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The Army of Sotek crawl from the sands…

Have always loved the ushabti models, so a unit of seven had to be on the cards. Have ordered a box of finecast to convert to command unit, so looking forward to that.
The basing is working out, with a mix of cracked earth and dead tuft. Not sure if these look a little bare, but will get the whole army done first, before coming back to these.
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Although I have some fluffer units in the army, still wanted to roll out some filth when needed, so Queen Khalida is a great choice. Looking forward to 30 shotting (or even 60 with magic) a minotaur bus with poison shots…
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Not really sure why these are here, mainly as they came in the eBay bundle, thinking that maybe the horsemen archers are better, have 10 of other in the production line, ready for paint.
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Again another signature model for this army, like the way it plays too.
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Next up more chariots, horsemen archers then a reward of some big monsters 🙂

Tomb Kings lord for Jan #ATO9G

Completed my Lord on foot for the Tomb Kings. This is the God Sobek come to life as a bipedal Nile Croc. He’s skin tones still match the other constructs so it’s not 100% clear if he’s actually undead or just made of stone. The model itself is from the Hell Dorado range Ashoka – which I got from element games. Then kit bashed it with some tomb kings parts to align with the rest of the GW vibe.

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Do really like this model, might have to get another one to put in a chariot…

Some last minute list changes aside, everyone managed to complete their goal of painting at least 250 points for month one. The paint had barely enough time to dry before the group set a date for their first game, devising a neat little scenario layered on top of the Triumph and Treachery rules to cater for the unbalanced armies the first few months would inevitably see; Slay the Dragon!

Here’s the brief they players got:

  • Let’s play a Triumph and Treachery game using our fully painted #ATO9G forces
  • Simon’s Dragon, Talinda Fireheart will deploy in the middle, guarding her brood of hatchlings
  • The objective is to either slay the dragon, or steal her eggs
  • If you kill the dragon, you win outright
  • Otherwise, the player with the most eggs wins
  • Ties are decided by the amount of coins (as per Triumph and Treachery rules)
  • Any unit may move, march, pursue or charge over an egg to capture it
  • If you flee, you drop the egg
  • If you are destroyed, you drop the egg
  • A unit can carry multiple eggs
  • Talinda gets Hatred against any unit carrying an egg
  • If you’ve painted more than 250pts for #ATO9G, you’re allowed to bring and use them too – judging by the blog, it looks like there’s only a difference of a few hundred points anyway, which the crazy nature of T&T will balance out…
  • If you’ve painted less than 250pts, that’s all you can bring – you’ll have to rely on your mad #PRSkillz to save you (or get painting)

Even with  just 250 points per force, the game was fantastic fun with some hilarious moments! With a belly full of food (beef, mainly), the players deployed their armies.

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The Forces:

  • High Elves – Star Dragon and an Undead Banshee (the ghost of the fallen rider)
  • Dark Elves – Morathi and a Witch Elf Champion
  • Wood Elves – 10 Glade Guard and 6 Scouts
  • Empire – 10 Halberdiers, 10 Crossbowmen and a Priest
  • Lizardmen – 20 Saurus
  • Lizardmen (guest player) – tooled-up Lord on Cold One
  • Tomb Kings – 10 archers, 3 chariots and a Heirophant
  • Vampire Counts – tonnes of Zombies, Skeletons, Ghouls and a Necromancer

Quick overview:

  • Wood Elves – took pot-shots at the Dragon all game to no avail, until the Witch Elf Champion single-handedly murdered the Glade Guard
  • Empire – hampered by a barrage of Treachery cards, the men of the Empire marched towards the nest of eggs until Morathi’s magic sent them fleeing
  • Lizardmen – managed to capture an egg, taking the lead, until they drew the attentions of Talinda the Star Dragon, who promptly destroyed and broke the regiment of Saurus in one brutal round of combat
  • Lizardmen (guest player) – mostly blundered around after failing two stupidity tests, effectively putting him out of the game. But he enjoyed the beer.
  • Tomb Kings – sent his chariots into the Vampire Counts main unit, killing his Necromancer and ensuring his hated rivals’ eventual doom to crumbling
  • Vampire Counts – during his army’s death-throws, charged his remaining Ghouls into the Tomb King’s archers, killing his Heirophant and ensuring his hated rivals’ eventual doom to crumbling
  • High Elves – with enemies all around her, Talinda the Star Dragon valiantly protected her brood and lost just a single wound throughout the whole battle. However, she mourns the loss of one of her young…
  • Dark Elves – Star of the show, Morathi, was a powerhouse in the magic phase, netting fist-fulls of Saurus Warriors and Halberdiers, plus the Undead Banshee. Her machinations drew the attentions of Talinda yet she not only survived combat with the beast, but also (though plenty of double-dealing, bribes and careful Treachery card playing) managed to escape and deftly steal an egg from the nest, giving the Dark Elves the win!

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More tomb kings are prepped…

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Some more models get primed, based coated using the airbrush.

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Including some ushabti, love these models. Hoping to grab some of the archer versions in the new year.

photo 3

This beast will become my necrosphinx, which ‘swims’ beneath the sands instead of flies. Which also builds on my theme of Sobek the croc god. Got plans for more special models, unit champs and giants with more of a croc vibe.

Tomb Kings complete for Dec

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Tomb kings crawl out of the sands of December…

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Inspired by Games Workshop’s ‘A Tale of Four Gamers’ article from many moons ago, the lads at Innsmouth Gaming Club are to embark upon a similar feat. Introducing; A Tale of 9 Gamers. To see the player’s updates, CLICK on their army book below.


Sobeks Army – a tale from the desert

sobek squre

Now I was a spice trader and that means travelling to every corner of the known world. I’ve encountered almost every running, flying, crawling creation of the gods. But nothing could prepare me for that late summer day under the unrelenting desert sun that seemed to full the sky.

After weeks at sea my party and I had arrived in the Gulf of Medes and landed on the borderlands of Araby and the Land of the Dead, also known as Nehekhara. We were in search of legendary spice that was said to keep the mind awake and allow a man to go for days without sleep.

We joined a caravan of local trader heading inland; we were warned of the dry, dead lands to the east. The kings of old that still think they rule as they did 100’s of years ago, unaware their bodies were no longer living flesh and the armies they command contained strange constructs.

We’d been on camel back for about a week when we came to a large river, which was so wide we would not have been able to cross had it not been completely dry, a cracked pathway winding through the desert dunes. The local guide was keen to cross quickly and move on, telling of a time when this river was known for it’s hungry population of crocodiles, as place belonging to their god Sobek. We saw this as simple native mumbo gumbo and after handing over a considerable amount of coin, we set camp for the night.

As evening fell a fierce storm began to brew, probably fuelled from the heat of the day. The rains came on quickly and beat hard against the canvas of our tents. I for one, couldn’t rest under such a downpour so decided to check on the camels and that our supplies were safe. It was then that I saw the river was flowing again, but not with the waters of the storms outpouring, but with sand. Yes, it acted just as water with waves, eddes and splashes, but made entirely of sand…

This revelation was not the thing that made me run, it was the fact that swimming in the river of sand were crocodiles, massive pale, sandstone coloured beasts. I mounted the fastest camel in the caravan and looking back could see more creatures climbing the banks of the river and headed towards the camp. As the river of sand flow built, it began to break over the banks and riding these waves I saw skeletal men riding stone crocodiles like demigriffs. Madness was taking hold of me and making the best speed possible without beating my mount to death, I took one last look back to the carnage that had become our camp, I saw a golden ship clear the river and ride it’s own wave of sand into the camp, with skeleton spearmen killing all within reach.

I will never travel again beyond the 4 walls of this humble house, here in the centre Altdolf. But now I must bid you goodnight as I must find the bottom of this bottle, if I am to sleep tonight, I see rain clouds building in the south…

The Tomb Kings form up for month 1


I’m starting off simple with 3 chariots, 10 archers and a liche priest. Plan to have plenty of chariots and a highly mobile force, backed with archers and catapults. Most my model came from a bundle from eBay, so 90% were already built, so this is a simple paint project for me. Then go back and make some special characters/units.