Warhammer Fantasy 48 hour wargame

The Battle for Sophia – DRAFT3

Warhammer Fantasy 48 hour wargame

Sponsored event

Location – Oxfordshire

Table size – 4’x12’ – played across the 4’

Turns – not counted, game length is decided by time – 48 hours—–
Timing is started from first unit deployment – play is continuous for 48 hours.


The Spirit of the game

  • this is not a tournament or competition, going for points does not mean prizes, it means you’re a prat.
  • we want the frontline to swing throughout the 48 hours
  • we don’t want each turn to last 12 hours, so on table units will be capped/controlled, don’t worry there will be infinite reinforcements
  • we want this to have lots of narrative for the viewers*, so fun units and fluffy monsters are the order of the day


The End Game

Acting as referee and player Steve will prepare an end game. This is based on time and not turns. The end game is planned to be a balance ending to the game so all players are asked to be available for the last 4 hours of play.


The Teams

Players – the game is split into to 2 sides. (definition – from now on ‘player’ or ‘army’ means a single person and their forces, ‘side’ means the combined player for the forces of light or chaos)

  1. Bring what you want to play, it’s a long game so make it something you like.
  2. For speed of play it might be best not to bring an all new army to play win, as rules checking will take time and slow play. However if you have a solid argument  for point 1 above, we may be consider a compromise.
  3. Army list – all army builds need to have an army builder style printout/sheet. For example, showing stat lines and all equipment. This is to ensure that when you are kipping, others on your team can pickup and play your units.


This is the lineup

Forces of light (and cash)

Danny – ogres
Max (TBC) – High Elves
Simon – High Elves
Steve – lizards

Forces of Chaos

Richard – rats
James – beastmen
Ed – Chaos!! Khorne!!! Horde of skullcrushers!!! Raawrrr!!!
Rob – Chaos Demons



We will define ‘once per game’ as the following:

Friday evening til sunrise* on saturday morning

Saturday sunrise til Sunday sunrise

Sunday sunrise til End Game

* Sunrise is defined as to when the sun can been seen above the roofs, from the gaming room window. Or if overcast, then by the BBC weathers site definition of Sunrise.



We will define the term Monsters as creatures, which are monsters but not listed in your individual army books. This term is covers your own theme matched monsters and wandering monsters


Army list building

You can create units from all you models and are encouraged to rock out some fun and fluffy stuff.

Your general and BSB are free. Don’t count towards the first time they appear on the battlefield or anytime they return.

Special characters are allowed. A special character can be your army general. Your army general can be of any points cost, but the usual 100pts magic cap and ability caps apply. Once per game you general can play the special rule “that moment when…”, see below.

Wizards – unlimited – see ‘hand of the old one’ special rules, in cases of game breaking happenings…

You can use magic items, these must be clearly marked on your army sheets.

Your general and BSB will only affect your army, not all armies on your side, even if they are the same race. This means that if desired an army could cast a spell/fire a cannon, through a unit of an army on their own side…

You lists need to be built as waves – see below.




These objectives will be centrally placed on the table to encourage players to move forward and grab terrain. Most objectives will be fulcrums (usual rules). Also there will be chances to loot port buildings and temple buildings for extras. Temple buildings will use the special rules from the Lustria battlegrounds book.


Ancient Ruins

Hidden Treasure

A unit that starts its Movement phase either touching or inside an Ancient Ruin can search the Ancient Ruin. On a roll of a 6 the player commanding the unit receives D6x25 points worth of magic items (allowing you to go over your 100pt limit).

Wrath of the Ancients

1: Wrath of the gods (roll on Wrath of Gods table)
2-5: Nothing
6: Treasure (D6x25 points random magic item(s))


Roll of a 1 = Result

1. Annihilation: The Ancient Ruin explodes. All units within 6″ of it suffer D6 Strength 8 hits. Then remove the terrain feature from the table.

2. Cursed: The unit must re-roll all successful To Hit rolls for shooting or combat attacks, and all successful saves.

3. Boulder Trap: The unit suffers D6 Strength 8 hits.

4. Gas Trap: All models in the unit suffer a Strength 2 hit with a no armour saves allowed.

5. Poisoned Darts Trap: The unit suffers 3D6 Strength 1 hits that have the Killing Blow special rule.

6. Horrifying Visions: The unit must immediately take a Panic Test.



There will be phased entry of units. The idea being that it’s a rush to get here and you’re not 100% sure of the lie of the land so will send ahead scouts to explore… Then the rest of the army rolls up.

We are going to call these waves.

Wave 1 – fast cav, scouts and vanguard or flying cav/van only (300 pts each army), no heroes or lords.

Wave 2 – more fast/van/scout mixed with smaller core units (max size 3, monsterous, 20 inf or 10 cav, you can weapon teams and support units as long as they don’t break the same size rule) (400 pts for each army), you can include heroes with the scouting/ambush or fast cav special rules, no lords. No special or rare choices.

Wave 3 – lead elements of the army arrive (1000pts usual rules for % mix), your army general may join from wave 3 onwards

Wave 4 – first of the monsters, which should fit with the theme of your army (700 pts each army)

Wave 5 – the bulk of the army (2000pts inc monsters)

Wave 6 onwards – what you need or what you have (1000 pts per turn) – can be a mix of any units types, characters, including monsters, just please don’t just spam this with unkillable things on discs or etherals… They must fit your army, ie not chaos mammoth for the high elves…

Deployment will always start from side table edge.


Secret deployment terrain piece (SDTP)

Each player must make and bring a terrain feature to act as a deployment entry point. Will be about 100mm square max, and should themed to your army. For example, an open sewer grate in a street for skaven or a hole of knotted roots at the base of a tree for bitchmen. These will be deployed deep into the table and designed to breakup battlelines and add some chaos to the game. The unit cap that can be deployed from the SPTP is as follows:

11 infantry, 6 cav  or 4 monsterous inf/cav, with max of one hero that must match the unit. Ie mounted as the rest of the unit. No lords.

These units cannot be blocked from exiting, they will just jump the blocker and appear behind them. So allow for space for units to arrive with the back edge of the models touching the terrain piece.

As per reverses rules, units arriving in this way cannot charge the turn they appear.

To appear that turn the unit must be part that waves points’ allowance. To appear they must roll 4+ or be lost in the warp/tunnels. They can try again the following turn on a 3+, followed by 2+ and then auto. Only one unit may enter play this way per turn.

Each side takes turns placing their markers which can be anyway on the table but must be 6” away from the enemy table edge. Once placed these cannot moved during the game.



We will use the standard Storm of Magic rules. Using fulcrums as objectives.

We will be allowing viewers of the live feed to donate money to add power dice to their chosen side. Due to the delay of the internet and the complexity of play, we will not be matching exactly when the donated dice arrive to the turn. Also donated dice may be used for casting or dispelling. Donated dice that are not used MAY be kept over for future use. To ensure that all donated dice are clear, we will be using every little girls favourite colour – PINK.


Port of Sophia

Port of Sophia town has very narrow streets and only units 11 or less of infantry, 3 monsterous inf or 6 cav can operate in there As these are commando units, you can break the minimum unit rule. There is an objective to holding the town so this is a good thing to do. I’d expect players to build smaller, commando style units, maybe lead by a hero. Normal building rules apply. There will be a tavern (dwarfen brewery rules), with an amazing Rum collection, so if your unit wants to leave the tavern you need to roll a leadership -3… Even if the building is on the outside of the town, capacity for that building is only 11, you can’t fit 40 heavily armoured warriors in a tiny fisherman’s cottage…


The Aitken Arms

In the centre of the town is the famous pub, The Aitken Arms. This acts as a fulcrum.


All units within 6″ of the pub have the Immune to Psychology and Stubborn special rules (the rich blend of hops, malts and secret ingredients renders them almost totally insensate to mortal fears). Beastmen units within 6″ of the brewhouse are so fanatically defensive of it that they are Unbreakable, but must first pass a Leadership test, with a -3 modifier, if they want to move out of range of the building’s effects.



Spoils of war

Valorous Deeds. By majority agreement of ALL PLAYERS, after an amazing combat/shooting performance, where the unit beats the odds or kills the unkillable!  The unit can to be recognised for its valiant efforts and name it as a Regiment of Renown.

Roll a D6 to see what special rule it gains: 1 = Devastating Charge, 2 = Armour Piercing, 3 = Always Strikes First, 4 = Immune to Psychology, 5 = Stubborn, 6 = Fear.  If your unit already has the special rule then roll again. If there is nothing for your unit to use, then tough, it was excepted to be heroic!

Beneath a Proud Standard. If one of your units kills or routs a BSB, that unit can now pick a magic standard worth up to D6x10 points for free. Write down which one on your army roster. If the standard is ever lost in battle, scrub it off your list. This magic banner must either replace a standard banner or if that is all ready magic, you get another!




At the beginning of top of each turn (ie not each players) we roll for the weather.  See chart below.

The games start on 1. Please note effects are not accumulative.


1-2 – Still – normal gaming

3 – Hot too hot = all charges and pursues are -1”, flees and panics are no change

4 – The Storm is coming ‘bugs millions of them’ special rule from lustria battlegrounds book applies.

Bugs, Millions of Them!

All models must reduce the Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill characteristics on their profile by 1 point, down to a minimum value of 1. Models with the Cold-Blodded, Undead, Nehekharan Undead, Mark of Nurgle, or Daemon special rule are immune to this effect.


5 – Rain = -1” to all shooting, magic missiles and direct damage spells ranges

6 – Heavy Rain =-2” to all shooting, magic missiles and direct damage spells ranges

7* – Thunder and lightning very, very frightening = any units/models that fail a stupidity test must make a panic test at -3 or panic. Any panicing/fleeing units also have a -3 to leadership to rally

8* – Lightning strikes = D3 lightning strikes come down. Dice randomly for side and then army, then unit to see who gets struck. A hit causes D6 strength D6 wounds no armour save, any unsaved wound requires Panic test at -2

9 – The Storm of Magic – All channels add power dice on a 5 and 6.

10 – The Maelstrom of Magic – All channels add power dice on a 5 and 6. AND all rolls of 5 and 6 cast with IF and cause miscasts.


* when this weather is in play roll a dice and if it’s a 2+ then a thunderlizard will appear! This is a huge lustria creature of myth. That will not be controlled by any player/side. Only one thunderlizard can be in play at one time.

The Thunderlizard rules – It cannot be pinned in combat, although you may charge it and fight it. It will just move again in its movement phase.

M6 ws3 bs0 s9 t10 i1 w10 a2 l8
Cold Blooded, Immune to psyc, Stubborn, Ancient Hide (3+ armour), thunderstomp
Lightning discharge, if the weather is lightning 7/8 then all units within 6” of this creature take d6 strength d6 wounds as lightning jumps from the lizard and goes to ground.


The dice roll for weather, moves the marker up or down the scale, by a maximum of one.

1-2 = minus one on the weather table
3-4 = stays the same
5-6+ = plus one


As the storm builds we use the modifier below.

0-12 hours gaming = no modifer

24-36 = +1

36-42 = +2

42-48 = +3



“By the power of greyskull!” special rule

When things are dire and you’re against the wall, a player have a heroic moment called ‘by the power of greyskull’ – only once per game. The general’s unit gets the following special rules.

Stubborn, 4+ ward, immune to KB and HKB, any multi wounds attacks only cause one wound.

The general gets HKB and 2+ ward (including mount).

This is for one turn only.


“balancing the play”

To ensure we have action and fun for the entire game, units once killed will be able to rejoin the battle. To keep things simple it might be best to have some standardised builds. For example – 20 saurus with full command.

As ref, I’ll also have the ‘hand of the old one’ special rule. This means if we/I feel one player is getting super battered, due to play/dice/luck/beer then we’ll break the deployment rules for them, to rejoin with more models to stay in the fight.

If your BSB dies, then it can return as reserve – NOT part of the deployment costs.

If your general dies, then it can return as reserve – NOT part of the deployment costs.

If a special ‘named’ character/monster/beast/badger dies – it can return to play as a reserve, but must be bought out of the wave deployment costs.


“the storm of magic draws in powerful creatures”

Closer to the game, we’ll create a table of the ‘spare’ monsters we have available. These will be wandering monsters. We will allocate an entry point to suit each monster, ie mourngul from the graveyard and merwyrm from the sea… At the top of each turn, we roll a single dice. On a 3+ a wandering monster will appear for each side that turn. We’ll roll on the table for which  will arrive. Each monster then belongs to that side. If a wandering monster that is rolled, is not available due to being in play, then reroll until an available model is found. Each side then has complete control for their monster should fit until if is killer/removed. Once killed or removed from play it then becomes available for re-entry into the game.