As well as painting Dragons (big and small).

I’ve also painted a few other bits.

These include:

Undead Banshee (complete)

 photo P1070759_zps21766cdd.jpg

 photo P1070760_zps2cfad4f3.jpg

A Necromunda Orrus ‘Iron Man’ (needs basing)

 photo P1070761_zps23fe9ad8.jpg

 photo P1070762_zpsb5e23553.jpg

And I’ve also started work on the rest of my Spyrer Gang (Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Electra, Hulk)

 photo P1070770_zpsdb339905.jpg

 photo P1070771_zps5681dc73.jpg

 photo P1070772_zps6114c198.jpg

 photo P1070773_zpsadfddaba.jpg

Not sure when I’ll next be painting as the Mrs is taking me away to London so I think this is it for month 1 but so far it’s been a blast!

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