Morathi rules this region of the dark waste without compromise and with zero toleration for outside interference. Ghrond itself is a legendary palace of seductive intrigue to a brazen few and an all consuming and despairing desire to the many more. The legends told hold more wonderment with the widely known law that prohibits male Elves from entering its decadent halls – save at Morathi’s decree.
The towers are tall and embellished by hand and wealth that no other can match for underneath the mountainous splendour lay mines of unending riches. Jewels and precious metals are common place currency that see Morathi’s domain free from persecution of the Witch King.

The towers therefore present a perfect platform for mastering the dark arts. All the wealth needed to buy materials and slaves lend help to spell weavers and warlocks in honing their skills. Such sorceress powers however bring the curious eyes of the chaos hordes to rest upon Ghrond’s walls. The dark lords of the wastes team endlessly to topple the bleak black walls but the garrisons of mind enslaved elves, devoted to their sorceress leaders, repel all attacks fiercely.

Chapter 1
Morathi has heard that an icon of extreme power has fallen to a Chaos Sorceror in the wastes and wants to mount and lead a force to rescue this relic from foolish clutches. In Morathi’s employ is Sorceress reputed to have come from the same mountain region that Morathi intends to navigate to get to her quarry and will take her along as insurance. The sorceress, called Lisichka the wild, has practiced in the lore of beast and will be a great asset.

Lisichka the wild has not returned from the slaver markets at Karond Kar and Morathi has despatched a unit of dark riders, The Dark Wing Reapers lead by their herald Ciriko. They will be escorted by a handful of the Coverns Warlocks in case Lisichka has ideas above her station and needs magically restraining.