of fake, soft black leather to act as a sort of table cloth and provide a backdrop. I’ve started to rebase and paint a set of the classic HeroQuest models to use as ‘exotic adversaries,’ and I picked up a set of the new Chaos Adversary cards so I have their rules.


And the players are starting to build and paint their models. So far we have:

  • The Devoted in Death – a Witch Hunter’s essence ressurected into a Stone Gargoyle
  • Badagot – Beastman adventurer and the party’s torch bearer
  • Astro-Nova – the party’s wizard, able to power-up and change forms
  • Purifier of the Lost – a knightly paladin with a fiery sword
  • Cruella Daemonbane – an axe-wielding daemon huntress
  • Brawlerguts – an Ogre Boxer modeled on its Ogre-shaped creator


Not one to do things by half, Steve made an entire warband to accompany his character and use in skirmish games. Steve explains the background of these unusual and zany models in this Games Workshop seminar-style video (to stave off cabin fever, a snowed-in Steve had his own ‘Snowpen day’ as Games Workshop’s actual open day was snowed off).


The rules:

Starting with a blank card, we tinkered with creating our own rules.

Character -blank cardHVNS2284AEVD3827Character - Purifier of the lostCharacter -Brawlerguts the Ogre BoxerQIVO7344

Character - AstroCharacter - Nova


UPDATE: Playing the game

What an epic weekend! We gamed (and drank) for 18 hours straight. From 10am Saturday morning until 4am Sunday morning, our heroes battled through the Silver Tower, completing four successive quests! We had originally aimed to complete all eight but underestimated how long each would take – and how much booze we’d get through! (a very respectable four litres of spirits alone)

Highlights included:

  • Facing off against a variety of exotic adversaries, each guest bringing their own surprise models
  • Astro Nova’s healing potions (shots of Aftershock in glass bottles)
  • A quest ending in a ‘Royal Rumble’ style event where the heroes faced off – The Purifier came out on top
  • Brawlerguts the Ogre boxer beating The Deathrunner’s face in, only to find out it was a shadow (literally, shadow boxing)
  • Badagot the Beastman lassoing a horde of Chaos Warriors, pinning them in place
  • An isolated Cruella using her ‘Sweeping Blow’ to disembowel all the enemies around her, saving her skin
  • The stone Witch Hunter soaking up damage and being our reliable ‘tank,’ especially when buffed by The Purifier
  • Splitting the party – several times – and surviving. “Never split the party” we agreed, right from the start. But after a few drinks, the bravado kicked in and we went our separate ways, eager to earn glory!

Learning for next time:

  • All our bespoke characters were probably a bit over powered. We shared our ideas during design but I don’t think we realised how powerful they’d be when used together. Perhaps we could have limited the multiple damage attacks amongst the group. Or assign ‘character classes’ e.g. “you make a tank, you make a healer, you make a wizard…”
  • It was amazing fun! The rules are simple to pick up and really slick (we had a player who’d never tried it before). The four-dice action mechanic was very popular and helps keep each player turn to a similar length
  • To increase the danger and peril next time, we should probably tone our characters down, or have more/harder exotic adversaries
  • We had six heroes instead of four or five. This also made a big difference to the quest so more bad guys were needed
  • With a lot of bad guys comes a lot of ‘book keeping’ – who is wounded, who is stunned, which adversary group does what action. A slicker way to work out wounded bad guys might speed it up e.g. allocate wounds to a ‘group’ instead of each individual model, but would sacrifice a lot of realism
  • Equally, some characters hit/affected multiple enemies – often an entire tile which slowed the game down. Rolling to affect whole adversary groups together, or avoiding these abilities altogether would speed things up
  • The system to reveal the map using cards is genius, as is the system to reveal the bad guys – we didn’t come across any problems and the ‘artificial intelligence’ of the adversaries never let us down
  • Abilities that granted or generated additional action dice also slowed things down. It’s worth considering limiting these when designing your own characters
  • Booze! Rules that required drinking were really good fun. One character had healing potions (that in reality did the opposite!) and another forced a shot of Fireball when his character set the enemy on fire (by rolling a six… which happened frequently). But why stop there? Bonuses to your character for real-world actions should be a thing. Made a round of drinks? Have a re-roll. Opened a new bag of snacks? Get plus one move.

With four pieces of shard in their chest, the adventurers take rest. For now.


#TheTrainJob – setting the scene

Next week will see the lads from Innsmouth play a series of linked, narrative-based ‘Kill Team’ games entitled; The Train Job

With @tinracersteve leading the way, everyone is frantically gathering their forces, making their lists, and buying, building, and painting scenery and special objectives – including a purpose-built and (fully functional!) train

For those who don’t know, Kill Team uses the standard Warhammer 40k rules but tweaked slightly to represent small-scale, 200 point, skirmishes, where each model acts independently (rules can be found here Kill_Team (1)). This allows the players to really go to town on their models and inject a good bit of character, narrative and fluff. The games won’t necessarily be about ‘winning’ but more about telling a cool story

Forces taking part include;

  • Adeptus Arbites patrol
  • Dark Eldar biker gang
  • Chaos Iron Warriors retinue
  • The ‘Orkenstein’ (WW2-themed speed freak Orks)
  • Beastmarines – a lost (and drunk) loyalist Space Marine chapter
  • A holy Sisters of Battle covenant

More updates will follow, but check out #TheTrainJob on Twitter for the latest news

Oubliette Gate – playing the game


Pictures from the epic Oubliette Gate dual-table game

Two games were played side-by-side on separate boards representing the struggle between Imperial and Chaos forces; one game aboard the Chaos strike cruiser, Hell’s Fury, in low-orbit above the planet Viridian Prime and the other game upon the planet’s surface itself, near the site of the recently discovered Oubliette Gate artifact.

Victory points were scored on both tables and added together to determine the overall winning team using a combination of tactical and narrative-based objectives to keep play varied. Uniquely, each table was able to affect the flow of battle on the other using special rules representing orbital bombardment and planetary defence cannons exchanging fire with one another (using the ‘guess range’ mechanic from the olden days!).

Play was balanced throughout the game by supplying reinforcements to the current losing side and the game concluded with a spectacular ‘end game’ event involving a Daemonic incursion.

And chicken.

Download the full ruleset for the game  (lots more fluff in there to enjoy too)

Scroll through the pictures to see a blow-by-blow of what happened and who won…

IMG_20150516_113445 IMG_20150516_113459 IMG_20150516_113540 IMG_20150516_120631 IMG_20150516_120637 IMG_20150516_120656 IMG_20150516_140601 IMG_20150516_140608 IMG_20150516_140612 IMG_20150516_140625 IMG_20150516_140633 IMG_20150516_145716 IMG_20150516_150248 IMG_20150516_150256 IMG_20150516_150303 IMG_20150516_150307 IMG_20150516_150309 IMG_20150516_150314 IMG_20150516_151429 IMG_20150516_151722 IMG_20150516_151729 IMG_20150516_151733 IMG_20150516_152529 IMG_20150516_153914 IMG_20150516_160141 IMG_20150516_160147 IMG_20150516_160235


Players had to guess ranges (just like the old days) between the orbital bombardment cannons

IMG_20150516_161212 IMG_20150516_161314 IMG_20150516_161322 IMG_20150516_163649 IMG_20150516_163759 IMG_20150516_163803 IMG_20150516_163912 IMG_20150516_163946 IMG_20150516_164239 IMG_20150516_165528 IMG_20150516_165534 IMG_20150516_170223 IMG_20150516_170230 IMG_20150516_170238 IMG_20150516_170246 IMG_20150516_172805 IMG_20150516_172808 IMG_20150516_173145 IMG_20150516_173150 IMG_20150516_174531 IMG_20150516_174539 IMG_20150516_174726 IMG_20150516_174748 IMG_20150516_174757 IMG_20150516_174806 IMG_20150516_175444 IMG_20150516_181149 IMG_20150516_181204 IMG_20150516_181216 IMG_20150516_181225 IMG_20150516_181301 IMG_20150516_192016 IMG_20150516_192020 IMG_20150516_192029 IMG_20150516_192035 IMG_20150516_192041 IMG_20150516_193150 IMG_20150516_193221 IMG_20150516_193233 IMG_20150516_193237 IMG_20150516_194017 IMG_20150516_194029 IMG_20150516_194038 IMG_20150516_201653 IMG_20150516_201702 IMG_20150516_201712 IMG_20150516_201720 IMG_20150516_202600 IMG_20150516_202611 IMG_20150516_202708 IMG_20150516_204122 IMG_20150516_204127 IMG_20150516_221303 IMG_20150516_221322 IMG_20150516_221637 IMG_20150516_222908 IMG_20150516_222918 IMG_20150516_225911 IMG_20150516_233847 IMG_20150516_233958 IMG_20150516_234009

Oubliette Gate

Saturday 16 May the Innsmouth lads will battle it out in a unique dual-table, narrative ‘fluff’ 40K game; The Oubliette Gate.

Two games will be played side-by-side on separate boards representing the struggle between Imperial and Chaos forces; aboard the Chaos strike cruiser, Hell’s Fury, in low-orbit above the planet Viridian Prime and upon the planet’s surface itself, near the site of the recently discovered Oubliette Gate artefact.

Victory points are scored on both tables and added together to determine the overall winning team using a combination of tactical and narrative-based objectives to keep play varied. Uniquely, each table will be able to affect the flow of battle on the other using special rules representing orbital bombardment and planetary defence cannons exchanging fire with one

Play will be balanced throughout the game by supplying reinforcements to the current losing side and the game will conclude with a spectacular ‘end game’ event involving a Daemonic incursion.

Blood will be spilt. Beer will be drunk.

The Oubliette Gate

The Fallen Angels are a menace to the galaxy like no other. Traitors and heretics all, their existence is
a stain upon the honour of the chapter they previously pledged allegiance to; the Dark Angels.

Wherever the Fallen appear, chaos, intrigue, and anarchy consistently follows in their wake.
Individually, each is an ancient and deadly immortal warrior from the time of the Horus Heresy,
impossibly knowledgeable and wise, hardened from of years of warfare, and able to orchestrate and
implement the most Machiavellian of plots to further their own ends. As a group, it is simply
terrifying the scale of destruction their devious plans can accomplish – whole systems find themselves
in turmoil, succumbing to plague, famine, civil war, and even sector-wide daemonic incursions.

Only the highest ranking Dark Angels, the Deathwing, are aware of the true origin of the Fallen
Angels and they tirelessly hunt down and exterminate them wherever possible, following-up on any
trace or a clue that could lead to their presence.

Our battle tells of one such incident; The Oubliette Gate.

The narrative
A group of Fallen Angels have discovered the location of the Oubliette Gate, an ancient relic originating from Caliban, the now destroyed homeworld of the Dark Angels. This small, unassuming-looking piece of technology dates back to before the Horus Heresy, over 10,000 years ago, and has been discovered on the planet of Viridian Prime – a valuable Imperial mining world, rich in promethium and heavily protected by a planetary defence force.

Through the implementation of warp technology, the Oubliette Gate was originally used by the Dark Angels as an imprisonment device – this handheld instrument could project a beam that would put a captive into stasis and transport them to another realm where they could be kept indefinitely and forgotten about – a trans-dimensional oubliette not bound by time or space. Likewise, the operator could reverse the process, freeing a captive from the oubliette and summoning them for interrogation or even execution. Though buried somewhere on Viridian Prime’s sun-baked surface, the rediscovery of this relic is absolutely tantalising to the Fallen as they could use it to free everyone contained within, potentially unleashing many more of their dark brethren… or worse. It is believed by some that a few reckless Dark Angels used the relic to imprison Daemons and that these Space Marines later turned to Chaos…

Pinpointing the relic’s location but unable to overcome the Imperial defences stationed on Viridian Prime on their own, a small group of Fallen disguised themselves as traders and used stolen Imperial credentials to make planetfall. Journeying to Viridian’s northern most continent they placed cloaked’s.planetary defence cannons with the intention to draw-in a Tyranid splinter fleet to overwhelm the Imperial defence force, causing enough confusion and terror to give them time to take the relic for themselves.

The Deathwing cannot allow this to happen and will stop at nothing to secure the relic and destroy the Fallen trying to steal it.

With the splinter fleet approaching, the Astropath stationed on Viridian sent a distress call that was hastily answered by the Grey Knights.They were already in the sector pursuing their Chief Librarian’s confused visions foretelling great loss of life and the coming of Daemons, which became increasingly amplified and intensified the closer they got to the psi-emitters. Thankfully for the Dark Angels, the Grey Knights remain unaware of the presence of the Oubliette Gate but remain drawn to it nonetheless.

As the Tyranid invasion begins, the Imperial Guard ready their defences. The Fallen’s Chaos strike cruiser is in low orbit to allow them to make a clean getaway once they’ve secured the relic, safe in the knowledge that the psi-emitter’s powerful emanations will draw the Tyranid’s attentions away from them. Several squads of Deathwing have been despatched to intercept and board the strike cruiser, and exterminate all life on board. They must also ensure the relic is either captured or destroyed, for if it is activated, who knows what terrors will be unleashed…?

Full rules can be downloaded as a PDF; The Oubliette Gate (1)

3a 3b 3c 4a 4b

Follow all the action on Twitter using the hashtag #OublietteGateIMG_20150510_180823 IMG_20150510_180826 IMG_20150510_180828 IMG_20150510_180821 IMG_20150504_220702 IMG_20150504_214017 IMG_20150504_191054 IMG_20150502_174526 IMG_20150502_174514 IMG_20150426_202537 IMG_20150426_202216 IMG_20150418_105203 IMG_20150205_212420 IMG_20150105_151148 IMG_20141222_224518 IMG_20150313_221121 IMG_20150207_182018 IMG_20150207_182103 DSC_0582 DSC_0616 IMAG0280Capture IMG_20150510_180900



grey knights


ship1 ship2 ship3 ship4

IMG_3754_2 IMG_3760_2 IMG_3761_2 IMG_3765_2 IMG_3767_2 IMG_3768_2 IMG_3769_2 IMG_3771_2 IMG_3774_2 IMG_3775_2 IMG_3776_2 t1

Lustria Terrain Test Setup Video

IMG_3740 IMG_3739 IMG_3736 IMG_3735 IMG_3734 IMG_3733 IMG_3731 IMG_3730 IMG_3729 IMG_3728 IMG_3727

We’ve got some great PR, with the expert help of one of our members Danny, and yesterday we had a visit from the newspaper photographer.

Here’s the ‘display table’ we put together at silly o’clock in the morning.





Plus Sophia helping out with deployment.



Thanks again to Danny for a very early start to be able to help setup, bring some of his amazing collection and generally lowering the photo standard by being in them.

In the small coastal Empire settlement on the edges of the Lustria, The Port of Sophia has had strange happens at night in the town graveyard…


Test game for terrain


This week we had a game, testing the following:

Use of the new Port of Sophia gaming boards.

Will the transition from jungle to the coastal empire port town look ok?

Simple Ustream setup with Iphone as camera.

A first roll out with High Magic for my Lizards.



Plus a simple fly by with the GoPro. Need to slow this down a bit and look at the wobble. Plus need some more light…

Overall the setup test was good and learnt loads. Magic-wise – not so much the dwarves brought every anti-magic tool in the box and completely shut down my magic phase. Even failed to 6 dice monkey an important spell 3 times!!