February’s Wood Elf models were great fun to paint; 10 Wardancers and a Great Eagle from Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings range.

I intended to give the Wardancers red hair so they’d stand out as ‘fierce warriors’ on the battlefield, but their first coat came out pink! (making them look less than aggressive). A few more layers and colour-blending later, and I was happier with the effect; a muted reddy-brown colour, which separates them nicely from the blonde-haired Glade Guard.

 photo IMG_20140213_151135_zps567258d7.jpg

 photo IMG_20140213_151131_zps802f85c5.jpg

The Eagle is a beautiful model with extremely clear and crisp detail which lent itself very well to drybushing and washes. The model was complete in under one hour, start to finish, and I live-tweeted the stages as I went along (@brawlerguts). All credit to Games Workshop’s new range of washes and quality castings; it felt as if the model painted itself!

 photo IMG_20140213_151254_zpsc14ab28c.jpg

 photo IMG_20140213_151245_zps5c124dbc.jpg

 photo Capture_zpsb788460b.jpg

Here’s the army so far (roughly 800 points). Now mounted on Sarissa Precision movement trays (especially useful for skirmishing troops, like Scouts and Wardancers).
 photo IMG_20140213_151222_zps3073584e.jpg

For the next allotment of models, I’ve gone for five Glade Riders and 12 Dryads, coming in at 309 points (we’re tasked with painting a minimum of 250 points per month). Both units are core choices, the amount of which will dictate the size of army I can deploy. Once these are complete, that will give me nearly 800 points of core troops, which will be a nice foundation to add a few expensive characters and rare units to. I like how the Dryads look as a unit – like a moving piece of woodland scenery. I’m expecting the small unit of fast cavalry not only looks cool, but will be very useful in game; redirecting charges, harassing warmachines, running-down fleeing troops, tackling other ‘chaff’ units etc. I’ve also used some of the Spite models and Waystones to build four Wood Elf-themed objective markers.
 photo IMG_20140217_125103_zps59c62f95.jpg