Let me tell you

A curious tale

All, please come sit

Allow me to regale

A story of conquest

To make the strong pale

And take up a pint

Of stout hearted ale.


Curious you ask?

But why is this so?

The tale has not ended

It continues to grow

I bring you first news

Of these things that I know

The horrors I have seen

In the darkness below.


But do not pale face

Do not lose heart,

These warts that I bear

Are mine and wont part

So if you are comfortable

Allow me to start

A tale of three witches

And their sorcerous art.


The mighty Khargath

Powerfully bound

Across the wastes

No match was found

As all his enemies

Lie underground

A new king’s head

He seeks to pound!


Within his search

Betwixt and twain

The parallel worlds

Of power and pain

Discovers he not

A mortal gain

But a quest of slaughter

Of an Elven Thane.


Three witches wise

To hidden treasure

The filth ridden key

To unlock his pleasure

Lies in Ulthuan blood-

-A single measure

Khargath did smile

As for him this is leisure


The goal is now set

With a thirst for gore

To sand and bone

And treasures more!

Khargath rallies

His forces to war

Above the trembling ground

Bellows a mighty roar!


The blood of Asuran

Is Khargaths prey

Death marches to Ulthuan

On this hallowed day

The outcome of which

No one can say

Except only that Chaos

Will have its way.”


The mention of the word

Sets the audience aghast

Chaos they splutter

Retreating to fast

Stumbling in haste

As the panic amassed

And baleful green energy

Spewed forth in a blast


Calmly he stood

For a bard he is not:

A bearer of plague

A disciple of rot

Covered in boils

And dripping black snot

The light of humanity

Seems now but a blot


Nurgle is here!

Spreading far and wide

With Khargath’s might

The world will subside

Nowhere to run

No use for pride

Just rot and fester

As you cower. and hide.