As a group, we have a good representation in most of Games Workshop’s gaming systems. I’ve personally never really played much Warhammer 40,000 always preferring to invest my gaming and painting time into Warhammer Fantasy. But now I’ve joined the rest of the group with a foray into Warhammer 40k, putting the Fantasy projects and my Wood Elves to one side. Swapping swords, shields, bows and arrows, for guns, lasers, bunkers and battle tanks, I’ve started my collection in earnest, plumping for the stalwart Dark Angels.

Space Marine Tactical squad – The wonderfully hairy @BearMcRowdy kindly donated his Dark Vengeance Space Marine models to the cause. A spray of Caliban green, some green drybrushing, a wash of Nuln Oil, and these guys were practically complete. Some final details (chapter badge, chest eagle, Bolter case) and basing finished them off nicely.

IMG_20140421_131315 IMG_20140421_131337

Deathwing Terminator – two coats of Seraphim Sepia over a white undercoat provided a solid foundation for 90% of this model. Some quick Bleached Bone drybrushing using a large brush finished off the armour. A few details added and the model was complete.

IMG_20140402_205351 IMG_20140402_205402

As I had duplicate models from the Dark Vengeance boxed set, I converted some to have Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, and another to have a Cyclone Missile Launcher.

IMG_20140428_065947 IMG_20140428_070002 IMG_20140428_070018 IMG_20140428_070034

Not enamored with the pose of Games Workshop’s Fine Cast Belial, I decided to convert my own version. I wanted a pose that was less static. I also didn’t want to risk getting Fine Cast ‘droopy sword’ syndrome (oooh matron!) so used this classic metal Terminator Captain as the base of the conversion.


I’m also planning to convert a Librarian in Terminator armour.


After raiding our old gaming haunt from when we were kids (our mate’s mum’s attic!) we rediscovered a whole bunch of cool scenery, including these great objective markers and city fight ruins.

IMG_20140504_164252 IMG_20140504_164305 IMG_20140504_164326 IMG_20140504_164346 IMG_20140504_164401 IMG_20140504_182335