The Wood Elf range of miniatures has always been a long-time favourite of mine but their guerrilla warfare, hit and run, skirmish-heavy play-style has always put me off starting an army, preferring big, satisfying blocks of troops, such as my; Orcs and Goblins, Dark Elves and Ogre armies.

Now the group has started A Tale of 9 Gamers, it felt the perfect opportunity to collect a small force of Wood Elves. The plan is to buy the army in small, managable, 250 point chunks, painting as I go. The players will battle each other using these lists as they grow, which suits the small, elite nature of the Wood Elves perfectly, and allows me to be a bit ‘fluffy’ with the force, collecting what’s cool rather than what wins. This will be a real challange for me, both painting and gaming-wise. After painting over 10,000 points of Ogres, I’ll have to adapt to smaller, more intricate models and ‘paint properly.’ On the gaming side, the Wood Elves will require a drastic change in tactics from Ogres!

Starting small, I’ve bought one box of Glade Guard, building some as Scouts to give me a bit of variety.

10 Glade Guard, Full Command (144)
6 Scouts (102)
Total = 246

Next month, I may add some Dryads, more archers and a character.

I’ll keep you all updated how I get on via Twitter so please follow me @brawlerguts