It’s been a genuine pleasure painting these models – Games Workshop’s Wood Elf range contains some of my favourite models ever produced, the Wood Elf Lord with Great Weapon being among them.

 photo IMG_20140117_155251_zps5b4e8bc1.jpg

 photo IMG_20140117_171245_zps143145fc.jpg

 photo IMG_20140117_223945_zpsb925879a.jpg

 photo IMG_20140117_223956_zpsa10c93f5.jpg

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For inspiration, I got a copy of the classic Wood Elves army book. It contains some fantastic stories and background ideas. For instance, I never knew Wood Elves used to be able to field chariots (in squadrons no-less!).

 photo IMG_20140117_174950_zpsc31fdfde.jpg

 photo IMG_20140117_174754_zps25b703b6.jpg

Now coming it at around 600 points, the force is really starting to ‘grow’ (Wood Elf nature-pun unintended). I intend to build on this foundation of core troops next month, perhaps with a few special or rare choices.

 photo IMG_20140128_160757_zpse2b04946.jpg