I’ve just added the finishing touches to the Adeptus Arbites models I painted while on holiday.

In my plog on Warseer, “Collecting an Adeptus Arbites army – Space Police Enforcers” I show how I converted these models from Space Marine Scouts using Maxmini Space Police helmets and a cast of the Ultramarine’s Chapter Master, Marneus Calgar’s shoulder pad made using Instant Mold.

I wanted a force inspired my Judge Dredd; a flash of red on the visor, big gold shoulder pads, ‘Lawmaster’ style bikes etc, but also clearly ‘Imperial’ with echos of the classic Adeptus Arbites models such as the Aquila on the shotguns, heavy carapace armour and the dark colour scheme.

I’ve based them in the same way as my Dark Angels so they won’t look out of place within the same army. Perhaps I’ll use them as ‘counts as’ Scouts or Tactical Marines, or use them as allied Imperial Guard veterans… we’ll see

adeptus arbites IMG_20140526_100728 IMG_20140526_100800 IMG_20140526_100913 IMG_20140526_100920 IMG_20140526_100929 IMG_20140526_100942 IMG_20140526_101007 IMG_20140526_101024 IMG_20140526_101047 IMG_20140526_101100