I’m more used to painting Ogres using a very big brush, so this was a big change for me; smaller details, blending, different palette, washes, glazes – all new techniques I’m getting used to. Here is my first attempt.

Feedback so far is to change the white hair, and I’m starting to agree. I might try a very light blue wash over the white and see how that looks. I think painting the eyes might help too. I’ll also get some of Games Workshop’s Middenland Tufts to make the bases a bit more exciting.

The rough plan is that each model will be painted individually, with no ‘uniform;’ some may have brown boots, others might have green, some will have blond hair, and their cloaks will be a variety of greens and browns. As a unit, I want them to look as varied as leaves on a tree. The only unifying thing will be the white bow, which as a regiment, might look quite striking. Red arrow fletchings will be the spot colour, and I’ll introduce variety by painting the spites in wild colours such as pink, blue and orange.

Feedback is very welcome! Please catch me on Twitter @brawlerguts