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The Spirits of the Forest

To take part in #RumHammer, our campaign weekend allowing “800 points of anything”,  I decided to change month four’s target to include a pair of Treeman. Using one as a Lord with the Annoyance of Netlings, and the other as a rare choice provided a pair of hard-hitting models with a raft of cool special rules. 12 Dryads with a unit champion brought the list to 800 points and had a neat theme as all the models were Forest Spirits.

IMG_20140322_134907BiHs_rAIMAAg7O6  IMG_20140322_134919 IMG_20140322_134914  IMG_20140322_134931 IMG_20140322_134941 BjPhozXIcAAG0C9IMG_20140322_134950

Wardancers done, Dryads next

February’s Wood Elf models were great fun to paint; 10 Wardancers and a Great Eagle from Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings range.

I intended to give the Wardancers red hair so they’d stand out as ‘fierce warriors’ on the battlefield, but their first coat came out pink! (making them look less than aggressive). A few more layers and colour-blending later, and I was happier with the effect; a muted reddy-brown colour, which separates them nicely from the blonde-haired Glade Guard.

 photo IMG_20140213_151135_zps567258d7.jpg

 photo IMG_20140213_151131_zps802f85c5.jpg

The Eagle is a beautiful model with extremely clear and crisp detail which lent itself very well to drybushing and washes. The model was complete in under one hour, start to finish, and I live-tweeted the stages as I went along (@brawlerguts). All credit to Games Workshop’s new range of washes and quality castings; it felt as if the model painted itself!

 photo IMG_20140213_151254_zpsc14ab28c.jpg

 photo IMG_20140213_151245_zps5c124dbc.jpg

 photo Capture_zpsb788460b.jpg

Here’s the army so far (roughly 800 points). Now mounted on Sarissa Precision movement trays (especially useful for skirmishing troops, like Scouts and Wardancers).
 photo IMG_20140213_151222_zps3073584e.jpg

For the next allotment of models, I’ve gone for five Glade Riders and 12 Dryads, coming in at 309 points (we’re tasked with painting a minimum of 250 points per month). Both units are core choices, the amount of which will dictate the size of army I can deploy. Once these are complete, that will give me nearly 800 points of core troops, which will be a nice foundation to add a few expensive characters and rare units to. I like how the Dryads look as a unit – like a moving piece of woodland scenery. I’m expecting the small unit of fast cavalry not only looks cool, but will be very useful in game; redirecting charges, harassing warmachines, running-down fleeing troops, tackling other ‘chaff’ units etc. I’ve also used some of the Spite models and Waystones to build four Wood Elf-themed objective markers.
 photo IMG_20140217_125103_zps59c62f95.jpg


Wood Elves – month two complete

It’s been a genuine pleasure painting these models – Games Workshop’s Wood Elf range contains some of my favourite models ever produced, the Wood Elf Lord with Great Weapon being among them.

 photo IMG_20140117_155251_zps5b4e8bc1.jpg

 photo IMG_20140117_171245_zps143145fc.jpg

 photo IMG_20140117_223945_zpsb925879a.jpg

 photo IMG_20140117_223956_zpsa10c93f5.jpg

 photo IMG_20140128_160420_zps4779f451.jpg

For inspiration, I got a copy of the classic Wood Elves army book. It contains some fantastic stories and background ideas. For instance, I never knew Wood Elves used to be able to field chariots (in squadrons no-less!).

 photo IMG_20140117_174950_zpsc31fdfde.jpg

 photo IMG_20140117_174754_zps25b703b6.jpg

Now coming it at around 600 points, the force is really starting to ‘grow’ (Wood Elf nature-pun unintended). I intend to build on this foundation of core troops next month, perhaps with a few special or rare choices.

 photo IMG_20140128_160757_zpse2b04946.jpg

Some last minute list changes aside, everyone managed to complete their goal of painting at least 250 points for month one. The paint had barely enough time to dry before the group set a date for their first game, devising a neat little scenario layered on top of the Triumph and Treachery rules to cater for the unbalanced armies the first few months would inevitably see; Slay the Dragon!

Here’s the brief they players got:

  • Let’s play a Triumph and Treachery game using our fully painted #ATO9G forces
  • Simon’s Dragon, Talinda Fireheart will deploy in the middle, guarding her brood of hatchlings
  • The objective is to either slay the dragon, or steal her eggs
  • If you kill the dragon, you win outright
  • Otherwise, the player with the most eggs wins
  • Ties are decided by the amount of coins (as per Triumph and Treachery rules)
  • Any unit may move, march, pursue or charge over an egg to capture it
  • If you flee, you drop the egg
  • If you are destroyed, you drop the egg
  • A unit can carry multiple eggs
  • Talinda gets Hatred against any unit carrying an egg
  • If you’ve painted more than 250pts for #ATO9G, you’re allowed to bring and use them too – judging by the blog, it looks like there’s only a difference of a few hundred points anyway, which the crazy nature of T&T will balance out…
  • If you’ve painted less than 250pts, that’s all you can bring – you’ll have to rely on your mad #PRSkillz to save you (or get painting)

Even with  just 250 points per force, the game was fantastic fun with some hilarious moments! With a belly full of food (beef, mainly), the players deployed their armies.

 photo IMG_20140109_120611_zps1b9ceb80.jpg

 photo IMG_20140109_210557_zpsdc262a49.jpg

The Forces:

  • High Elves – Star Dragon and an Undead Banshee (the ghost of the fallen rider)
  • Dark Elves – Morathi and a Witch Elf Champion
  • Wood Elves – 10 Glade Guard and 6 Scouts
  • Empire – 10 Halberdiers, 10 Crossbowmen and a Priest
  • Lizardmen – 20 Saurus
  • Lizardmen (guest player) – tooled-up Lord on Cold One
  • Tomb Kings – 10 archers, 3 chariots and a Heirophant
  • Vampire Counts – tonnes of Zombies, Skeletons, Ghouls and a Necromancer

Quick overview:

  • Wood Elves – took pot-shots at the Dragon all game to no avail, until the Witch Elf Champion single-handedly murdered the Glade Guard
  • Empire – hampered by a barrage of Treachery cards, the men of the Empire marched towards the nest of eggs until Morathi’s magic sent them fleeing
  • Lizardmen – managed to capture an egg, taking the lead, until they drew the attentions of Talinda the Star Dragon, who promptly destroyed and broke the regiment of Saurus in one brutal round of combat
  • Lizardmen (guest player) – mostly blundered around after failing two stupidity tests, effectively putting him out of the game. But he enjoyed the beer.
  • Tomb Kings – sent his chariots into the Vampire Counts main unit, killing his Necromancer and ensuring his hated rivals’ eventual doom to crumbling
  • Vampire Counts – during his army’s death-throws, charged his remaining Ghouls into the Tomb King’s archers, killing his Heirophant and ensuring his hated rivals’ eventual doom to crumbling
  • High Elves – with enemies all around her, Talinda the Star Dragon valiantly protected her brood and lost just a single wound throughout the whole battle. However, she mourns the loss of one of her young…
  • Dark Elves – Star of the show, Morathi, was a powerhouse in the magic phase, netting fist-fulls of Saurus Warriors and Halberdiers, plus the Undead Banshee. Her machinations drew the attentions of Talinda yet she not only survived combat with the beast, but also (though plenty of double-dealing, bribes and careful Treachery card playing) managed to escape and deftly steal an egg from the nest, giving the Dark Elves the win!

 photo IMG_20140109_213658_zps1a78d752.jpg

 photo IMG_20140109_220855_zps7d803a8f.jpg

Wood Elves – month two

Month two for the Wood Elves:

  • Noble, Great Weapon, Light Armour, Hail of Doom Arrow = 111
  • 10 Glade Guard = 120
  • 6 Scouts = 102

Total = 333

I really love the Noble model and plan to get it painted in time for our first #ATO9G game next week. My plan is to name all my characters after shampoo brands, owing to their illustrious golden hair. 

This chap shall be; Timotei, the Silent Death. Armed with a Hail of Doom Arrow he should be able to deliver a fearsome volley along with the Glade Guard he’ll lead.


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Wood Elves – first regiment done!

First regiment of Wood Elves complete. The Scouts can also double-up as Glade Guard as the army grows.

10 Glade Guard, Full Command (144)
6 Scouts (102)
Total = 246

Inspired by Games Workshop’s ‘A Tale of Four Gamers’ article from many moons ago, the lads at Innsmouth Gaming Club are to embark upon a similar feat. Introducing; A Tale of 9 Gamers. To see the player’s updates, CLICK on their army book below.


More Glade Guard

Since finishing the test model, I decided I didn’t like the white bow and toned it down to a more earthly, wooden colour. I’ve also changed the white hair and painted the eyes.

New bow, hair and eyes:

The ‘before’ shot, with white hair and bow:

I much prefer the new look and painted a few more in a similar scheme. I really enjoy that they don’t have a ‘uniform’ so used a variety of greens on the models.

Let me know what you think on Twitter @brawlerguts

Wood Elf test model

I’m more used to painting Ogres using a very big brush, so this was a big change for me; smaller details, blending, different palette, washes, glazes – all new techniques I’m getting used to. Here is my first attempt.

Feedback so far is to change the white hair, and I’m starting to agree. I might try a very light blue wash over the white and see how that looks. I think painting the eyes might help too. I’ll also get some of Games Workshop’s Middenland Tufts to make the bases a bit more exciting.

The rough plan is that each model will be painted individually, with no ‘uniform;’ some may have brown boots, others might have green, some will have blond hair, and their cloaks will be a variety of greens and browns. As a unit, I want them to look as varied as leaves on a tree. The only unifying thing will be the white bow, which as a regiment, might look quite striking. Red arrow fletchings will be the spot colour, and I’ll introduce variety by painting the spites in wild colours such as pink, blue and orange.

Feedback is very welcome! Please catch me on Twitter @brawlerguts

The forest awakens

The Wood Elf range of miniatures has always been a long-time favourite of mine but their guerrilla warfare, hit and run, skirmish-heavy play-style has always put me off starting an army, preferring big, satisfying blocks of troops, such as my; Orcs and Goblins, Dark Elves and Ogre armies.

Now the group has started A Tale of 9 Gamers, it felt the perfect opportunity to collect a small force of Wood Elves. The plan is to buy the army in small, managable, 250 point chunks, painting as I go. The players will battle each other using these lists as they grow, which suits the small, elite nature of the Wood Elves perfectly, and allows me to be a bit ‘fluffy’ with the force, collecting what’s cool rather than what wins. This will be a real challange for me, both painting and gaming-wise. After painting over 10,000 points of Ogres, I’ll have to adapt to smaller, more intricate models and ‘paint properly.’ On the gaming side, the Wood Elves will require a drastic change in tactics from Ogres!

Starting small, I’ve bought one box of Glade Guard, building some as Scouts to give me a bit of variety.

10 Glade Guard, Full Command (144)
6 Scouts (102)
Total = 246

Next month, I may add some Dryads, more archers and a character.

I’ll keep you all updated how I get on via Twitter so please follow me @brawlerguts