Saturday 16 May the Innsmouth lads will battle it out in a unique dual-table, narrative ‘fluff’ 40K game; The Oubliette Gate.

Two games will be played side-by-side on separate boards representing the struggle between Imperial and Chaos forces; aboard the Chaos strike cruiser, Hell’s Fury, in low-orbit above the planet Viridian Prime and upon the planet’s surface itself, near the site of the recently discovered Oubliette Gate artefact.

Victory points are scored on both tables and added together to determine the overall winning team using a combination of tactical and narrative-based objectives to keep play varied. Uniquely, each table will be able to affect the flow of battle on the other using special rules representing orbital bombardment and planetary defence cannons exchanging fire with one

Play will be balanced throughout the game by supplying reinforcements to the current losing side and the game will conclude with a spectacular ‘end game’ event involving a Daemonic incursion.

Blood will be spilt. Beer will be drunk.

The Oubliette Gate

The Fallen Angels are a menace to the galaxy like no other. Traitors and heretics all, their existence is
a stain upon the honour of the chapter they previously pledged allegiance to; the Dark Angels.

Wherever the Fallen appear, chaos, intrigue, and anarchy consistently follows in their wake.
Individually, each is an ancient and deadly immortal warrior from the time of the Horus Heresy,
impossibly knowledgeable and wise, hardened from of years of warfare, and able to orchestrate and
implement the most Machiavellian of plots to further their own ends. As a group, it is simply
terrifying the scale of destruction their devious plans can accomplish – whole systems find themselves
in turmoil, succumbing to plague, famine, civil war, and even sector-wide daemonic incursions.

Only the highest ranking Dark Angels, the Deathwing, are aware of the true origin of the Fallen
Angels and they tirelessly hunt down and exterminate them wherever possible, following-up on any
trace or a clue that could lead to their presence.

Our battle tells of one such incident; The Oubliette Gate.

The narrative
A group of Fallen Angels have discovered the location of the Oubliette Gate, an ancient relic originating from Caliban, the now destroyed homeworld of the Dark Angels. This small, unassuming-looking piece of technology dates back to before the Horus Heresy, over 10,000 years ago, and has been discovered on the planet of Viridian Prime – a valuable Imperial mining world, rich in promethium and heavily protected by a planetary defence force.

Through the implementation of warp technology, the Oubliette Gate was originally used by the Dark Angels as an imprisonment device – this handheld instrument could project a beam that would put a captive into stasis and transport them to another realm where they could be kept indefinitely and forgotten about – a trans-dimensional oubliette not bound by time or space. Likewise, the operator could reverse the process, freeing a captive from the oubliette and summoning them for interrogation or even execution. Though buried somewhere on Viridian Prime’s sun-baked surface, the rediscovery of this relic is absolutely tantalising to the Fallen as they could use it to free everyone contained within, potentially unleashing many more of their dark brethren… or worse. It is believed by some that a few reckless Dark Angels used the relic to imprison Daemons and that these Space Marines later turned to Chaos…

Pinpointing the relic’s location but unable to overcome the Imperial defences stationed on Viridian Prime on their own, a small group of Fallen disguised themselves as traders and used stolen Imperial credentials to make planetfall. Journeying to Viridian’s northern most continent they placed cloaked’s.planetary defence cannons with the intention to draw-in a Tyranid splinter fleet to overwhelm the Imperial defence force, causing enough confusion and terror to give them time to take the relic for themselves.

The Deathwing cannot allow this to happen and will stop at nothing to secure the relic and destroy the Fallen trying to steal it.

With the splinter fleet approaching, the Astropath stationed on Viridian sent a distress call that was hastily answered by the Grey Knights.They were already in the sector pursuing their Chief Librarian’s confused visions foretelling great loss of life and the coming of Daemons, which became increasingly amplified and intensified the closer they got to the psi-emitters. Thankfully for the Dark Angels, the Grey Knights remain unaware of the presence of the Oubliette Gate but remain drawn to it nonetheless.

As the Tyranid invasion begins, the Imperial Guard ready their defences. The Fallen’s Chaos strike cruiser is in low orbit to allow them to make a clean getaway once they’ve secured the relic, safe in the knowledge that the psi-emitter’s powerful emanations will draw the Tyranid’s attentions away from them. Several squads of Deathwing have been despatched to intercept and board the strike cruiser, and exterminate all life on board. They must also ensure the relic is either captured or destroyed, for if it is activated, who knows what terrors will be unleashed…?

Full rules can be downloaded as a PDF; The Oubliette Gate (1)

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