Pictures from the epic Oubliette Gate dual-table game

Two games were played side-by-side on separate boards representing the struggle between Imperial and Chaos forces; one game aboard the Chaos strike cruiser, Hell’s Fury, in low-orbit above the planet Viridian Prime and the other game upon the planet’s surface itself, near the site of the recently discovered Oubliette Gate artifact.

Victory points were scored on both tables and added together to determine the overall winning team using a combination of tactical and narrative-based objectives to keep play varied. Uniquely, each table was able to affect the flow of battle on the other using special rules representing orbital bombardment and planetary defence cannons exchanging fire with one another (using the ‘guess range’ mechanic from the olden days!).

Play was balanced throughout the game by supplying reinforcements to the current losing side and the game concluded with a spectacular ‘end game’ event involving a Daemonic incursion.

And chicken.

Download the full ruleset for the game  (lots more fluff in there to enjoy too)

Scroll through the pictures to see a blow-by-blow of what happened and who won…

IMG_20150516_113445 IMG_20150516_113459 IMG_20150516_113540 IMG_20150516_120631 IMG_20150516_120637 IMG_20150516_120656 IMG_20150516_140601 IMG_20150516_140608 IMG_20150516_140612 IMG_20150516_140625 IMG_20150516_140633 IMG_20150516_145716 IMG_20150516_150248 IMG_20150516_150256 IMG_20150516_150303 IMG_20150516_150307 IMG_20150516_150309 IMG_20150516_150314 IMG_20150516_151429 IMG_20150516_151722 IMG_20150516_151729 IMG_20150516_151733 IMG_20150516_152529 IMG_20150516_153914 IMG_20150516_160141 IMG_20150516_160147 IMG_20150516_160235


Players had to guess ranges (just like the old days) between the orbital bombardment cannons

IMG_20150516_161212 IMG_20150516_161314 IMG_20150516_161322 IMG_20150516_163649 IMG_20150516_163759 IMG_20150516_163803 IMG_20150516_163912 IMG_20150516_163946 IMG_20150516_164239 IMG_20150516_165528 IMG_20150516_165534 IMG_20150516_170223 IMG_20150516_170230 IMG_20150516_170238 IMG_20150516_170246 IMG_20150516_172805 IMG_20150516_172808 IMG_20150516_173145 IMG_20150516_173150 IMG_20150516_174531 IMG_20150516_174539 IMG_20150516_174726 IMG_20150516_174748 IMG_20150516_174757 IMG_20150516_174806 IMG_20150516_175444 IMG_20150516_181149 IMG_20150516_181204 IMG_20150516_181216 IMG_20150516_181225 IMG_20150516_181301 IMG_20150516_192016 IMG_20150516_192020 IMG_20150516_192029 IMG_20150516_192035 IMG_20150516_192041 IMG_20150516_193150 IMG_20150516_193221 IMG_20150516_193233 IMG_20150516_193237 IMG_20150516_194017 IMG_20150516_194029 IMG_20150516_194038 IMG_20150516_201653 IMG_20150516_201702 IMG_20150516_201712 IMG_20150516_201720 IMG_20150516_202600 IMG_20150516_202611 IMG_20150516_202708 IMG_20150516_204122 IMG_20150516_204127 IMG_20150516_221303 IMG_20150516_221322 IMG_20150516_221637 IMG_20150516_222908 IMG_20150516_222918 IMG_20150516_225911 IMG_20150516_233847 IMG_20150516_233958 IMG_20150516_234009