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Volkrad’s story continues

A dark night in the Northern wastes, mist surrounded a small ruined Tower in a rocky tundra. The men of the Empire lie sleeping within, with what little men left to his deploy, the Priest of Sigmar, Volkrad, surveyed the rocky landscape from the ruined outpost his men now call home.

Galleb, champion of the Black Tips Halberd regiment and close friend of Volkrad approaches from below;

‘No news from the scouts my Lord Volkrad’ Galleb said hesitantly, ‘The men are tired and too few in number to hold the ground they walk upon, may I suggest we abandon our position and head to Osterland, or even Kislev to reinforce the army?’
Volkrad was silent, as if he hadn’t heard a word Galleb had spoken, or was choosing not to acknowledge the words of his closest ally,
‘Volkrad, my friend, our Liege Lord Briggund has surely fallen, it has been too long without word, we are without resources and no one remains alive that knows of our plight! we failed to retrieve a Dragon of our own and we are surrounded by the forces of ruin, to remain is folly!’
Galleb approached closer as if to reach out to Volkrad, before his hand could touch the gleaming armour of his Lords suit Volkrad turned;
‘Would you have me abandon this land?’ Volkrad said quietly,
‘Yes my Lord,” replied Galleb ‘We have but days left to live!’,
‘Is this land blessed and free of the forces of Ruin?’ Volkrads eyes began to burn, as if a fire had been set inside his ols skull, Galleb knew his questions had poked the Beast inside Volkrad;
‘My Lo…’
NO! IS THE ANSWER’ Volkrad furiously cut in,
 Volkrads Hammer, now red with magical light struck the Ruin beside him waking every living soul within a five miles radius’
‘WE STAY, WE FIGHT! Every one of these men’ Volkrad swept the ruin with his armored fist, ‘Shall die with a weapon in his hand and no doubt in his mind’
Galleb looked on, breathless and shocked, his thoughts on how men are supposed to lay claim to this land when it is beset by all manner of beasts and Deamons.
‘What is this…’ Volkrad said, looking into the distance,
Silence…Volkrad turned back to the moonlit horizon,

‘What is this…’ Volkrad said, looking out from the battlements,

Galleb appeared at his side and squinted into the encroaching mist, lights bobbed in the distance and it sent shivers through his spine, he could hear a faint noise, as if chanting…Or the ramblings of a crazy man,
‘Shall I form up the men sire?’ said Galleb with fear etched in his eyes,
Volkrad didn’t answer, only fixing his eyes on the lights, a smile stitched across his lined face,
‘No Galleb, do not fret, Bellius the Blind has answered my calls…’

To be continued…


Some last minute list changes aside, everyone managed to complete their goal of painting at least 250 points for month one. The paint had barely enough time to dry before the group set a date for their first game, devising a neat little scenario layered on top of the Triumph and Treachery rules to cater for the unbalanced armies the first few months would inevitably see; Slay the Dragon!

Here’s the brief they players got:

  • Let’s play a Triumph and Treachery game using our fully painted #ATO9G forces
  • Simon’s Dragon, Talinda Fireheart will deploy in the middle, guarding her brood of hatchlings
  • The objective is to either slay the dragon, or steal her eggs
  • If you kill the dragon, you win outright
  • Otherwise, the player with the most eggs wins
  • Ties are decided by the amount of coins (as per Triumph and Treachery rules)
  • Any unit may move, march, pursue or charge over an egg to capture it
  • If you flee, you drop the egg
  • If you are destroyed, you drop the egg
  • A unit can carry multiple eggs
  • Talinda gets Hatred against any unit carrying an egg
  • If you’ve painted more than 250pts for #ATO9G, you’re allowed to bring and use them too – judging by the blog, it looks like there’s only a difference of a few hundred points anyway, which the crazy nature of T&T will balance out…
  • If you’ve painted less than 250pts, that’s all you can bring – you’ll have to rely on your mad #PRSkillz to save you (or get painting)

Even with  just 250 points per force, the game was fantastic fun with some hilarious moments! With a belly full of food (beef, mainly), the players deployed their armies.

 photo IMG_20140109_120611_zps1b9ceb80.jpg

 photo IMG_20140109_210557_zpsdc262a49.jpg

The Forces:

  • High Elves – Star Dragon and an Undead Banshee (the ghost of the fallen rider)
  • Dark Elves – Morathi and a Witch Elf Champion
  • Wood Elves – 10 Glade Guard and 6 Scouts
  • Empire – 10 Halberdiers, 10 Crossbowmen and a Priest
  • Lizardmen – 20 Saurus
  • Lizardmen (guest player) – tooled-up Lord on Cold One
  • Tomb Kings – 10 archers, 3 chariots and a Heirophant
  • Vampire Counts – tonnes of Zombies, Skeletons, Ghouls and a Necromancer

Quick overview:

  • Wood Elves – took pot-shots at the Dragon all game to no avail, until the Witch Elf Champion single-handedly murdered the Glade Guard
  • Empire – hampered by a barrage of Treachery cards, the men of the Empire marched towards the nest of eggs until Morathi’s magic sent them fleeing
  • Lizardmen – managed to capture an egg, taking the lead, until they drew the attentions of Talinda the Star Dragon, who promptly destroyed and broke the regiment of Saurus in one brutal round of combat
  • Lizardmen (guest player) – mostly blundered around after failing two stupidity tests, effectively putting him out of the game. But he enjoyed the beer.
  • Tomb Kings – sent his chariots into the Vampire Counts main unit, killing his Necromancer and ensuring his hated rivals’ eventual doom to crumbling
  • Vampire Counts – during his army’s death-throws, charged his remaining Ghouls into the Tomb King’s archers, killing his Heirophant and ensuring his hated rivals’ eventual doom to crumbling
  • High Elves – with enemies all around her, Talinda the Star Dragon valiantly protected her brood and lost just a single wound throughout the whole battle. However, she mourns the loss of one of her young…
  • Dark Elves – Star of the show, Morathi, was a powerhouse in the magic phase, netting fist-fulls of Saurus Warriors and Halberdiers, plus the Undead Banshee. Her machinations drew the attentions of Talinda yet she not only survived combat with the beast, but also (though plenty of double-dealing, bribes and careful Treachery card playing) managed to escape and deftly steal an egg from the nest, giving the Dark Elves the win!

 photo IMG_20140109_213658_zps1a78d752.jpg

 photo IMG_20140109_220855_zps7d803a8f.jpg

Volkrad – progress

Volkrad receives a much needed spirit lift from a vision of Sigmar and it invigorates his soul with life and colour;

Volkrad Brigund Blassman and his remaining men

The Background

A once proud a force of Empires-men set forth from Middenheim, led by a stoic general of the Empire Higrund Hammersmith. Victorious against several warbands of Chaos Higrund delved further and further North, he led his force through thick and thin defeating armies wide and deep with an almost innumerable army, he received much adoration and valour. But as time grew on reinforcements grew far few and support dropped to almost nothing.

Higrund was forced to make a decision, abandon his crusade North and head back to the Empire to replenish his army, or carry on and face inevitable defeat at the hands of the Evil seen lurking around every corner, so he decided upon splitting his force, leaving a small warband in the North to form a foothold in the mountains and he would retreat back to the Empire to help gain reinforcements for the on-going push.

His most trusted friend and ally, Volkrad Brigund Blassman was in charge of maintaining the small detachment and making sure the ground remained loyal as well as the troops;

Volkrad recieved word five moons later that Higrund had been ambushed by Marauders and slaughtered to the man, not believing the rumours he sent forth all the cavalry at his disposal to scout out the situation, 15 moons later and he has received no reply.

Since this time all manner of creatures have invaded the camp and Volkrads forces have deplted and used all available Gunpowder, the situation looks dire yet he holds on to the hope that allies will find their way to them in some shape or form.

Volkrad Brigund Blassman and his remaining men.

Inspired by Games Workshop’s ‘A Tale of Four Gamers’ article from many moons ago, the lads at Innsmouth Gaming Club are to embark upon a similar feat. Introducing; A Tale of 9 Gamers. To see the player’s updates, CLICK on their army book below.


Saviour of the Empire

I’m a new member to the community, living in London area and me & 8 mates have decided to start 2014 with a bang by doing a tale of 9 gamers. Basically the rules every month is to paint 250 points of our chosen army and to fight with them in themed battles, the results will be noted down in a campaign designed by one of you guys on here, (A sticky somewhere that we’ve all gone over and love)
As the months grow the forces will broaden and the games will get more complex.

I think first up is a 8 x 250 points versus one dragon, that my mate Si has decided to paint up for his first 250 points…Not that you can get a bloody Dragon for 250 points so when he announced that was his December we all decided a great way to kick off the campaign was that we would do a T&T game, the rules being we all had to try and steal a Dragon egg from Mummy Dragon, the winners include everyone that managed to take an egg off the table edge.

So I am doing The Empire. The original idea was a really depressing bunch of no hopers, led by fanatical Sigmar Priests. So think a lot of browns, bandages and no a smile amongst um. I’d like to skimp on anything really special as the idea is that basically a bunch of villagers have grouped up and joined the folly, anything of any real power has since been destroyed or lost in this massive war of attrition.

So I would like Fanatics, Priests of Sigmar & Free Militia. Then I’ll skimp on the usual DemiGrpyhs, Cannons and Riflemen. Yes the army will probably take a kicking but hopefully with the numbers I wont have a glass jaw like the DE’s or WE’s in the group. Khemri as well come to think of it. If the balance of power is waaaay to unfair I’ll start adding in the hard hitting stuff like knights and cannons. But hopefully with numbers, magic, Xbows and Greatswords i’ll be able to wear most people down.

So first up is a Warrior Priest in finecast with two hammers, who rocks a potion of strength and a charm…That I have forgotten the name off but it gives him a 6+ ward, that combined with his prayer power might be able to dish it up to a 4+ ward, so he will have 3 attacks at Str 7 I4 with a 4++. And relatively cheap to boot! 😀

So without further ado I introduce my General and saviour of the Empire. Volkrad Brigund Blassmann;

Inspired by Games Workshop’s ‘A Tale of Four Gamers’ article from many moons ago, the lads at Innsmouth Gaming Club are to embark upon a similar feat. Introducing; A Tale of 9 Gamers.

The rules:
Starting from today, Sunday 1 December, each gamer will collect, build and paint a minimum of 250 points each month, and will share their progress on this blog. Some will use it as an opportunity to start a new collection, while others will use it to grow an existing force. There’s no hard and fast rules about what can be included in the 250 points minimum, allowing players to paint a regiment of troops, special character, monster, war machine, or whatever they fancy! Games will be arranged between the players and special scenarios invented to balance the forces chosen. Expect exciting updates from each player on painting, list-building, conversions, gaming, and fluff – the chaps are all very excited and ready to go!

The intrepid gamers at Innsmouth Gaming Club are all aiming to have a fully-painted, legal force in a few months. Please follow their progress and support them on their epic journey.

To see the player’s updates, CLICK on their army book below.

The players and their armies:
Rich – Vampire Counts @tricky_ricardo

Steve – Tomb Kings @tinracersteve

Dan D – Wood Elves @brawlerguts

Dan J – Lizardmen @BearMcRowdy

James – Dwarfs @alone_withmyaxe

Max – The Empire @Morrayz

Bob – Orcs and Goblins
(or possibly Empire…he’s still deciding!)

Si – High Elves @simonroberts87

Ed – Dark Elves @dgargoyl3