A dark night in the Northern wastes, mist surrounded a small ruined Tower in a rocky tundra. The men of the Empire lie sleeping within, with what little men left to his deploy, the Priest of Sigmar, Volkrad, surveyed the rocky landscape from the ruined outpost his men now call home.

Galleb, champion of the Black Tips Halberd regiment and close friend of Volkrad approaches from below;

‘No news from the scouts my Lord Volkrad’ Galleb said hesitantly, ‘The men are tired and too few in number to hold the ground they walk upon, may I suggest we abandon our position and head to Osterland, or even Kislev to reinforce the army?’
Volkrad was silent, as if he hadn’t heard a word Galleb had spoken, or was choosing not to acknowledge the words of his closest ally,
‘Volkrad, my friend, our Liege Lord Briggund has surely fallen, it has been too long without word, we are without resources and no one remains alive that knows of our plight! we failed to retrieve a Dragon of our own and we are surrounded by the forces of ruin, to remain is folly!’
Galleb approached closer as if to reach out to Volkrad, before his hand could touch the gleaming armour of his Lords suit Volkrad turned;
‘Would you have me abandon this land?’ Volkrad said quietly,
‘Yes my Lord,” replied Galleb ‘We have but days left to live!’,
‘Is this land blessed and free of the forces of Ruin?’ Volkrads eyes began to burn, as if a fire had been set inside his ols skull, Galleb knew his questions had poked the Beast inside Volkrad;
‘My Lo…’
NO! IS THE ANSWER’ Volkrad furiously cut in,
 Volkrads Hammer, now red with magical light struck the Ruin beside him waking every living soul within a five miles radius’
‘WE STAY, WE FIGHT! Every one of these men’ Volkrad swept the ruin with his armored fist, ‘Shall die with a weapon in his hand and no doubt in his mind’
Galleb looked on, breathless and shocked, his thoughts on how men are supposed to lay claim to this land when it is beset by all manner of beasts and Deamons.
‘What is this…’ Volkrad said, looking into the distance,
Silence…Volkrad turned back to the moonlit horizon,

‘What is this…’ Volkrad said, looking out from the battlements,

Galleb appeared at his side and squinted into the encroaching mist, lights bobbed in the distance and it sent shivers through his spine, he could hear a faint noise, as if chanting…Or the ramblings of a crazy man,
‘Shall I form up the men sire?’ said Galleb with fear etched in his eyes,
Volkrad didn’t answer, only fixing his eyes on the lights, a smile stitched across his lined face,
‘No Galleb, do not fret, Bellius the Blind has answered my calls…’

To be continued…