I’m a new member to the community, living in London area and me & 8 mates have decided to start 2014 with a bang by doing a tale of 9 gamers. Basically the rules every month is to paint 250 points of our chosen army and to fight with them in themed battles, the results will be noted down in a campaign designed by one of you guys on here, (A sticky somewhere that we’ve all gone over and love)
As the months grow the forces will broaden and the games will get more complex.

I think first up is a 8 x 250 points versus one dragon, that my mate Si has decided to paint up for his first 250 points…Not that you can get a bloody Dragon for 250 points so when he announced that was his December we all decided a great way to kick off the campaign was that we would do a T&T game, the rules being we all had to try and steal a Dragon egg from Mummy Dragon, the winners include everyone that managed to take an egg off the table edge.

So I am doing The Empire. The original idea was a really depressing bunch of no hopers, led by fanatical Sigmar Priests. So think a lot of browns, bandages and no a smile amongst um. I’d like to skimp on anything really special as the idea is that basically a bunch of villagers have grouped up and joined the folly, anything of any real power has since been destroyed or lost in this massive war of attrition.

So I would like Fanatics, Priests of Sigmar & Free Militia. Then I’ll skimp on the usual DemiGrpyhs, Cannons and Riflemen. Yes the army will probably take a kicking but hopefully with the numbers I wont have a glass jaw like the DE’s or WE’s in the group. Khemri as well come to think of it. If the balance of power is waaaay to unfair I’ll start adding in the hard hitting stuff like knights and cannons. But hopefully with numbers, magic, Xbows and Greatswords i’ll be able to wear most people down.

So first up is a Warrior Priest in finecast with two hammers, who rocks a potion of strength and a charm…That I have forgotten the name off but it gives him a 6+ ward, that combined with his prayer power might be able to dish it up to a 4+ ward, so he will have 3 attacks at Str 7 I4 with a 4++. And relatively cheap to boot! 😀

So without further ado I introduce my General and saviour of the Empire. Volkrad Brigund Blassmann;