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Adeptus Arbites – Kill Team

IMG_0279Our first forray into Kill Team was a success! The games were very quick, full of narrative and had tonnes of tense, heroic moments. It also worked well for allied games too; all players could get involved and there were no long periods of waiting around

Will the sniper make this critical shot? Can we kill the suicide bomber before he reaches our lines? Will the melta gunner roll high enough to one-shot the Taurox?

Tracking victory points throughout the game increased the intensity and added new tactical elements: “We’re three points behind… if we can kill an enemy leader, get that unit behind enemy lines and reduce that army to 25%, we can still win…!”

In short, we loved it. And are hooked. Many of the lads are starting new collections and projects, myself included.

I’ve built an Adeptus Arbites ‘Execution’ team – these are my more elite, heavily armed and armoured Arbites, deployed only when the complete and utter extermination of the target is required (think; SWAT team with a 40K twist). I’ve based the models (and their rules) on Space Marines, but used Maxmini riot shields and Puppets War shoulder pads and Judge Dredd style heads


The team includes three boltgunners, one of which has the ‘sniper’ skill – so the boltgun on the right has a silencer and scope!

The heavy bolter carrier will be given the ‘relentless’ skill, while one of the riot shield bearers will be given the ‘rending’ skill – he’ll be accompanied by his faithful K9 unit (the model will have no in-game effect, but if  I score a rending hit, we’ll all imagine he got mauled by the dog!)


kill team list

The team is built around ‘counts as’ Dark Angel Space Marines

IMG_0279 IMG_0280 IMG_0281 IMG_0282 IMG_0283 IMG_0284 IMG_0286 IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0289 IMG_0291 IMG_0292 IMG_0293 IMG_0294 IMG_0295 IMG_0296 IMG_0297 IMG_0298


#TheTrainJob – playing the game

What a game!

#TheTrainJob was a six-player, narrative-based fluff game based around the Kill Team rules (download PDF here). After setting the scene and giving the players a brief, the club frantically set about building scenery, painting models and crafting lists.

For this battle, the scenario wasn’t prescriptive and we let the day unfold as the players dictated. But there were some set elements that helped shape the narrative, including;

  • Imperial vs Chaos (and Xenos)
  • Set on a backwater world that no one cared about where anything could happen
  • Action revolved around a railway running through key points; depot, city, scrapyard, ambush alley…
  • An Imperial container transporting something top-secret

The six armies that took part:

  1. Adepta Sororitas of Our Martyred Lady
  2. Adeptus Arbites patrol
  3. Beastmarines
  4. Iron Warriors
  5. The Orkenstein
  6. The Weeping Angels

To kick things off, we played a few mini-games using the 40K rules, which ended brutally fast because of our small lists. These we decided were like ‘opening sequences in a movie’ and really set the scene. In one game for example, the Orks raided and captured the train so we decided they should ride it in the next battle!


  • Lone Dark Eldar biker one-shotting a Beastmarine dreadnought in the rear with a dark lance
  • Adeptus Arbites bikers mounting the railway and racing headlong towards a speeding train
  • Battle Sisters hitchhiking a ride in a civilian VW camper van to get to the action quicker
  • Orks boarding a speeding train from their trucks
  • Chaos marine raptors using their feet-claws and rocket packs to lift the container onto the train (as the depot crane was disabled) to make a getaway
  • Beastmarine dreadnought barreling into the container to knock it off the train
  • (Drunken) mini games to decide events that weren’t in the rules; “Can my Arbites officer lob a krak grenade into the exhaust pipes to stop the train?”… “Ok, but only if you can stack 15 dice in 30 seconds”
  • ‘Wild cards’ – for the final game, each player wrote and was given one random wild card (making sure the player didn’t get the one he wrote himself). Each wild card described a ‘triumph and treachery’ type event and could be as crazy or as game-breaking as the author wanted (but remembering that it could just as easily be used against his own side). Events took place such as; entire buildings falling down, orbital bombardment, warp storms, and even an Inquisitor teleporting directly onto the train
  • The contents of Container 23 was decided at random. Each player wrote down what they wanted to be in it and we decided that once the train reached the city, we’d reveal its contents… to say we were all quite miffed as to what we’d been fighting over all day was quite an understatement!
  • Karaoke (yep, that happened)

The club all approached this with the same attitude and mindset, and the event was a fantastic success – it wasn’t about ‘winning’* or adhering to a set of rules, but rather about telling a really cool story. We all set up lots of in game ‘movie moments’ and were open to a bit of roleplaying-esqu games mastering and narrating when it helped move along the story


















#TheTrainJob – Iron Warriors

Chaos Space Marines; Iron Warriors warband.

Two possible lists:

  1. Seven Raptors (119pts), Flamer (5pts), Icon of Wrath (15pts), Mark of Khorne (16pts), Raptor Champion (27pts), Close Combat Weapon, Plasma Pistol (15pts) = 197pts
  2. Nine Chaos Marine with Boltguns (117pts), Heavy Bolter (10pts), Plasma Gun (15pts), Aspiring Champion (23pts), Bolt Pistol, Gift of Mutation (10pts), Power Fist (25pts) = 200pts





#TheTrainJob – The Orkenstein

Zagstruk sat in his big iron chair with skull handrests made earlier, still dripping in places. There was a distinct lack of angry shouting in the forward bunker. The air was missing that usual smack of rotten grotsack instead only mildly odoured by comparison by the two nervous door guards. Clearly no clue what do make of the silence. One cast a nervous glance at the other and whispered quite gruff and loudly, “Oi, do you know who’s coming?”

The other replied with a derisive grunt, “Course I do you blunt-toof bastard. Now shut up!”

The first, clearly more unsettled, loosened his top button a bit, whispering “Why’d he make us wear this Imperial shit-rag anyway? Stinks of u’mies.”

Before the second could even think how to reply it all went cold as the outer bunker door welcomed a shadowy figure. Clearly Ork and yet clearly something different. With purpose and a loud click-clack of heels, he marched to the guards and without breaking stride bid them part. Nervously the guards did exactly that, both looking totally confused as they did. It was almost as if they were compelled to move by the sight of this large, round-capped Ork in a black greatcoat.

Zagstruk sat up watching him approach and welcomed his comrade “Bout fucking time! Where you been? Eating up ‘umies heads I guess?”

The shadowy Commissar barely raised an eyebrow and handed Zagstruk a rolled up parchment. Zagstruk flustered with impatience, unrolled the parchment and a large, disturbingly toothy smile crept across his face like winter over fields. His eye sparkled for a second before the hall got really loud again.

“Mount up you bunch of maggoty entrails, we have a target to ambush! Rally the general’s now before I soggy stump fuck the sodding lot of ya!”

The shadowy commissar grasped Zagstruk by the fleeting arm and held him fast with an iron stare.

“Don’t fail to bring it back. The boss wants whatever is in container 23, and what the boss wants…”

#TheTrainJob – Adepta Sororitas of Our Martyred Lady

The last remaining Adepta Sororitas gather around the remains of the Chapel of Our Martyred Lady. Sister Superior Veronica will lead the ceremony to desanctify this ruin so that the remains of the 15th Saint can be taken off world. Until this sacred act is complete the chapel is holy ground and home to the last of the faithful



Violent biker gang spotted raiding local settlements. Nine known members

  • Gang name: Weeping Angels
  • Gang leader name: Toe Cutter
  • Reward: 500,000 thrones

Only known photo





#TheTrainJob – Adeptus Arbites patrol

“Duty roster: Planet 1NA”

These were words even the most veteran Adeptus Arbites officer didn’t want to hear. 1NA was considered to be the arse-end of planets, in the arse-end of systems. To be posted here, even for the shortest amount of time, was practically a death sentence. If the radiation didn’t kill you, then the local populace of scum and villiany would.

1NA once specialised in mining, processing and the production of low-grade ceramite. Mined almost to exhaustion, the dwindling resources meant Imperial involvement slowly reduced. Those that could afford to leave the planet did, while those who remained behind were forced to scrap out a living in the slums, which soon accounted for over 75% of the habitats on 1NA.

The Arbites stationed on 1NA were fighting a losing battle. And it was a battle. Slowly, the planet was descending into anarchy and lawlessness as the Imperium’s interest dwindled and its grip loosened. Casualties were mounting and resources were scarce. The Arbites were increasingly forced to work with local militia groups, Adepta Sororitas covenants, mercenaries, bounty hunters and many other unsavory characters. And with increasing desperation, payment became increasingly unorthodox, ranging from credits, food rations, and the Emperor’s pardon for past crimes to weapons, ammunition, protection, dead bodies and even xenos captives…

For this game, I’ll be using the Adeptus Arbites fan-Codex written by Matthew Forish (found here Arbites 7th v1.4). I have a full squad of 10 Arbitrators with shotguns. The ‘executioner ammunition’ is represented by a unique stat line; R18, S4, AP5, twin-linked, no cover, no snaps – which ‘feels’ right and is an elegant way to represent the heat-seeking, armour-piercing ammo. One of the squad carries a grenade launcher and has a skill to ignore cover. They are led by a sergeant with a plasma pistol and shock maul (a close combat weapon that gives +1S), and he is accompanied by his faithful K-9 unit which I’ve given the fear special rule. Finally, the team is supported by a three-man pursuit team mounted on bikes. The leader of which has the hammer of wrath skill – hopefully he can simply run over his opponent before he even needs to draw his weapon!


#TheTrainJob – the brief

Registered World 1NA is a back water industrial planet that specialised in mining, processing and product of low-grade ceramite. Due to low remaining resources, imperial involvement has been slowly reduced over the last 25 years. Those that could afford to leave have, those that remain work in the last remaining jobs or scrap out a living in the slums which now make up over 75% of each sector.

What follows is an intercepted communicade between illegal freighter traffic in the Georgia System, thought to be referring to planet 1NA…












Beastmarine scout group commissioned to confirm potential reemergence of a lost member of the wolf brothers. All sighting were false.

BEASTMARINES report 62.44.9666.57

Planet 1NA known as ‘Regina’. Back water hell hole little imperial influence. Rumours of possible Wolf Brothers planetfall sighting. Impossible to ratify without further study. Decision to send scouting unit for corroboration taken. Unit to include Greygan Prime, one of the oldest of us, as requirement to complete any spirit connection needed if to fully corroborate rumours. Considered low risk. Engagement protocol Zulu Bravo 32. Not to have any part in local affairs unless directly engaged. Beast Guard leader Haryk Black Blade is in command. Will require updates upon arrival. For the Emperor, for Leman of Russ, for the Blessed 13th, may your hooves and horns part the Imperium’s enemies and may you find our lost brothers.