Painting my four Humvee-inspired Taurox transports (converted using Zinge Industries’ military wheels)

I really like the size of these (Land Raider shown for scale) and I think they fit perfectly with the classic Kasrkin models

Now to charge headlong into the enemies of the Emperor and deliver swift retribution!









IMG_20150711_180717 IMG_20150711_180721 IMG_20150711_180730 IMG_20150820_164119 IMG_20150820_164326 IMG_20150820_164329 IMG_20150820_165555 IMG_20150820_172121 IMG_20150822_142757 IMG_20150822_142801 IMG_20150822_142805 IMG_20150822_142820 IMG_20150822_142827 IMG_20150824_202037  IMG_20150824_202106 IMG_20150824_202128IMG_20150824_202049