Bit of an impulse purchase

I was lucky enough to pick up 35 classic Imperial Guard Karskin models at a recent toy fair in Milton Keynes for a bargain price

Ever since the Taurox was released, and inspired by the TV series Generation Kill, I wanted to convert one into a Humvee-looking transport using Zinge Industries’ military wheels 


35 Kasrkin with special weapons, mounted in four Taurox and led by a Commissar comes in at exactly 1000 points – and is also a pretty neat formation (ok, in game they suck, but they look great!)

After painting a test model, I took the troopers on holiday with me. I was especially pleased with converted sergeant

“What’s the matter, the CIA got you pushing too many pencils?!”

IMG_20150509_200745 IMG_20150515_125351 IMG_20150515_125428 IMG_20150602_204831 IMG_20150608_130232 IMG_20150615_083630 IMG_20150617_134032 IMG_20150617_162540 IMG_20150628_191233

IMG_20150628_191936 IMG_20150628_191957 IMG_20150628_192004 IMG_20150628_192010 IMG_20150628_192025 IMG_20150628_192142 IMG_20150628_192208 IMG_20150826_221151