Gaming with fully painted models is great, but gaming with fully painted models AND a fully painted scenery set is even better, taking the experience up to 11


I raided my bits box for the scatter scenery, making good use of the battlefield accessory sprue. The orange gas canisters are from Zinge Industries. A quick coat of Typhus Corrosion, and a drybrush of orange and silver took care of the metal work, while brown washes over block base colours sorted the rest. Being a hopeless nostalgic, I’m still a big fan of the classic cardboard Necromunda scenery. It’s especially handy as it can be easily transported and stored too. But eventually I’ll upgrade it to some of the more modern kits around. Until then…. game on

IMG_20150105_151148 IMG_20150105_151153 IMG_20150105_151352~2 IMG_20150105_151400~2 IMG_20150105_152813 IMG_20150105_152902 IMG_20150105_152914 IMG_20150105_153234 IMG_20150105_153249 IMG_20150105_153300 IMG_20150105_153309 IMG_20150105_153314 IMG_20150105_153325 IMG_20150105_153500 IMG_20150105_153510 IMG_20150105_153627 IMG_20150105_153632