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The Seraphon are ancient aliens – the proof


Imagine if you will an episode of Ancient Aliens, a TV show that if you’ve not watching you’re missing a treat. Each week the beliefs of an ancient civilization, from like olden times, are examined to reveal true insights that prove that aliens have visited our planet and interacted with its inhabitants. When an early human sees something unexplainable it has to be magic or a god when in fact Giorgio Tsoukalos clearly sees its just another encounter with beings from beyond our galaxy or dimension.


Giorgio Tsoukalos

So what’s this got to do with Warhammer Age of Sigmar and the new Seraphon book, I hear you ask. Well, why not take that same thinking and apply it to the new book, let’s not take anything on face value, let’s look deeper and see what secrets it might hold.


Imagine the writer was an ancient person with no understanding of technology or deep space and lived everyday in fear of vengeful gods and unholy powers.

Let’s look at some descriptions and apply the ‘Ancient Aliens’ mindset.

  • Firstly they are described as Celestial Demons – an overly simplified way of saying creatures not of this world.
  • Slann arriving appearing in a silver comet – could that simply be a shuttle craft from orbit?


  • The Seraphon army appearing out of no where, which can only be remembered from the mind of the Slann – or have they just teleported down to the surface.
  • The armies of the Seraphon, Constellations, are seen as star formations in the night sky – surely fleet ships in low, geostationary orbit.


  • Even the names of the leaders of these extraterrestrials have names that fit perfectly with this thinking:
    Starmaster – the master of the star ships. The controller of the teleport system on the planet surface.
    Starseer – these have to be the navigators from the fleet.


  • Floating Palanquins – very clear example of anti-gravity technology to support the weakened bodies of those that have been in zero G for many years.


I shall leave you with one telling piece of evidence, one that links back to our world today.

The Star Drake (or Dragon) Dracothion – is mentioned many times as the one that steers the lost space fleet of the Seraphon back to the Mortal Realms (our system). Is this mythical creature not the same as the creature Mesoamerican myth – Quetzalcoatl? This winged serpent god that came to earth and taught mankind about the stars and the passage of time…

Dwarf Update

Work has started on the Dwarves with a character painted up and the 2 gyrocopters (excluding the rider).

Once the tournament is over I will go back and tidy up a few bits but they are to a standard that will pass for the event.

Dwarf Runepriest




2 Dwarf Gyrocopters using the machine guns from Titan Forge





I’ve also come up with a list for the event

Runesmith (General); x2 Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Stone, Rune of Iron, Shield 133
Runesmith; x2 Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Stone, Shield 113
Thane (Battle Standard Bearer); Master Rune of Grungi, Shield, 153
Master Engineer; 70
Master Engineer; 70
21 Longbeards; Full Command, Great Weapons, Rune of Stoicism, 359
18 Quarrellers; Full Command, Great Weapons, 286
1 Gyrocopter; 80
1 Gyrocopter; 80
Cannon; Rune of Forging, 145
Cannon; Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning, 150
Grudge Thrower; Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning 135
Grudge Thrower; Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Forging, 130
Organ Cannon; Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Burning, 150
Organ Cannon; Rune of Accuracy, 145
Army Total: 2,199

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Dwarves not Dwarfs – 2015

@Simonroberts87 here.

It’s certainly been a while since I last put anything up on the blog but I come bearing good news.

In 2015 I will be rocking a Dwarf army that I will be using at various tournaments – the first being the Firestorm Four

Now being extremely poor at spelling I wanted to find out the difference between Dwarfs and Dwarves…. to all those interested you can find out more

So far I’ve drafted a few army list ideas and made various purchases.

I will have 2 armies.

1. will be fully painted by me and in the end will be my sole tournament army

2. back up army that I’ve purchased from someone that has used it at tournaments in 2014. This means that If I don’t have anything painted in time I have a back up and also means I have some alternative unit choices and means I can get some practice games in ASAP

I’ve mainly gone for Titan Forge and Avatar of War models including







I will keep the blog up to date with developments as they happen and of course will be Tweeting everything.

I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of the re-released edition of Space Hulk. Though the Blood Angel Terminator models are absolutely beautiful, the temptation to convert them to match my existing Deathwing army was just too strong. Some of the models were trickier to convert than others, requiring the shoulder pads to be dug out or a little remodeling of the chest piece, while others were a simple case of filing off any Blood Angel iconography and swapping an arm/weapon. Where possible, I tried to stay true to the original model, keeping the same silhouette, pose and facing.



IMG_20141108_141728 IMG_20141108_142017

IMG_20141108_141734 IMG_20141108_142057


IMG_20141108_141747 IMG_20141108_142150


IMG_20141108_141753 IMG_20141108_142225



IMG_20141108_141803 IMG_20141108_142200

IMG_20141108_141814 IMG_20141108_142138

IMG_20141108_141817   IMG_20141108_142115


A small drawback is that when mounted on 40mm bases, the Terminators don’t fit on the Space Hulk tiles. It’s most noticeable when they’re side-by-side, but shouldn’t be a massive problem during game play if you’re a little forgiving. When out on their own, it shouldn’t matter.

IMG_20141108_142404 IMG_20141108_142445 IMG_20141108_142503

I also speed-painted a Genestealer, testing a lightning fast method using washes.

IMG_20141109_172147 IMG_20141109_172217

From a base coat of white with a boltgun metal base, I washed the whole model in black. Then I washed the fleshy areas in purple and the carapace in blue. I gave the whole model a light drybrush of bone, and painted the claws and teeth in the same colour, finishing them off with a sepia wash.

IMG_20141109_143742 IMG_20141109_144017 IMG_20141109_145358 IMG_20141109_155727 IMG_20141109_160208  IMG_20141109_170111  IMG_20141109_170645 IMG_20141109_171144IMG_20141109_172332

IMG_20150922_164637 IMG_20150922_164627 IMG_20150922_164622 IMG_20150922_164618 IMG_20150922_164607


UPDATE – based on this method, the wonderful Scott Ferguson has developed the technique a few steps further, and produced some incredible miniatures. To vary the colours and add depth, he used a second coat of both the blue and purple. Another nice variation Scott used was to paint the top of the Genestealer head white again after the black wash – this really helps bring the face to life by adding highlights to the top of the head once the purple wash has been added. He’s also lavished lots of attention on the bases which really makes the models sing. See Scott’s fantastic blog for more details


The Asur are on the move towards NCGT

The cold steel lance slid up the neck of the Skaven rat. Squirming and slowly dropping to its knees it hissed “I can offer valuable information in return for my freedom”

A second knight appeared “So you found diseased rat!” Lord Caradryan spotted the whelp many leagues back. Gut it now and let us ride on with haste”.

“The Skaven has offered us information” replied Allunanur “speak vermin or I will cut your life short”.

“Yes yes sire, much information I have…. valuable information I have. My master Lord Skitterclaw is nearby, a powerful seer he has become. Let me show you his lair and may you take his power and in return spare my life you will”.

“You untrustworthy slave, I will not follow your orders however you shall follow mine. We are heading north towards the great desert. A darkness is growing with rumours of an ancient foe returning to plague the Old World once more.

This Skitterclaw you speak of, if he truly is a seer of great power then he may serve as a distraction.
Tell your master to head to the desert, tell him what you will that will interest him enough to make the journey”.

“Allunanur we must ride”.

“Yes Finulier”.

“Whelp, I will be sending a scout to watch you, one wrong turn and he will gut you slowly. Run now and don’t look back”.

“Finulier let us ride if the rumours are true and Nagash has returned then Lord Caradryan needs us by his side.

He is currently seeking out another of the silent order. The winds are strong, stronger then I have seen in an age. Many of the ranks have spoken of seeing shadows in the skies with some saying they have felt incredible changes in temperature.

I get the feeling that many of our questions will be answered in the desert”.


Grey Seer Skitterclaw leapt across the battlements into the heart of the enemy lines, warp lightning crackling around his fingers. He toasted a regiment of the puny man-things with a nonchalant wave of his left hand, whilst delivering a spinning elbow to the neck of the so-called Wizard he had moved in to dispatch. The fool fell to his knees, clutching at his throat, unable to voice any words of power.

Skitterclaw sneered at the weakling, who was clearly trembling in the face of such a supreme being, whilst drawing in another morsel of warp-fueled energy. As the man-things little whelps poured in around the Seer to help the stricken caster, Skitterclaw uttered a few short words of the Clan Pestilens Plague Priests. The resulting pox moved across the battlefield like a wave, leaving bubbling, twitching corpses in it’s dread wake.

The Seer looked about him. The few survivors remaining looked at him in awe, falling to their knees in final submission. He laughed as slavers dragged the pathetic things away, surveying his handywork. More enemies were nearby, clearly afraid by what they had just witnessed. Skitterclaw span on his heel, and ran toward them, squeeking excitedly about the world of pain he was about to bring down on the stupid man-things…

Grey Seer Skitterclaw lay asleep on his bed of straw, squeeking excitedly, legs and arms twitching frantically. A messenger burst into the burrow and fell to his knees.

“My Lord, my Lord! Wake up master!”

Skitterclaw awoke with a start and jumped to his feet.

“Feel my wrath puny man-things!”, he shouted out with his hand outstretched toward the kneeling rat-man.

The Seer’s eyes darted around the burrow and he soon realised where he was. Seeing the messenger before him quaking where he knelt, he could smell that he had squirted the musk of fear. 

Skitterclaw lowered his hand, agitated that he had acted foolishly.

“What is it, can’t you say that I’m busy?! Speak! Quick-quick!”, he blurted out.

“Yes-yes, oh masterful one”, the messenger said, face down to the ground. Skitterclaw could tell that he was grinning by the sound of his voice. “There is word from above ground my most potent of potentates. Armies of the pointy ears and man-things have been seen marching toward the great sand-desert. Scouts say that other forces have been seen coming down from the north as well. What should we do Lord?”

Skitterclaw sneered, there must be something of great value for so many forces to come together, he thought.

“We will show these fools the power of the Horned Rat, of course!”, he exclaimed proudly.

“Yes-yes my Lord”, said the messenger as he got up to leave.

“Where do you think you are going?”, Skitterclaw said in a low voice.

“Why, to take your orders to the commanders of your armies oh powerful one”, the messenger said nervously.

“Then go, fool!”, Skitterclaw commanded.

“Yes my Lord, quickly I go!” 

The messenger spun around and began to scurry out of the burrow. As he did so, Skitterclaw sent a small bolt of warp-lightning into the tail of the poor messenger. The messenger squeek-screamed and leapt into the air as he ran away.

“Smirk at me again, whelp, and you’ll lose that tail!”, Skitterclaw called after the rat-man.

“Yes-yes master, I would never master!”, the messenger called down the tunnel in reply.

Skitterclaw turned back toward his bed thoughtfully, musing on how much warpstone he could get out of this venture.

“i’m going to need slaves this time”, he said quietly. “Lots of them…”

Painting update

So, I’ve not posted anything on the blog since I put up my test colour scheme for my Vampire Counts Ghouls. It’s safe to say that there’s been a lot more activity since then, especially with my new 40K Iron Warriors project!

The look and feel that I’ve been aiming for with these guys is very grimy, battered, and old. It all started off with this Imperial Knight.

Things quickly moved on from there, with a Rhino and my first Marine getting paintjobs.

Terminators weren’t far behind…

…and this past week has been a busy one as well, with a Hellbrute, Maulerfiend, and Decimator all getting worked on!

Next up I’ll be working on some characters, and then moving onto some Raptors!



I thought I’d throw out an update with some pics taken over the weekend (don’t forget to follow me on Twitter)

A few of us in the group have kicked-off a Necromunda campaign which happened last Wednesday (9th April) and since then I’ve got three games in with my Orlock gang.

This is how my gang currently stands:


I’ve really enjoyed each game and would thoroughly recommend it if you haven’t tried it before.










In addition I also sorted out ‘the Warhammer room’ yesterday as you could barely walk into the room. I’ve also taken a few pics of some of the rare things I own.







Also taken a shot of my entire High Elf collection


The Spirits of the Forest

To take part in #RumHammer, our campaign weekend allowing “800 points of anything”,  I decided to change month four’s target to include a pair of Treeman. Using one as a Lord with the Annoyance of Netlings, and the other as a rare choice provided a pair of hard-hitting models with a raft of cool special rules. 12 Dryads with a unit champion brought the list to 800 points and had a neat theme as all the models were Forest Spirits.

IMG_20140322_134907BiHs_rAIMAAg7O6  IMG_20140322_134919 IMG_20140322_134914  IMG_20140322_134931 IMG_20140322_134941 BjPhozXIcAAG0C9IMG_20140322_134950

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4