Overlord Mortis rules the Duat dynasty.

Unusually, the Duat dynasty is based on but a single planet. But a planet of reputable dread.

In ancient Necrontyr times, his domain was known as the Underworld, a place enemies, traitors, criminals and wrongdoers would be sent to die – or worse.

The Silent King decreed Duat – the planet from which the Dynasty would eventually take its name – would be the Necrontyr’s own living version of Hell. A physical deterrent to keep his people in line. With a hyper-dense and volatile solar core, Duat was the very image of Hell. Lakes of liquid fire covered the surface, while black, acrid, sulfurous smoke smothered the atmosphere. Land masses formed of volcanic rock violently erupted to create jagged mountain ranges, while almost all the planet’s flora and fauna had either died out, or evolved daemonic-like resistance, with tendencies to match. The planet itself projected a strong and distorted magnetic field. Amplified by nearby micro-rifts, light seemingly bent around the planet, while long-ranged sensors could not make sense of the garbled readings they picked up – combined, this made the planet all but invisible until it came into physical sight upon approach. Once taken there, you’d never be found.

In Duat, the Silent King had a very real threat with which to hang over his subjects – obey the law, live by the codes, or face the eternal hellfire and punishment of the Underworld. Carved deep within Duat’s crust lay labyrinthine tunnels, caves and converted dungeon complexes. Cavernous torture chambers, dark experimentation labs and billowing execution furnaces honeycombed the entire planet.

And it fell to Mortis to act as custodian for this grim realm.

The Necrontyr race’s biotransference – the process that saw the once mortal race supplanted by undying metal physical form – stripped the will, self-awareness and individuality from most of the Necrontyr save the ruling elite, leaving behind soulless, numbed automata.

Following biotransference, Duat remained a place of imprisonment and punishment. Though with the passing of the eons, the long sleep, the disappearance of the Silent King and the eventual degrading of the Necron’s minds, the reasons that remained the case became unclear; perhaps it was a learned, practiced or habitual response from the now-dulled savants and warriors that inhabited Duat, or perhaps Duat’s most senior Necron’s – the ones who still retained some wit about them – knew the psychological power of a dread reputation.

Either way, to this day, the Necrons of the Duat dynasty still bring captives back to the Underworld for punishment after each and every engagement.

IMG_1229Grown bitter from the millennia of being steward to the dead and the damned, Mortis craves – irrationally now – to become mortal once more. To once again taste, smell, touch and feel, he plans to reverse his biotransference – to ‘upload’ his consciousness into a suitable vassal. And with ferry-loads of captives still mindlessly being brought to Duat on a daily basis, he has plenty of subjects with which to experiment on.

But Mortis is not content to sit and wait. For millennia he has personally led raids upon unsuspecting worlds to seek out new captives and technology with which to further his goals. And he will stop at nothing. He has no regard for the lives his experimentation and machinations cost – like when he unwittingly unleashed a zombie plague upon Imperial Registered Planet 1NA.


His experiments – ever grander, wilder and Machiavellian – have led to many other pleasant advancements;

  • While attempting to harness Duat’s hyper-dense solar core to power a mass-sentient mind-transponder, he discovered he could use the same technology to re-focus and overcharge the weaponry of his warriors… That he flash-melted an entire cohort of 10,000 of his own Immortals during the process was of no concern.
  • In an encounter with The Enslavers he hypothesised secretions from their feeder tentacles could be used to transfer thoughts from one living entity to another. He was wrong. And instead discovered their method of mind control was far more complex, involving the opening of a rift in the warp to, in effect, travel back in time and manipulate thought at conception. Mortis adapted this knowledge to upgrade Duat’s Plasma Sphere transports, allowing him to teleport his armies vast distances across the galaxy. Though he lacks the sprawling empires and growing influence of other Necron dynasties, this technology means he’s never hamstrung or handicapped operating from a single, hidden planet just as well.
  • Manipulating the hive mind of captured Tyranid specimens to create a ‘Multi-Mortis,’ was a promising concept. The vision of an ever-lasting version of himself across multiple, mortal creatures – each with their own sensations being multiplied by his own – is tantalising, yet proving frustratingly evasive. In addition to now hearing voices in his head, Mortis has however been able to put many of his failed experiments to use. Bottled Zoanthrope heads mounted upon skeletal legs allow Mortis to blast his foes apart with a thought. Genestealer limbs injected with silvered Necro-nanites have been successfully grafted onto Warrior bodies. And low level sentience inhibitor dishes have fairly reliably been able to control the smaller Tyranid creatures. A bit.

He’s known to many thousands of cultures and civilisations across the galaxy. And known by equally as many names; Mortis, Grim Reaper, Santa Muerte, Hades, Mors, Osiris… each sector he’s touched have their own moniker for him, but all such names mean the same thing – Death; ruler of the Underworld.



  • The Duat dynasty will be represented by ‘Mephrit: Solar Fury.’ Mortis’ experimentation and resultant discoveries have allowed him to overcharge his legion’s weapons. At half range, the Armour Penetration characteristic of Duat dynasty weapons are improved by 1
  • Mortis will be equipped with a Voidscythe and Veil of Darkness – true kit of the Grim Reaper
  • His warlord trait will be represented by Honorable Combatant – not for name, but for effect. Gaining +D3 attacks if directed against a single character suits the idea that Overlord Mortis is inescapable, inevitable, creeping death itself. From under hooded veil he points and silently calls for you. There’s no escaping. It’s your time to die




Note – the Overlord Mortis model is a quick and easy conversion of Puppets War Cyber Grim Reaper