Three men walk into a bar; a Englishman, a Serbian and an idiot

They’re 40k players; Black Templars, Tyranids and Deathwing, respectively

After several beers, the conversation naturally drifts towards hobby. Spurring each other on, their plans become increasingly grandiose

“Oh man, wouldn’t it be cool to recreate a battle like the Tyranid invasion of Macgragge? ‘Nids vs Terminators. Back-to-back fighting until they die to a man!”

“Well… I have a LOT of Tyranids. Somewhere between ‘bucket loads’ and ‘zounds’. How many Terminators do you two actually have between you?”

*both Imperial players mentally tot up their collections*


And with that, the battle was set

100 Terminators. An entire First Company. An alliance of Deathwing and Black Templars. Deployed in the centre of the field against an endless Tyranid horde until all the Terminators are dead. We kept a tally of Kill Points (whole squads) to determine the ‘winner’

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