“Duty roster: Planet 1NA”

These were words even the most veteran Adeptus Arbites officer didn’t want to hear. 1NA was considered to be the arse-end of planets, in the arse-end of systems. To be posted here, even for the shortest amount of time, was practically a death sentence. If the radiation didn’t kill you, then the local populace of scum and villiany would.

1NA once specialised in mining, processing and the production of low-grade ceramite. Mined almost to exhaustion, the dwindling resources meant Imperial involvement slowly reduced. Those that could afford to leave the planet did, while those who remained behind were forced to scrap out a living in the slums, which soon accounted for over 75% of the habitats on 1NA.

The Arbites stationed on 1NA were fighting a losing battle. And it was a battle. Slowly, the planet was descending into anarchy and lawlessness as the Imperium’s interest dwindled and its grip loosened. Casualties were mounting and resources were scarce. The Arbites were increasingly forced to work with local militia groups, Adepta Sororitas covenants, mercenaries, bounty hunters and many other unsavory characters. And with increasing desperation, payment became increasingly unorthodox, ranging from credits, food rations, and the Emperor’s pardon for past crimes to weapons, ammunition, protection, dead bodies and even xenos captives…

For this game, I’ll be using the Adeptus Arbites fan-Codex written by Matthew Forish (found here Arbites 7th v1.4). I have a full squad of 10 Arbitrators with shotguns. The ‘executioner ammunition’ is represented by a unique stat line; R18, S4, AP5, twin-linked, no cover, no snaps – which ‘feels’ right and is an elegant way to represent the heat-seeking, armour-piercing ammo. One of the squad carries a grenade launcher and has a skill to ignore cover. They are led by a sergeant with a plasma pistol and shock maul (a close combat weapon that gives +1S), and he is accompanied by his faithful K-9 unit which I’ve given the fear special rule. Finally, the team is supported by a three-man pursuit team mounted on bikes. The leader of which has the hammer of wrath skill – hopefully he can simply run over his opponent before he even needs to draw his weapon!