Your army is fully painted

It’s beautifully honed and the roster adds up perfectly to 1000 points

Your scenery is fully painted and you’ve got a matching battle mat

You’ve even gone so far as to develop a cool scenario and your opponent is on board

It’s the stuff dreams are made of

So when you get an absolute drubbing, thankfully, it doesn’t sting as much!

In this battle, 1000 points of Storm Troopers took on 1000 points of Raven Guard…and were taken apart

Still a fantastic battle that looked great. My favourite moment was when a Raven Guard Assault Squad charged a Taurox and blew it up with their Hammer of Wrath attacks! And we had to laugh when I immobilized (and destroyed) another Taurox trying to turbo boost towards an objective right at the end (and that’s after its re-roll!)

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