Have always loved the ushabti models, so a unit of seven had to be on the cards. Have ordered a box of finecast to convert to command unit, so looking forward to that.
The basing is working out, with a mix of cracked earth and dead tuft. Not sure if these look a little bare, but will get the whole army done first, before coming back to these.
photo 12

Although I have some fluffer units in the army, still wanted to roll out some filth when needed, so Queen Khalida is a great choice. Looking forward to 30 shotting (or even 60 with magic) a minotaur bus with poison shots…
photo 5
photo 4

Not really sure why these are here, mainly as they came in the eBay bundle, thinking that maybe the horsemen archers are better, have 10 of other in the production line, ready for paint.
photo 3

Again another signature model for this army, like the way it plays too.
photo 2

Next up more chariots, horsemen archers then a reward of some big monsters 🙂