I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of the re-released edition of Space Hulk. Though the Blood Angel Terminator models are absolutely beautiful, the temptation to convert them to match my existing Deathwing army was just too strong. Some of the models were trickier to convert than others, requiring the shoulder pads to be dug out or a little remodeling of the chest piece, while others were a simple case of filing off any Blood Angel iconography and swapping an arm/weapon. Where possible, I tried to stay true to the original model, keeping the same silhouette, pose and facing.



IMG_20141108_141728 IMG_20141108_142017

IMG_20141108_141734 IMG_20141108_142057


IMG_20141108_141747 IMG_20141108_142150


IMG_20141108_141753 IMG_20141108_142225



IMG_20141108_141803 IMG_20141108_142200

IMG_20141108_141814 IMG_20141108_142138

IMG_20141108_141817   IMG_20141108_142115


A small drawback is that when mounted on 40mm bases, the Terminators don’t fit on the Space Hulk tiles. It’s most noticeable when they’re side-by-side, but shouldn’t be a massive problem during game play if you’re a little forgiving. When out on their own, it shouldn’t matter.

IMG_20141108_142404 IMG_20141108_142445 IMG_20141108_142503

I also speed-painted a Genestealer, testing a lightning fast method using washes.

IMG_20141109_172147 IMG_20141109_172217

From a base coat of white with a boltgun metal base, I washed the whole model in black. Then I washed the fleshy areas in purple and the carapace in blue. I gave the whole model a light drybrush of bone, and painted the claws and teeth in the same colour, finishing them off with a sepia wash.

IMG_20141109_143742 IMG_20141109_144017 IMG_20141109_145358 IMG_20141109_155727 IMG_20141109_160208  IMG_20141109_170111  IMG_20141109_170645 IMG_20141109_171144IMG_20141109_172332

IMG_20150922_164637 IMG_20150922_164627 IMG_20150922_164622 IMG_20150922_164618 IMG_20150922_164607


UPDATE – based on this method, the wonderful Scott Ferguson has developed the technique a few steps further, and produced some incredible miniatures. To vary the colours and add depth, he used a second coat of both the blue and purple. Another nice variation Scott used was to paint the top of the Genestealer head white again after the black wash – this really helps bring the face to life by adding highlights to the top of the head once the purple wash has been added. He’s also lavished lots of attention on the bases which really makes the models sing. See Scott’s fantastic blog for more details