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Inspired by Games Workshop’s ‘A Tale of Four Gamers’ article from many moons ago, the lads at Innsmouth Gaming Club are to embark upon a similar feat. Introducing; A Tale of 9 Gamers. To see the player’s updates, CLICK on their army book below.


The story continues…

Eight members of the Innsmouth Gaming club took part in a 48-hour non-stop endurance marathon game of Warhammer Fantasy for charity, dubbed ‘The Battle for Sophia.’ Raising over £800 for Sophia’s Stepping Stones to fund an operation for a young Oxfordshire resident with Cerebral Palsy, the event saw many heroic and glorious moments. In a classic ‘Good vs. Evil’ match-up, Lizardmen and High Elves recruited the help of Ogre mercenary Pirates to save an ancient jungle temple from the forces of Chaos; Warriors, Daemons, Skaven and Beastmen. Now headed for a tournament in Bath on 16 November run by Pigmar Wargaming Club, our story picks-up from the field of victory in the aftermath of the Battle for Sophia…

Captain Gorehook, leader of the Axewound Pirates stood atop the hacked-up body of the Exalted Greater Daemon of Khorne he’d slain in personal combat. Now, he had the unenviable task of retrieving his sabre from the beasts nether regions; upon making the declaration of where he’d shove his blade to goad the creature to fight him, he failed to think of the consequences should he make good on his vow. Luckily, he was the boss and had minions for this sort of thing.

The temple had been saved from the forces of Chaos and Gorehook would be handsomely rewarded. Swooping low on his Dragon, Sunstorm, the High Elf General guided his steed to land beside the Ogre mercenary Captain. Prince Caleo, still bloodied and breathing heavy from vanquishing the Thunderlizard looked the Ogre in the eye and gave him a satisfied nod.

“You fought well, good Captain,” Caleo called out, over the flap of Sunstorm’s settling wings.

“For a pointy-ear, you didn’t do so badly yourself. Me and the lads had bets that thing would have stomped you dead. Not bad,” admitted Gorehook, touching his namesake to his Tricorn in a lazy salute.

“Before we part ways good Captain, I have one more mission for you… should you have the guts for it of course…” Caleo taunted. At this point, one of Gorehook’s Ironguts waddled over, a little green in the face after retrieving his Captain’s blade and, still covered in filth, threw it over. Catching it deftly, Gorehook gave it a sniff and let out a surprised, satisfied hum.

“Plenty of guts to go around, Elf Prince. What’s the job and what’s the bounty?”

Prince Caleo went on to explain how the magical energies around the Battle of Sophia had been the cause that drew-in so many monsters and that now the magic was dissipating, the monsters would scatter, potentially attacking isolated and defenceless villages in the area at random as they fled to their homelands. The Old World City of Bath was one of the larger settlements along the monster’s retreat corridor and would certainly attract more than a few beasts in search of a good meal. Prince Caleo could not allow this to happen and so Captain Gorehook and his Axewound Pirates were to accompany Prince Caleo’s younger brother, a Wizard by the name of Dragonheart specialising in the Lore of Beasts to stop them. Leading a strike force of Elven cavalry they’d follow the monsters south towards the City of Bath where their combined force would capture or slay as many monsters as possible before they could wreak any serious havoc. As to the bounty, Caleo ventured that the Ogre had never sampled the flame-grilled taste of an Arcane Phoenix, and that this was precisely one of the beasts his brother was tracking.

Ogres – Pirates and Marines

Using Pirate Ogre heads from Titan Forge I converted my Games Workshop models to fit the pirate theme Captain Gorehook created.

I’ve then converted a regiment of Ogre Marines using Ogre standard bearer arms with added speartips, Titan Forge heads and hats from a certain childhood toy

The rulespack allows for each player to take a free General and free Battle Standard Bearer, which includes their mount and can also be a Special Character. The other races have some spectacular options; Dragon-mounted combat monsters, Greater Daemons, uber-destructive Special Characters; Teclis, Queek, Archaon… the Ogre Kingdoms have no such luxuries (Greasus, though funny, is rubbish, and Skrag is just a bit of a nutter). Instead, I’ll have to rely on a good, old-fashioned Tyrant. Enter; Captain Gorehook, Tyrant of the Axewound Pirates

Equipped with a Great Weapon, he has a manly (Ogre-y?) five Attacks at Strength seven. He has the ‘Mountaineater’ bigname (can’t be wounded better than 3+), ‘Glittering Scales’ (-1 to hit in combat) and ‘Talisman of Preservation’ (4+ ward). He should put up a good fight, especially when using “By the Power of Grey Skull”

“By the Power of Grey Skull!”
When things are dire and you’re against the wall, a player has a heroic moment called ‘by the Power of Grey Skull’ – only once per game. The general’s unit gets the following special rules:
– Stubborn, 4+ ward, immune to KB and HKB, any multi wounds attacks only cause one wound.
– The general gets HKB and 2+ ward (including mount).
This is for one turn only.

Captain Gorehook is accompanied to battle by Baldrick, his trusty Battle Standard Bearer. Equipped with the ‘Armour of Destiny’, he has a healthy 4+ ward save like his General. Baldrick prides himself on having the biggest pole on the battlefield.

Big Phil

Named after the tallest gamer who ever lived, Big Phil joins Captain Gorehook and his Axewound Pirates in the Battle For Sophia


Captain Gorehook, leader of the Axewound Pirates, isn’t known for his skill at the helm of a pirate ship.

As a quirky deployment marker and special scenery piece, I’m using a toy pirate ship to create a shipwreck, representing Gorehook drunkenly grounding his stolen vessel.

There’s plenty more work to be done, but here’s where I am so far.

6500 points of Ogre Pirates, fully painted, ready for war!