Imagine if you will an episode of Ancient Aliens, a TV show that if you’ve not watching you’re missing a treat. Each week the beliefs of an ancient civilization, from like olden times, are examined to reveal true insights that prove that aliens have visited our planet and interacted with its inhabitants. When an early human sees something unexplainable it has to be magic or a god when in fact Giorgio Tsoukalos clearly sees its just another encounter with beings from beyond our galaxy or dimension.


Giorgio Tsoukalos

So what’s this got to do with Warhammer Age of Sigmar and the new Seraphon book, I hear you ask. Well, why not take that same thinking and apply it to the new book, let’s not take anything on face value, let’s look deeper and see what secrets it might hold.


Imagine the writer was an ancient person with no understanding of technology or deep space and lived everyday in fear of vengeful gods and unholy powers.

Let’s look at some descriptions and apply the ‘Ancient Aliens’ mindset.

  • Firstly they are described as Celestial Demons – an overly simplified way of saying creatures not of this world.
  • Slann arriving appearing in a silver comet – could that simply be a shuttle craft from orbit?


  • The Seraphon army appearing out of no where, which can only be remembered from the mind of the Slann – or have they just teleported down to the surface.
  • The armies of the Seraphon, Constellations, are seen as star formations in the night sky – surely fleet ships in low, geostationary orbit.


  • Even the names of the leaders of these extraterrestrials have names that fit perfectly with this thinking:
    Starmaster – the master of the star ships. The controller of the teleport system on the planet surface.
    Starseer – these have to be the navigators from the fleet.


  • Floating Palanquins – very clear example of anti-gravity technology to support the weakened bodies of those that have been in zero G for many years.


I shall leave you with one telling piece of evidence, one that links back to our world today.

The Star Drake (or Dragon) Dracothion – is mentioned many times as the one that steers the lost space fleet of the Seraphon back to the Mortal Realms (our system). Is this mythical creature not the same as the creature Mesoamerican myth – Quetzalcoatl? This winged serpent god that came to earth and taught mankind about the stars and the passage of time…