Next week will see the lads from Innsmouth play a series of linked, narrative-based ‘Kill Team’ games entitled; The Train Job

With @tinracersteve leading the way, everyone is frantically gathering their forces, making their lists, and buying, building, and painting scenery and special objectives – including a purpose-built and (fully functional!) train

For those who don’t know, Kill Team uses the standard Warhammer 40k rules but tweaked slightly to represent small-scale, 200 point, skirmishes, where each model acts independently (rules can be found here Kill_Team (1)). This allows the players to really go to town on their models and inject a good bit of character, narrative and fluff. The games won’t necessarily be about ‘winning’ but more about telling a cool story

Forces taking part include;

  • Adeptus Arbites patrol
  • Dark Eldar biker gang
  • Chaos Iron Warriors retinue
  • The ‘Orkenstein’ (WW2-themed speed freak Orks)
  • Beastmarines – a lost (and drunk) loyalist Space Marine chapter
  • A holy Sisters of Battle covenant

More updates will follow, but check out #TheTrainJob on Twitter for the latest news