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Translated H. Carter – site 14
(Parenthesis comment describe contentious hieroglyphics)   

During the time of the death of the (river inverted) nile.

Our powerful queen (cartouche) khalida rose from her tomb in the valley of kings to protect our land.
Even when the land was at its weakest with no water (dead fish) our queen brought an army with her to battle (chariots and archers over sand).

… Fragment lost …

The god sobek (crocodile) saw her need and joined in her quest to rid the land of invaders (strange demon like figures).

His power was so great as to bring sand storms (cup or glasses symbol) and rivers of sand to life to carry the army to battle.

None before this could stop it (slain goats). Sobek lead the charge (crocodile in chariot) crushing smaller frail figures under wheel.

… Fragment lost …

Only then when crowned the unliving queen did sobek (sun down) return to the afterlife.

Beware all that try to harm khalida for her curse is equal to her living power and will follow your lineage through the ages.