With the release of GW’s new Bloodreaver kit, I felt they’d make an epic Goliath gang for Necromunda

I picked up a box, some cool shotguns and rifles from Anvil Industry and raided my spare parts

For painting, I experimented with a super-cheaty method using just washes and drybrushing over a bone-coloured undercoat

We’ve started a new campaign and my gang, known as the ‘Iron Jaw Brawlers’ have already got themselves a reputation for recklessness.

Highlights of the campaign for the Brawlers so far include:

  • A friendly fire incident from my heavy that resulted in the death of a ganger (internal grudges it seems!)
  • My leader shooting a rival gang leader in the hand with his bolt pistol during a shootout (causing -1WS)
  • My leader earning the ‘fear’ skill after killing an enemy ganger
  • The first shot of my grenade launcher (which I was so excited about) exploding in the breach taking him out of action

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