Our second game for ‘A Tale of 9 Gamers’ was a classic Good Vs Evil match-up, which took place during Morathi’s ritual to taint the Dragon egg she stole during the last battle.

Each player had to decide their allegiance; fight on the Good side and help Talinda the Star Dragon recover her stolen egg, or fight on the side of Evil and help Morathi complete her ritual to corrupt the egg and turn it into an evil Black Dragon. The game was to be a Triumph and Treachery match, but with added victory conditions.

Using an Arcane Fulcrum from Games Workshop, we set-up the ritual in the center of the board and decided that the player with the unit closest to it at the end of turn four would be awarded 300 extra coins personally, and 100 extra coins for each army belonging to the same allegiance. We imagined that a hero/champion/brave trooper would know just what to do to disrupt/conclude the ritual just in the nick of time! It was enough of a bonus to persuade players to work together, but also just enough of a temptation to see a bit of in-fighting right at the last moment.

With a bit of (healthy) grub in their bellies, the players did battle…

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In the end, the Good side won the day. The Dragon egg was saved by the men of the Empire, thoroughly trouncing everyone, netting more than double the amount of coins than the second placed player!


  • Wood Elves and Vampire Counts facing off on the left flank. The Wood Elves caused almost zero casualties and were chased off the board.
  • High Elves and Dark Elves faced off on the right flank. Talinda the Star Dragon was felled by a unit of Witch Elves, but not before she brought wrath and ruin to the Dark Elf force.
  • The Lizardmen tussled with the Tomb Kings but neither force made a huge impact, both failing numerous charges.
  • Eyes on the prize, The Empire moved into the center of the board, captured the objective, stopped the ritual and finished off the depleted Dark Elf army, winning the game!


The imbalance in forces is really starting to show now and affects the game-play quite a bit; some players have gone for mainly core troops, others more elite, and some have chosen monsters and special characters. At lower points values, it seems our forces can only compete in one or two phases. For our next battle, we’ll have a bit more structure and use force organisation. Also, seven player Triumph and Treachery games (although fun!) can take a long time, so we’ll look to play a few ‘regular’ allied games soon.