The Background

A once proud a force of Empires-men set forth from Middenheim, led by a stoic general of the Empire Higrund Hammersmith. Victorious against several warbands of Chaos Higrund delved further and further North, he led his force through thick and thin defeating armies wide and deep with an almost innumerable army, he received much adoration and valour. But as time grew on reinforcements grew far few and support dropped to almost nothing.

Higrund was forced to make a decision, abandon his crusade North and head back to the Empire to replenish his army, or carry on and face inevitable defeat at the hands of the Evil seen lurking around every corner, so he decided upon splitting his force, leaving a small warband in the North to form a foothold in the mountains and he would retreat back to the Empire to help gain reinforcements for the on-going push.

His most trusted friend and ally, Volkrad Brigund Blassman was in charge of maintaining the small detachment and making sure the ground remained loyal as well as the troops;

Volkrad recieved word five moons later that Higrund had been ambushed by Marauders and slaughtered to the man, not believing the rumours he sent forth all the cavalry at his disposal to scout out the situation, 15 moons later and he has received no reply.

Since this time all manner of creatures have invaded the camp and Volkrads forces have deplted and used all available Gunpowder, the situation looks dire yet he holds on to the hope that allies will find their way to them in some shape or form.

Volkrad Brigund Blassman and his remaining men.